Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker
Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker
Dr. Meg Meeker
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Too many commercials
Half of the episode is commercials!
I want to love this podcast, but the first NINE minutes were commercials, and then there were commercial breaks during the episode that were also several minutes long. It’s just not worth it to wade through commercials to get to the content. Bummer.
Awesome podcast!
Dr. Meg Meeker, host of the Parenting Great Kids podcast, highlights all aspects of parenting, family and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Great show!
Dr. Meeker, host of the Parenting Great Kids podcast, highlights all aspects of parenting and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Love this show!
Dr. Meeker packs every episode with great information, practical solutions, and insightful interviews. She has a natural gift for making her guests comfortable and pulling out gems of wisdom. I feel inspired and encouraged every time I listen to her show. Can’t wait for her next episode!
narwal alexa
Love the insight!
I enjoy listening to this podcast as I have learned a lot about my son who’s 8yrs old and was diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, and ODD when he was 6yrs old. Every day is a struggle, but I keep my head up and know he’s also struggling with his mental illness and I need to be there to be the best mom and never give up!
Know Better Do Better
Severely lacking an understanding of child development/psychology. We now have 50+ years of data to help guide parenting/discipline in order to improve the outcome of our children’s mental health and overall success. We should be trying to get these science-backed strategies to become mainstream, rather than perpetuating our parents’ and their parents’ fear-based, authoritarian methods.
Dr. Meg engages the topics that overwhelm me most as a parent. I've realized how big of a role fear plays in parenting and how the answer is education. Dr. Meg makes what's most important about this journey digestible and easy to implement.
Love listening to Dr. Meg! My thirteen and ten year old daughters especially love the “Ask Dr. Meg” segment. Keep up the great work!
Such a great, informative podcast. Amazing topics and guests. I could do without the ‘say a prayer’ nonsense but otherwise lovely and fantastic ❤️
It’s not just boys who have adhd. A bit sexist. Also too much Christian. Not inclusive to those of us who have girls who are not Christian. Disappointing because a lot of the ingredients was good but what a turn off
Great guests and great advice
A must listen! As parents it’s always helpful to take a moment to reflect on this important work we are doing. This Podcast is a tool I use for keeping things fresh and in perspective. I also love the persistent advocacy for smart use and introduction of technology.
Too many ads and fluff
The content is great but the amount of fluff from the host - chit chat, ads, etc you have to endure to get to the content just isn’t worth it
I have an hour commute to work and these episodes are just under that so I can complete them, retain them, and have the day to reflect them. Extremely helpful and truly beneficial!! Love Meg and all her work!
Excellent and informative parenting podcast!
Dr. Meg Meeker, host of the Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker podcast, highlights all aspects of parenting, family and so much more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Stacey Shapiro
Gimme a break.
I downloaded this for access to parenting advice, but this is hard, conservative brainwashing. Her advice is not helpful or constructive. Added to constant self promotion, I couldn't make it through a whole episode.
Amazing podcast
Such an incredible resource for parents!!
All fluff and sales pitch
I’ve listened to two episodes so far and both were pitching a product. Both episodes explained more about a product than actually giving any advice. I’ve wasted my time.
Jack Olson 3
Ok advice
Generally ok advice but very one sided and way to Christian for me most of the time. I’ll keep listening to the occasional episode but won’t be a regular
What’s Happening?
I love you, Dr. Meg, but I’m disappointed that the podcast today featured an ad with your enthusiastic support of masks AND a book that is endorsed by Ariana Huffington. Yuck. It just doesn’t feel like the Dr. Meg I’ve come to love.
Great Parenting Podcast!
A great friend of mine provided me Meg Meeker’s info and Podcast name. I am super behind in these Podcasts but I am so happy I started from the beginning and am getting such great information on how to deal with my 6 and 9yr old. Thank you so much for a great Podcast!! I cannot wait to get caught up but will keep listening!!
Long Grovian
Objective, informative & inspiring!
As a marriage & family therapist, searching for secure resources to share with clients is essential. Dr. Meg is one of those treasured resources that I can continually direct clients to and plug into myself for continued growth. She is objective, clear, informative & greatly inspiring!! You won’t regret downloading her show.
Great info for all parents!
Meg puts such amazing parenting advice out there for all. I’m a teacher, not a parent, but this podcast is something that has helped me in my role as a teacher. @theautismcommunity
mej- Molly Johnson
Great interviews- consider changing the interrupting music?
Thank you Dr. meeker for valuable interviews and your fresh optimistic outlook on parenting. Would you consider changing the way you end your podcast? The last few sentences- usually a power moment for an interviewee-is blocked out by your end music that starts playing during those words. The music is fun, but I wish it would wait so I could feel and hear the power of those ending messages. I have wished this during many interviews. Just a personal preference suggestion. Thank you again.
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Episode 100
Congratulations on the milestone. I read “Strong Daughters” while in Punta Cana with my wife. We took our 2 kids to a Hard Rock right before Thanksgiving this year. Now, I’ll have another connection to the podcast! Thank you for what you, and your team, do
Great podcast
Minus one star for one-sided representation of vaccinations
Surprised by the new agey content scattered throughout the podcast.
Surprised by the new agey content scattered throughout the podcast.
Not just “moms”
I really enjoy listening to Meg’s podcasts!! And I’ve recommended many family and friends to subscribe as well. Throughout her discussions though she often refers to “moms” instead of parents and that tends to bother me a lot since my husband is helping raise our kids just as much as I am. Still give the show 5 stars just wish Meg would change her verbiage. ;)
Talking with kids about sex
I was really disappointed with the sex ed episode. It was productive in instilling a fear/negative spin on sex and conversations regarding sex rather than the positives to having open and honest age appropriate conversations with children right away.
Hugely Stigmatizing
I was offended by her podcast
She had a guest on an episode who spoke about how being a stay at home parent was the best way to raise a child, completely insulting to working mothers
Great tips
I really like her interview style, guests, & tips. Minus one star for her view on vaccines.
God bless you Dr Meeker
Thank you for sharing the love in your heart and the testimony of Christ through this medium. May God continue to bless and your ministry as you have blessed me and my young family.
Chris from Roanoke
I recently discovered your podcast, and I am so glad I did! Thank you for the time you put into it for us parents! I have an 8 year old who HATES school. He is in 2nd grade. His teacher is nice, but very unorganized. It is a small K-5 school, class sizes hover around 20 kids per class. He hates the “crazy” chaotic inside recess and lunch during the winter, hates how long the day is, hates the boring sit in class time. He is a smart boy, and doesn’t hate doing school work. I don’t know how to help him. We’ve explained that this is his job right now, it’s not forever, it will be easier with a positive attitude etc. he has friends (teacher has told me everybody LOVES him) but he does not have that one best buddy. He sits next to his younger brother at lunch and plays with him at recess. What can I do or say to help him? The poor kid gets sores in and around his mouth from nerves of having to go to school. I know hard things in like make you stronger and that is why I’m sticking this out, but I’m not sure if it is the right thing to do or not. Thank you, Bri
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I love Dr. Meeker and have a few of her books too. I was surprised to see an episode on vaccines and was anxious to her her opinion... I was SHOCKED to hear the episode. I quickly thought, “Surely, there had to be comments/responses to this episode.” I’m glad my gut told me to check the reviews. I’m so pleased with the people who took the time to comment after that episode too, because I completely agree with THEM: the episode truly, disappointingly one-sided and read like a script. EVERY TIME I hear the pro-vaccinate arguments they read like an ad and NEVER go past the “surface.” LOVE how all the arguments against vaccines are so through, listed with citations and studies, advocate for TWO sided discussion WITH PHYSICIANS AND SCIENTISTS that are against vaccines. THEY ARE NOT ALL MOM BLOGGERS. Vaccine injuries ARE REAL and not as “rare” as this episode claimed they are. The Truth About Vaccines is a documentary loaded with over 8 hours of IN-DEPTH DATA about each vaccine- not a cheap, 30 minute, one-sided commercial like this episode was. Sorry Dr. Meg. I’ve enjoyed most of the rest of the podcast though.
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Dr . Meg Meeker review
I love all the Practical knowledge that is shared. As a mother of 2 small children and a pediatric nurse , I’m around kids all the time of all ages and stages of life . My favorite part is all the guest speakers that she brings on her shows. I’ve purchased some of their books and subscribed to their podcasts because I enjoyed them so much ! All of them are so qualified and well spoken! I have had so many wonderful conversations with my husband and friends that maybe would not have occurred before because of some of the thought-provoking podcasts. I have implemented changes in my family and have seen positive results. Best of all I feel like someone has equipped me with a tool kit to help fix the issues in the family when problems start to arise. Thank you for all you do !
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live a wise life
Extremely valuable!
I so appreciate all the wisdom and insight Dr Meg graciously and generously shares! I’ve gained so much from these podcasts as a husband and father. I’ve shared countless episodes with friends! Thank you so much!! One small point of frustration for me personally is that none of my questions have been responded to. I’ve emailed two separate times one regarding a sleeping issue we were having with our then 2 yr old and another regarding a few back to back episodes on mothers and work. On those two episodes my wife and I struggled to make sense of the two seemingly mixed messages (from our best understanding). We reached out for clarity on that and never heard back. We also never heard back about our first question with our toddler. I understand that she is surely inundated with messages and emails with such a quantity where some will just not be addressed so that’s ok I just won’t reach out for future questions and will attempt to find answers through other resources. Aside from that small issue we are incredibly grateful for what dr Meg does!
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A wonderful help!
Dr. Meg is practical and encouraging. Highly recommend!
Rachel Haney
The strong willed child
This episode helped us get our daughter on track with he talking nicely. She is a very very strong willed girl who needs a lot of praise and consistency. A consistent 5 minute time out EVERY time she didn’t talk nicely to us changed her sooooo much!
So disappointed by the biased, one sided tone of this episode. This episode is like one long infomercial for the pharmaceutical industry. There have been 0 double blind placebo studies on the MMR or any other vaccine.
Bummer I love her books!
I was so excited to see this podcast because I have several of Megs books. The very first one I listened to was about immunizations. I have 3 boys 2 of which were vaccine injured. I’m just sitting here shaking my head and laughing to myself. With her religious background you would think she wouldn’t segregate mothers with this one, but there she went and jumped right off the cliff. Very lacking and one sided. Such a shame. Oh well still love her books but definitely did not agree with her on this one. Poor taste!
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As a mom of a migraine sufferer, I found this episode extremely helpful! We are just beginning our journey to find relief for our daughter and feel encouraged as we navigate options to help minimize and manage her suffering. Thank you for this informative and timely episode!
Misleading title
She leads with her medical background, but her conservative religious worldview is what drives her podcast. I think that’s fine, but it’s not what I am looking for.
Immunization Episode
I did not appreciate this episode at all. It lacked integrity and the full story with regards to vaccines. Furthermore, an interview with an employee of the CDC, the very organization that has set the recommendations for child immunizations, does not ease my mind. Of course the opinion and commentary will be favorable and encouraging parents to vaccinate, it’s their schedule. Disappointed in Dr Meg. For additional information and resources: The Vaccine Conversation podcast Immunity Education Group The Vaccine Friendly Plan by Dr Paul Thomas and Jennifer Margulis JB Handley author and blog Dr Thomas Cowan Weston A Price Foundation
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Meg, it is astonishing to me that you would air your episode on “immunizations” with a guest from the CDC. You are ignorant on this topic. Until you are willing to actually look into the corruption and facts, and listen to mothers of injured and dead children, then you need to step away from this topic. It saddens me greatly. What about the baby parts being sold for vaccine? You might want to look into that.
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Such a great podcast
I listen when I’m struggling the most with parenting. Dr. Meg is encouraging and gives concrete things you can try to incorporate immediately.
Wow! Where has this podcast been my whole life?! My family has been struggling with assurance and guidance and this podcast somehow appeared in our lives. I found it and even got my husband addicted. We both now have more communications about our children and struggles as parents and even as a couple. I feel real hope for the first time in a long time. Every time I end an episode I feel so empowered and enlightened. Like I said “ Wow!” This podcast even started pulling me towards my faith again. Thank you so much for sharing all of these stories and guidances.
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Episode 82
As quoted from, “Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry a risk of injury or death, a risk that can be greater for some than others. If a vaccine is effective, then those choosing to use that vaccine will have nothing to fear from those who make another health care choice. If a vaccine is not effective, then consumers are being asked to take two risks: a risk they will be harmed and a risk the vaccine will not work at all. That is not a product that should be legally required, especially when doctors cannot predict ahead of time who will be harmed by a vaccine and there is no civil liability for the company selling it, the person giving it or the government official mandating it. No liability? No accountability? No mandates.”
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Sarah Frazer
Too much God
Not that I don’t believe in god but the last 6 months are too religious oriented and less practice advise . Also the turn towards social media and kids . Although I understand the point I think Dr Meg goes s bit overboard and implies you will ruin your child if they have a cell phone before 18.
Great podcast!
I love Dr Meg’s insight on the mysteries of parenting. I love how she recaps at the end of each episode too. I would recommend this podcast for sure! Keep up the great conversations and great interviews as well.
I am a mother of 4 young children. I have NEVER been one to read parenting books. I mostly just rely on my Christianity to guide my parenting. I love that Dr. Meg is an unabashed Christian as well. I love each podcast I have listened to and look forward to listening to many many more. Even though I am not big on parenting books, I have realized that I can use a lot of these pointers that are given. She helps me think about motherhood and parenting and my kids in ways that I don't always consider. She has defintinely helped me understand my children's needs better, and has most definitely expanded my parenting views. Thank you Dr. Meg, keep up the amazing work!
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