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How many times the will change the host
I really enjoy this podcast, but unfortunately is very difficult to keep listening when the voices keep changing every week or two. I don’t understand why they change host like that, and without telling the audience about. Like we can’t tell the difference. Is fine if you have a lot of rotations hosts, but disclosed please. I look like the production don’t care about who’s listening.
Suspect reporting
I enjoy the podcast but they botched the WSB/GME/Silver story. Blatant lies or lazy journalism.
Better without Quinn
I used to love this podcast, until Quinn joined on it. Always rude to guests and always putting her opinion into loaded questions. Bring Lisa back, because I’m out. ....unsunscribe
4mer Listener
Great podcast that provides relevant updates to keep listeners informed.
Interviewing needs improvement
I enjoy the podcast, however a majority of their interviews end abruptly and feels rude
Rashad T.
Can’t stand Bonnie
Love most Bloomberg podcasts as they had god questions and are impartial. Bonnie, the host of this podcast is horrible. If a guest has a different view of the world than her she cuts the off and belittles them. Can Bonnie and I’ll resubcribe.
Bring Back Pimm Fox
This is another example of a privileged white person getting a position in which they are no way qualified for. Vonnie Quinn’s interviewing skills are horrible. I do enjoy the topics being discussed and the expert guests.
Rochester Sports
Missing podcasts
Enjoy the podcast very much but no episodes available since 8/21/20. Looking further online it appears the shows are happening just not getting uploaded to iTunes for some reason. Let’s get it going again Bloomberg!
No more updates?
I enjoy the podcast but it has not updated since August 21. Why?
The Tape — catchy new podcast title
Pail and Vonnie add context and ask thoughtful questions prompting guests to give deeper expert insights.
Vapid Commentary from Vonnie Quinn
I never thought I would miss Lisa Abramowicz, but Vonnie Quinn has established a new low for inane commentary. These are real people she is interviewing, who have largely risen to the top of their profession through merit. Her “nobody knows anything, so I will just say the first thing that comes into my head” approach seems better suited to Radio Limerick.
Just bad
They awkwardly cut off guests and Vonnie Quinn cannot speak only complete sentences. Rough.
Bloomberg is full of anti-Trump hype and hysteria
If Bloomberg fired all of their anti-trump reporters and writers, they could just post DNC and CCP/PRC press releases, save lots of money and make bigger profits for Michael. And how can you seriously say that New York managed the virus well. I’ve heard that lie twice on your program. New York’s Covid handling was an example of horrible leadership from your governor and mayor. Just look at the statistics of how many people were infected and died in New York, far more deaths than any other state, including states with bigger populations. Job well done Bloomberg. Get a clue. The rest of the country doesn’t believe your NYC liberal lies and fake news.
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Sound equalizer
I love almost all Bloomberg podcast. But only I don't like it and sometimes I have to stop to listening is sound level. All contents and host and guest are doing great job. However, sound effect is awfully bad. I really think even high school radio club could do a better job of sound level equalizer. There is big gap of sound level of host and music and commercial are all too loud compare with poorly small sound volume of the guest. Please adjust the sound level.
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Editor Emeritus
You are meant to be the news but have an absolutely one sided view with thus interview. Fine if it’s a random joe. But to have someone with this stature is an integrity destroying. You too could be the next MSNBC. Boo
Biased covid coverage
Not helpful
Where is Lisa Abramowicz???? She is fantastic and why I listen. Please please bring her back. And then you get me back
Love the podcast but the editing is awful. Don’t play random music between every speaker - structure the podcast so we know who is speaking and when, and make sure the volume differentials aren’t so drastic. Have a real start and end to the podcast.
Stop cutting speakers off.
I enjoy this podcast but it really bothers me that they seem to always rush the guest speakers and most of the time they end up cutting them off mid-sentence. I wouldn’t mind if the podcast was extended in time and I’m sure others will still listen if it did.
Fuentes 667
Back away from the microphone
This is a good podcast but please back up from the microphone! Nobody wants to hear you breathing through your nose the entire podcast
Great to hear journalistic excellence without quotidian political bias so common in other US media. Superb presentational skills in the lost art of USA audio communication. For me an exemplary service in civic responsibility.
August Consumer
Love the show, Lisa and Paul are awesome. However, sometimes Lisa abruptly interrupts the guests when they are speaking and that can be kind of frustrating as a listener. That would be my only negative feedback.
Ms. Abramowicz makes me not want to listen
Ms. Abramowicz please stop making grunting noises while your guests speak. Also can you make your comments concise. It is very frustrating when you tell you guest they a minute and you go on with your dribble for 2 minutes. Thanks
Biased reporting at best.
Littered with real facts and statistics you’ll find bias on par with Michael Bloomberg’s political leanings. The hosts never do any real reporting, just push political stories of the day and have guests that are never challenged and allowed to spread false information.
dogi smeeth
Audio volume is too low
It is very hard to listen during driving.
“Authentic unbiased and up to date”
Great show! Always lets you know what markets people at Bloomberg are trying to get out of
Just stop it.
Pimm Fox is Great, his co-host is too political
Pimm Fox is great, as he's always been. Whether he knows the topic or not, he consistently asks insightful question. Pimm's co-host, Lisa, expresses too many political opinions in me. If it weren't for the fact, Lisa alienates me with her bias, I'd give the podcast 4.5stars.
My go to finance podcast
Great quick take on different market issues and policy topics.
Advice To Bloomberg
Get an editor and bring back Pimm Foxx. The current format is unlistenble and it's a shame. This used to the best podcast for maket insight.
What happened to this show. It is mindless. A lot of chit chat and talking over one another. I don't need to be reminded that Carol is a Jersey Girl, so what. Where is Pimm Fox???
Go back to editing the podcasts!
The new format doesn't work for busy people. t listen to these podcasts in the car. Without the editing -- taking out the market updates, commercials, unnecessary segues, they've become unlistenable.
Sprout Fan
Format Change is AWFUL
Was useful, now just a dump by Simplepilot on Sep 13, 2014 Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ I listened to almost all the podcasts for valuable insights from their esteemed guests. Now, instead, I get - mindless banter - market updates that are, by definition, obsolete - sports updatesI did skip through them initially hoping they would change back, but I am giving up on it now. Just not worth it - takes 30 minutes to listen to 5 minutes of useful information Unfortunate Change by JEE_CFP on Sep 04, 2014 Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ I have to agree with other recent reviews: the change to hour-long segments (including the commercials, market updates, mindless banter, etc.) has GREATLY reduced the value of the Bloomberg podcasts!I originally thought the change was just due to somebody new filling in for someone on vacation. So I hung in there. But as time goes on, it's apparent that the change was deliberate and permanent.I've been a loyal listener for years (I even gladly paid for the service for a couple years). But in the current format, it's pretty much useless. I guess it's time to move on. retired engineer by Phil_in_Houston on Sep 04, 2014 Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ This was a great podcast for years (5 star). Unfortunately they have made 45 minute dumps of the radio show instead of short segments of the important interviews. I guess that is ok if you want up to the minute reports on yessterdays news. Sadly I can only listen to the occasional short interview that they still include. Went from Valuable Shorts to a Program Dump by cyberbiker on Aug 19, 2014 Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ The kinds of people who listen to Bloomberg Surveillance are busy. We needed a few shorts of wisdom from Surveillance guests as the podcast use to be designed. However, it is now a segmented dump of the entire Bloomberg Surveillance radio program. Bad move! Bloomberg podcasts - Downgraded from Buy to Don't Bother by 53Consulting on Sep 21, 2014 Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ They've ruined their very strong podcasts. Instead of editing their media streams and providing interviews with guests they now simply cut 30-50 minutes continuously. Evidently they think people who download their podcasts to listen at a later date are interested in news and advertising bits from prior days. Pathetic.
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Please Return to the Interview-by-Interview Format
Recently, some Talking Stock podcasts have been released as 45-60 minute continuous blocks extracted straight from the Bloomberg radio broadcast. I strongly prefer the interview-by-interview podcast format. It allows me to focus on the podcasts in which I’m interested. Alternately, maybe chapters can be added to the continuous broadcast to allow skipping ahead in the podcast. Thanks.
A must for investors
The host Pimm Foxx is sharp and inquisitive. Great for new and experienced investors. Covers broad range of market news and insight.
Gus and the kids
Pimm Fox is horrid when it comes to facilitating the flow of a conversation. Way too much interrupting, and he dives into "the devil's advocate" line of questioning before the guest can even lay out their thesis. Sadly, Carol Massar is even worse. As far as I can tell, all she is trying to add to the program is her ditzy irrelevant opinions, with an occasional "I can be a serious journalist too" questions. Absolutely unlistenable.
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From good 2 g8
I'm OCD with Taking Stock. BFF Pimm. jc
Jey Z
Excellent !!!
Always find the interviews very interesting and Mr Fox digs deep and is very thoughtful. However, I am not a fan of Ms Masser or her style and she appears to dominate the interviews often.
Crashed my phone
Tried to download this and now the iPod app on my phone crashes whenever I try to run the podcast feature. Thanks.
I used to love it...
This used to be my favorite podcast when they had the whole show as one file. It was perfect to listen to while working out, or just to listen to while doing household chores. Now that it is broken into sections I find I don't listen to it as much. Its hard to know what order the podcasts are in and generally cumbersome to sync it. If they brought back the whole show as one podcast I'd start listening again!
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Sound mixing
The content has been covered plenty of times snd so I'll address what I consider to be a significant irritant: whoever is mixing the audio might want to actually LISTEN to the final mix. They obviously have a bunch of pre-recorded voiceovers introducing the show that they insist on prefacing every episode with. They are 2 to 3 decibels louder than the recorded show. On playback of each podcast what results is a THUNDERING voice introducing the show followed by the wimpy audio levels of the show itself- this annoys the hell out of me, especially when listening to several shows back-to-back, as I have to keep adjusting the playback volume. HEY PRODUCTION TEAM: YOU MIGHT WANT TO LISTEN TO THE DIFFERENCE IN AUDIO LEVELS AND MAKE SOME ADJUSTMENTS. THE MASTERING IS DEFINITELY SUB PAR. (Shouting intentional).
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Great way to make money.
I'm almost to the point of writing down the method I'm using and calling it the taking stock strategy. I've listened to taking stock every day and have chosen about a dozen investment tips to pursue that have increased my portfolio by 35% in 2010 alone. It's been an up year for everyone, but I don't think I could have done it without taking stock. Although... I have to admit that I find the technical analysts to be a joke because they're like modern day snake oil salesmen.
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Two thumbs up
The segments offer multiple perspectives from Wall Street and academia. Very insightful and Pim Fox does a fabulous job leading the discussion.
I like the new format
Having smaller chunks makes it easier to download podcasts, even better over 3G (as there is a 10MB limit for 3G podcasts).
User 9
Miss the old format
Great podcast! Used to listen regularly, took a break and now come back to find it chopped into short segments. Please bring back the one-hour show!
The old format was better
I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and it has by far been the most informative and useful one I've come across so far. But I am really disapointed to see it broken down into small sections and shortened overall. The one our podcast was perfect to listen to while in the car or at the gym. Please bring back the full podcast.
Guy's at Bloomberg, what happened????
This podcast was great!! In my opinion the most informational and unbiased podcast of all financials, but what happened with it being cut down from approx. 60 mins down to approx 10 mins? This is really not cool, and hope that you will decide to go back to longer, less edited versions of the podcast. Really 60 mins is not too long at all. If anything, have a choice between the short and full versions of the podcast. Otherwise I will have to find some way to rip taking stock from my fios bloomberg channel and really it probably won't end up being worth it.
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The best!
Thus is the best Podcast of it's type out there. No interruptions from commercials. Competent and interesting also presenting bearish views which is the exception. Very balanced. I now subscribed to Bloomberg TV becayse if this. Keep it as it is.
The best stock market podcast out there
Hands down the best stock podcast, Pimm brings both sides of the coin in an unbiased and unpretentious manner. He gives you the scoop on what's going on in the economy through his daily expert guests. Pimm himself is very knowledgeable and tries to get as much information from his guests for the benefit of the regular investors. I always get a great deal of knowledge out of this show. I wish it was 2 hour long.
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