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Parenting Our Future
Robbin McManne
What if You Don't Like Your Child? | POF38
47 minutes Posted Mar 31, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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Most of us, whether we admit it or not, would love it if our kids came out as a “mini me.”  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they did?  Do you have a child that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of you and it drives you crazy?  Does it make it hard for you to connect with them?  Is it hard for you to like them?   What words do you use to describe your child?

When we have a child that is so different from us, we usually pick out their differences and call them weaknesses.  In this episode, my guest, author and parenting specialist, Wendy Gossett, shows how we can turn our child’s differences traits that we can celebrate!  

Our child’s temperament is something we can’t change (same without temperament) so intentionally choosing how we look at our child will change the way we see our kids!

About Wendy Gossett

Wendy Gossett is a best-selling author, speaker and parenting specialist who helps parents understand their children by using temperament psychology and neuroscience. She has over twenty years of experience in education, working in the classroom and corporate sector.

However, all her educational experience didn’t help when parenting her daughter. Because they were opposites, she struggled to connect. Since the User Manual for parenting her daughter didn’t exist, she set out to create one.

She was seen by people all over the world in a viral video where she was embarrassing her seventeen-year old son in a Colorado blizzard while stranded on the Interstate. She never dreamed that this family video would be seen all over the world and talked about by Hoda Kotb, Debra Norville, the BackStreet Boys, and even Princess Kate!

Because she has struggled as a helicopter parent, an explosive parent and an embarrassing parent, she wants to help other parents struggle…a little bit less!






Online Assessment Link:  

Watch Wendy embarrass her kids and get National attention for it!


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