Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Harry and the rest of the Royal Family
Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Harry and the rest of the Royal Family
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Best Royal Podcast On
It is brillant. All the other ones are like a gushing fan club. This one is brief and looks at the Royal Family with a gimlet eye. It also takes the piss out of everyone without being snarky. Ok. A little but all in good fun as only the Brits could do. Fair warning you must love true British humour and not the stuff that is put on for Americans. The moderator is truly wonderful especially when he does different intonations when quoting other people.
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Short and fun!
Love the irreverent rundown of the daily news. Very amusing and impartial. As for the ads, gotta pay the bills! Fast forward 30 seconds.
Randy & Joan 4-ever
Not sure about this guy
I’m only one episode in, but he doesn’t even refer to the monarch as Her Majesty, but as HRH. Pretty basic stuff for a royal watcher. Not sure I trust him. Plus The Princess of Wales often wore her family’s tiara after marrying, and she crossed her legs at the knee. He didn’t even know that. I’m wondering if I could do a better job, and I’m no expert. So far I find him less than reliable. Royal Dish is much better, but looks like they stopped at the end of 2019.
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A waste
commercials are longer than the the commentary.
Fun podcast for crown fans
I like your dry style and that you quote republic/graham smith rather than keeping it one sided. Fun and entertaining for american fans of the crown to get royal gossip without the usual syncophantism.
Enjoyable podcast. Brief, informative, and entertaining.
Waste of Time
Just another gossiper dispensing & monetizing unverified stories in bite size.
Not worth much of anything
1. When a show is 5 minutes and half ads, you’re giving the show more than it’s giving you. 2. The info isn’t even good. Kate asked to be called Catherine over a decade ago, when she and the tabloids first figured out “Kate” rhymed with “wait.” 3. Just short and boring in general, sadly.
Used to love... now too many ads!
I absolutely love the actual content of this podcast and the reader! I’m a long-time listener. Lately, however, at least half of the podcast is a Nathan’s Hot Dog ad, over and over and over again! I have the Nathan’s Hot Dog ads completely memorized. I finally had to stop mid-episode as another Nathan’s ad came on. I couldn’t listen to it again. I understand that money is to be made, but please find a balance. I truly loved the podcast before, it was my favorite. I can’t stand to listen anymore. I’m hoping I’ll come back in a few weeks and the ads will be gone, or at the very least, far fewer.
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Your daily dose of British royal gossip and news
This podcast is informative and fun. The host and producer are clever and make each episode stand by itself. There’s a snarky bit of humor here and there, but overall, they remain very respectful to the role of Queen and the royal family. As a US fan of the royals with family ties to the UK, it is nice to hear about all the goings on across the pond. You know how some people can imagine Morgan Freeman narrating their life’s story? Well, I can now imagine the host of Palace Intrigue, Mark Francis, narrating my life in 4 minute snipets.
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Love this daily brief
Love this podcast! All these authors need to donate a percentage point of all the profits they’ve made from so-called stories about Harry & Meghan to the various charities that the couple support.
Fact: Before Meghan there wasn’t a flood of royal podcasts
Before Meghan, there wasn’t a flood of Royals coverage and podcasts. They were boring and have returned to form. No need to complain that there’s too much Sussex coverage here or there. They gave the Royal Family relevancy. If we’re being honest, we’d admit that we hadn’t thought about them in years, or MAYBE when Kate popped out another baby. Ppl who support the RF or Cambridges do so more as a statement of disapproval of Sussexes than actual affection for the boring others.
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Entertaining Royal news! However they definitely have a bias toward loving Harry and Meghan and throwing shade at those who criticize them. I like Harry and Meghan but they have made some major slip ups lately and there is more to their negative press than just media bias. I would like the podcast more if they were more balanced and told both sides of the story.