Overheard at National Geographic
Overheard at National Geographic
National Geographic
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Very interesting!
This has been such a neat podcast to find. I love that the episodes are pretty short but tell such intriguing stories. I have learned a lot from these podcasts and I love sharing the “fun facts” with friends and family. :)
Always interesting
I really enjoy this podcast, well researched and well presented, it’s just a joy to listen to!
Fran from PT
One of the best
If not THE best podcasts.
Great podcast!
This podcast is one of my favorites each week! I love how informative it is. Every episode is done in a very thoughtful way. I am in a different area of science and it’s nice to hear about other work being done around the world! I love the variety of topics as well. Great job!
Great stories, annoying host
The stories are really interesting but the voice of the host is so cheesy and annoying I don’t listen all the time. I think this host would do great on a nat geo Kids podcast marketed for 5 year olds. The host really dumbs things down which contrasts uncomfortably with the more intelligent sounding experts on the show. So obvious that National Geographic has been bought by Disney with this host pick.
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ one year ago to: 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡
This is THE best science podcast I’ve ever listened to. Do a episode about Supervolcanos! -2020 1 year ago I liked it until they switched the hosts PERMANENTLY. I still like the topics but it is stupid now!!!
the blob of death
National Geographic
I heard about this from the back of National Geographic
More please
Wow! These are amazing. So glad I found this podcast. The only issue is that each episode is way too short.
So good!
So glad I read about this in National Geographic. Very interesting!
So interesting!
Love it! However, as others have said, PLEASE stop saying “mhm mhm” all the time when someone is talking. It’s SO distracting!
So calm and satisfying !
Ok, wow. This podcast is so amazing!! The voices are so satisfying and it is hard to back away from. I listen to it almost every time I have my phone on me, and I truly do enjoy it! I ❤️ Nat Geo!
Great listening!
Interesting stories about NatGeo's hands-on research and escapades
Love this podcast!
I love hearing the voices, sounds and banter with more detail about the stories they publish. One more way they help me see the world.
Great Behind the Scenes Podcast
I really enjoy this podcast about the people behind the National Geographic stories. Peter Gwin has a great podcast voice and I specially love the sound effects/ audio capture at the scene, for example the one with the vultures feeding on the carcass.
Absolutely love this podcast!
Boring podcast it’s poop from a podcast
Cool Subjects
Many nature-related. Some not what we think of as nature such as the last one about genius. Well presented with good diction and very little stumbling. Thanks for Overheard.
Had to unsubscribe
Someone keeps dumping old episodes into the feed. Happened twice in one day. It’s either a cheesy attempt to raise download numbers or extreme incompetence. Hope the extra downloads were worth pissing off your listeners; you won’t get inflated downloads numbers from me anymore because you lost this subscriber forever.
The Real Zen Boy
Very god
I like it
Overheard at Nat Geo
Nat Geo. Nat Geo.✌🏼
Spectacular Bite-Sized Content
I absolutely love this podcast from Nat Geo. Each one is different and focuses on a different subject, but all go into depth and are very well made. I find myself waiting to see what the next one will be about! At just 20 minutes, they’re also extremely digestible and perfect to listen to for a lunch break or walk.
One of my favorites!
I listen and subscribe to dozens of podcasts, and this is one of my absolute favorites. It’s interesting and fun. Not too heavy. It’s great for quarantine when we can’t travel in real life...living vicariously through these guests 😅
Tired of getting spammed!
Let us hear the speaker talk
Let the speaker talk - stop with the constant “mmm hm” and “yep” and other cut ins. We get it - you hear him, but ask and then LISTEN - stop insisting on making your own noise.
Inside the Wilderness
None of this podcast was actually about the time in the wilderness. This was all about the photographer and her dog sledding story. Change the title to “Katie the Photographer.” Completely uninteresting.
Over heard
I love the podcast but there is to many ads and they make the podcast less relaxing
ash 61
These stories will take you all over the world
Perfect “bite-sized” stories that transport you to the most interesting places with the most passionate people. Especially fun to listen to during the pandemic so you can live vicariously through all the guests adventures.
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nicki manaj 🤪
Love it, more episodes please
Amazing show with lots of interesting content. Would love it if you guys could make more episodes
KJ 0602
Voice & commercials
The podcast itself is good; however, the voice grates on my nerves and there are too many commercials.
Perfect for WFH
Interesting stuff!
Love this podcast- give us more episodes!
This podcast is awesome! I just wish they came out with episodes more regularly! I’ve listened to the whole collection 3 or 4 times already 😂
For the everyday human
Love this podcast. Such great information geared to the everyday listener. No hugely scientific terms to send you scurrying to find out what the heck these extremely knowledgeable people are talking about. I understand what I’m hearing!!
Informative and entertaining
I really enjoy this podcast. It teaches me a lot, and keeps me interested and excited for the next episode. I’d give it five stars... but I just can’t enjoy this podcast 100% because of Amy’s voice. I tried to like it, but I just can’t. Maybe you do, and this podcast will be a 5/5 for you.
Parenting win!
Listened to the one about a country suing to get its artifacts back. From the backseat my ten year old yelled (without irony), “That belongs in a museum!”
Not a Sister
Love it so far!
I’ve listened to 3 episodes so far but am enjoying it so much! It’s typical Nat Geo to making learning such a fun and wonderful experience!
Really enjoy this thank you!
Jackie's Dad
Most Southern Tree
Great episode. Made me think that one day there will be a branch of ecotourism that focuses on inclusion and working with citizen scientist in the field. Symbiotic relationship between ecosystems, researchers and citizens. A comment: they described the most southern tree among a landscape of shrubs. Horticulturally - Botanically speaking there is no differentiation between trees and shrubs as woody plants. If they found the most southern tree, where is the most southern shrub? That would be the outer - outer edge / layer of the Woody plant ecosystem.
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Mercurio Speaking
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast! I really enjoy that each episode is a different topic. I’ve learned so much and I look forward to new episodes even on subjects I wouldn’t ordinarily think I’d be interested in.
Enjoyable and informative
I typically enjoy this series but the episode on captive tiger’s in America was disappointing. I felt like their interview with the volunteer tiger caretaker anthropomorphized tigers when the point of the episode was to illustrate tigers are wild animals.
Lilya M
I love this show.
But I give it a four star review because I thing it’s main purpose is not to teach you, but to try to sell you things and pummel you with ads, and even more ads disguised as sponsorships.
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Such great story telling and fascinating subjects
The Zombie Mice Of Marion Island.
Season 1 episode 5. This is a masterpiece.
A. I. B.
I love the episodes. They are not too long and are always interesting. Even if it’s something I don’t feel I’d be interested in. And you’ll always learn something.
Episode 1 season 4
This episode was hard to listen to. I don’t understand why there wasn’t more of a conversation. It was so many “mmmhmm mmmhmm”. This completely took away from the story. Even as he was telling his story, it was happening in the background. I think I may listen again just to count whether there were 1, 2, or even 3 “mmmhmm”.
I am so very happy to have stumbled upon this podcast and I feel quite lucky to have been in a mood that I listened. Quality and just outstanding in every way
Fascinating and entertaining
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The content is fascinating and the storytelling and editing is excellent. It’s educational and entertaining.
An0n Ym0us
5 stars!
Love this podcast! Very informative and unique. Keep it up!!!
Just enough information to make you want to find out more! Love the stories and how they are presented. Followed up on the internet to see what additional information I could find on some of these interesting facts!
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