Parks And Questions (For Parks And Recreation Fans)
Parks And Questions (For Parks And Recreation Fans)
Adrian Sahagun
WARNING EXPLICIT PARKS AND RECREATION REVIEW SHOW. Why are we a different rewatch Podcast? We review by categories What's aged the best? What's aged the worst? Who wins the award for the character that did the most with little screen time? Who wins the over acting award? From 1-10 how bad did you feel for Jerry/Kyle? Half ass internet research Unanswerable Questions AND MORE. Follow our @parksandquestions instagram page. Please support the show.
(Not Parks Related) Lilo and Stitch
If you like this episode and want the rest of it, subscribe to Thinking About Movies on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Adrian and Alex talk about a classic Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch. We ask unanswerable Questions, go through our favorite scenes, share some facts we found online and share our thoughts. Friendly reminder, JUST BECAUSE ITS A KIDS MOVIE, DOESNT MEAN KIDS SHOULD LISTEN! If you like this show you can support us by clicking the link. Follow us on our Instagram page, Thinking About Movies Podcast. We also have a podcast about Parks and Recreation called Parks and Questions Podcast and another Podcast called Excellent Question where we talk about current events and put ourselves in them.
Sep 23
14 min
Flu Season.
Crazy similarities between then and now. We cover The Flu Season Episode of Parks and Recreation. What's aged the best? What's aged the worst? What if Leslie escapes a hospital in 2020? How much trouble could she get in now for licking someone's stuff. Funniest moments. Unanswerable Questions. Hope you enjoy. Support the show and follow the Instagram page. Please listen to our new Podcast called Thinking About Movies
Sep 17
25 min
This is not a Parks Related Episode!! New Podcast Promo!! We did the movie ICE AGE!!
(if you like thos Episode and want to hear to the rest of it, subscribe to Thinking About Movies on Spotify!!)On this episode we recap and discuss the 2002 kids movie Ice Age and break it down in category form. Questions like what's aged the best? What's aged the worst? What was the most quotable line? Which character did you want to slap the sh*t out of? We ask these questions and more. Did you know that Diego was supposed to die at the end? Or that none of these animals coexisted in real life during their time periods? Don't forget to follow the podcast at ThinkingAboutMoviesPodcast and check out the Parks and Questions Podcast and Excellent Question Podcast as well. You can support this show even by sending us 99 cents and it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we can afford better recording equipment as you can tell we desperately need lol
Sep 12
16 min
Go Big or Go Home. Andy is told to follow his dreams and become a woman.
Another solo pod from Adrian.  Half ass internet research, unanwerable questions, whats aged the best, whats aged the worst, character that did the most with little screen time and more! Episode brought to you by Ding Tea in Lakewood and Downey. Please subscribe to the show, leave a comment, review, whatever. Tell your parks n rec loving friends about us! We started a new podcast called Thinking About Movies. Same concept we do here but with movies that my son has made me watch over and over again. Just because theyre kids movies, doesnt mean kids should listen to that podcast. 
Sep 5
19 min
Freddy Spaghetti
Ron took a pretty nasty fall, but was it on accident? "School is out in two weeks. What am I supposed to do with my kids? Keep them in my house? Where I live?." Leslie asks Ann to make pancakes! Team pancakes! Lets not forget, RON WANTED TO SELL THE ZOO ANIMALS TO COSTMETIC LABS AND WEIRD RESTAURANTS! COME ON RON!! Ann says she wants to stay away from all men because she has a tendancy of doing "wreckless things".. please Ann do tell us what wreckless things youre talking about! Did Tom use protection? That was left unlcear. Who over acted in this episode? Which character did the most with little screen time? The mom that doesnt want her kids? The turkey leg? Andys motorcycle? Freddy Spaghetti? or Dr. Harris? I make a pretty compelling argument for Andys motorcycle to win this award. A lot of people improvised in this episode!! Freddy Spaghetti had a song about alimony and meeting the kids moms back stage after the show. That didnt age well. The bacon on the turkey leg idea was from a props employee!!! I wish Andy would have consulted with us before buying the motorcycle at 12% interest. 
Aug 23
29 min
Ben and Chris finally show up. The Master Plan
Budget plans are postponed indefinitely while 2 state budget auditors are sent to solve Pawnees crisis. Meanwhile it's April's birthday and Andy makes his move.  This episode is brought to you by Ding Tea in Lakewood and Downey. We're also brought to you by Candys Nail Salon in Bellflower. 
Aug 5
31 min
Season 2 Episode 22 Telethon. Jerry's Sex night CANCELLED
Did you know Amy Poehler wrote this episode herself? Yea! Poor Jerry misses out on Sex night. Which character did the most with little screen time? Did the song Sex Hair age well? I think it did. Shooting puppies and a communal lipstick? That didn't age well at all. Tulsa is still a fat city apparently. Would Leslie have died had she drank 8 glasses of milk in 3 minutes? What would you rather eat if you had 640 grams of fat as your goal? (20 sweetums bars). People talk about the foreshadowing of the triplets, BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN APRIL JOKES SHES MARRYING ANDY AND IS PREGNANT WITH HIS KID?! Episode brought to you by Ding Tea in Lakewood AND Downey. Also tell your girl to treat herself to a CBD bath bomb from Candy's Nail salon in Bellflower.
Jul 10
15 min
94 Meetings
Another solo pod! A short 10 minute episode discussing Aprils screwup and other things. RIP Harris Wittels. 
Jun 29
10 min
Summer Catalog
A solo Pod from Adrian while Alex plays Pokemon on his Gameboy upstairs. Today I recap and asks questions about an episode that I think didn't age well at all but had good moments.
Jun 24
13 min
Park Safety
What's aged the best? What's aged the worst? Half ass internet research. Unanswerable questions. Funniest lines, scenes and more. We forgot to do funniest character -___- oh well
May 25
26 min
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