Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Harry and the rest of the Royal Family
Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Harry and the rest of the Royal Family
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Harry and Meghan Markle are always up to something. It's a daily roundup of what's new with The Royal's like Season 17 of The Crown but it real-time.Keep up with Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and the rest of the Royal Family. Even Prince Andrew.
Harry hits the beach, William smashes eggs
Privacy minded Harry hit the beach with his dog and there are pictures to prove it.William and Kate smashed an egg.The brothers agree on a design for the Diana statue.
Apr 6
5 min
Meghan and Harry plan a break from working so hard
Fresh off Harry taking on two new jobs, and still needing to record episode 2 of their $25 million podcast, the couple plan on taking a break when the baby arrives.Did Princess Anne warn that Harry shouldn't marry Meghan?
Apr 5
4 min
Why Reese Witherspoon finds Kate Middleton so wonderful
One of those showbizzy agents says Harry keeps adding jobs to keep up with that workhorse Meghan.And we haven't talked Kate Middleton in a while. Isn't she wonderful? Reese Witherspoon thinks so.
Apr 2
6 min
Meghan Markle plans a home birth
Sources say that Meghan and Harry's baby will be born at home.The Archbishop clears up that whole SECRET WEDDING stuff.DB Woodside says the royals need to apologize to MeghanThe Queen wonders if the RAAF is off to chase the Russians.Fun one today.
Apr 1
5 min
Charles wanted to strike back
Charles considered a point by point rebuttal to Meghan Markle and Harry. Oh please do this Charles, in prime time, with Oprah.Meanwhile another day and another bunch of articles criticizing Meghan.
Mar 31
4 min
Piers Morgan on Meghan Markle: The longer the interview went on, the less I believed.
Piers Morgan write at length about his life since the Oprah interview.Thomas Markle would like his own Oprah interview.And in what would normally be a full day's podcast: William was named the world's sexiest bald man.
Mar 30
4 min
Harry has some new jobs!
Man (and duchess) cannot live on just $25 million from Spotify. Harry has not one but two new gigs! By the way Harry, any word on when episode 2 of the podcast comes out?Also Lifetime is working on another Harry and Meghan movie! Why not a weekly series?
Mar 29
6 min
What would happen to The Queen, Charles and William if the Monarchy were abolished?
What if the Monarchy were abolished? Well, the Queen would have to leave Buckingham Palace, but don't worry she has places to live. But what about Charles? And what about William and Kate, would they too have to become Spotify podcasters?
Mar 26
5 min
Harry's lineage: King, Queen, future King....podcaster
TFW you realize that it's time to make some podcasts. A look at direct Harry's family tree, and where it goes from here. And what IS his name anyway?
Mar 25
7 min
Meghan and Harry's secret wedding? Oh...yeah...never mind....
Turns out the "secret wedding" was just a private exchange of personal vows. So what else did you exaggerate Meghan?Meanwhile. William has a new gig, and Archewell has a new employee as we all wait for Episode 2 of the $25 million Meghan and Harry podcast on Spotify.
Mar 24
5 min
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