Overheard at National Geographic
Overheard at National Geographic
National Geographic
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Captivating storytelling
The Nat Geo podcast does a great job making any topic interesting, and the hosts describe even the wonkiest of subjects in a way that’s easy to understand.
Always interesting
Always a great story, and told in an interesting manner, regardless of the topic. It’s a great podcast to listen to in the car with my 7 year old.
Love the variety of people the talk to and the places they go. My favorite episode so far is how to rescue a giraffe from an island
Was my favorite
During Seasons 1 and 2 I absolutely loved this podcast. They had truly exciting stories that taught me bizarre, weird and mind blowing things about nature. I don’t think I had very many things that would make me smile (and even dance around) like I did when new seasons came out. Tuesdays were long looked forward to. As a kid who grew up loving Planet Earth as much as Curious George 🤣 this was my favorite show. But then they started having politically motivated podcasts. Some were still nature oriented but the topic was definitely chosen for other reasons. Then episodes started being purely about politics. Given I am already fed up with politics let alone a world that has every faucet stamped with a party, it was saddening to lose my one of few escapes. I look back and realize that occasionally (it feels like at least) some episodes are still about nature. But for the most part it isn’t worth checking. I don’t even listen anymore and it’s too bad 😕😢
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Great podcast but
Hi there—love your podcast but please have it so newest comes up first on list of episodes—thank you!!!
Lulu Lavante
Just found my new favorite podcast!
Good topics, I don’t think pointing fingers is a way to solve these problems. A more positive solution would be to unite people for answers rather than blame people today for the sins of a hundred years ago. This is why our country is divided and not United.
Never disappointed
I’ve never been disappointed by an episode. I get to learn something and travel the world everytime.
Great podcast
PLEASE ORGANIZE THE PODCAST BY NEWEST. It’s the only podcast where I have to search for what the new episode is. It’s backwards or something
Favorite podcast
I love Overheard. Every episode is a learning adventure and fun to listen to. I subscribed to their magazines when I felt some of the topics were so engaging and I enjoyed this fun learning experience integrate into my daily life. Support this wonderful podcast so they keep bringing such family oriented research about our “big weird and beautiful world” ❤️
Love it
I love the depth of topics explored in this series. Science, nature, humanity, adventure and wildlife. It’s all here. Thank you
jm cirlin
Big, weird and beautiful world!
I love this podcast!It truly lives up to its motto of sharing our big, weird, beautiful world! I always leaveHaving learned something and feeling inspired.
Gray Cat Listener
Simply captivating!
What a privilege to listen along and be privy to the results of such fascinating exploration! Listening to each episode, narrated in a way for mere mortals to follow along and punctuated with facts and details by a myriad of experts and the brilliant staff at National Geographic is beyond entertaining. As only National Geo can do, they take us along on a journey filled with intrigue and wonderment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Audrey S.
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Cosmic Customer
Revitalized my love of adventure
Every episode is so interesting and exciting! Your podcast helped me pick my major of animal science. Keep it up!
For hiding pics it's perf
Listen once and you’ll be hooked!
I absolutely love this show! It is fascinating and I learn so much from it. I’m always telling my friends and family about the obscure topics discussed and I’ve gotten so many people hooked. Doesn’t matter if you’re a nature lover or not, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.
NG Podcast
I love this podcast! So glad I found it.
Safty patrol/crossing guard
Very interesting!
This has been such a neat podcast to find. I love that the episodes are pretty short but tell such intriguing stories. I have learned a lot from these podcasts and I love sharing the “fun facts” with friends and family. :)
Always interesting
I really enjoy this podcast, well researched and well presented, it’s just a joy to listen to!
Fran from PT
One of the best
If not THE best podcasts.
Great podcast!
This podcast is one of my favorites each week! I love how informative it is. Every episode is done in a very thoughtful way. I am in a different area of science and it’s nice to hear about other work being done around the world! I love the variety of topics as well. Great job!
Great stories, annoying host
The stories are really interesting but the voice of the host is so cheesy and annoying I don’t listen all the time. I think this host would do great on a nat geo Kids podcast marketed for 5 year olds. The host really dumbs things down which contrasts uncomfortably with the more intelligent sounding experts on the show. So obvious that National Geographic has been bought by Disney with this host pick.
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ one year ago to: 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡
This is THE best science podcast I’ve ever listened to. Do a episode about Supervolcanos! -2020 1 year ago I liked it until they switched the hosts PERMANENTLY. I still like the topics but it is stupid now!!!
the blob of death
National Geographic
I heard about this from the back of National Geographic
More please
Wow! These are amazing. So glad I found this podcast. The only issue is that each episode is way too short.
So good!
So glad I read about this in National Geographic. Very interesting!
So interesting!
Love it! However, as others have said, PLEASE stop saying “mhm mhm” all the time when someone is talking. It’s SO distracting!
So calm and satisfying !
Ok, wow. This podcast is so amazing!! The voices are so satisfying and it is hard to back away from. I listen to it almost every time I have my phone on me, and I truly do enjoy it! I ❤️ Nat Geo!
Great listening!
Interesting stories about NatGeo's hands-on research and escapades
Love this podcast!
I love hearing the voices, sounds and banter with more detail about the stories they publish. One more way they help me see the world.
Great Behind the Scenes Podcast
I really enjoy this podcast about the people behind the National Geographic stories. Peter Gwin has a great podcast voice and I specially love the sound effects/ audio capture at the scene, for example the one with the vultures feeding on the carcass.
Absolutely love this podcast!
Boring podcast it’s poop from a podcast
Cool Subjects
Many nature-related. Some not what we think of as nature such as the last one about genius. Well presented with good diction and very little stumbling. Thanks for Overheard.
Had to unsubscribe
Someone keeps dumping old episodes into the feed. Happened twice in one day. It’s either a cheesy attempt to raise download numbers or extreme incompetence. Hope the extra downloads were worth pissing off your listeners; you won’t get inflated downloads numbers from me anymore because you lost this subscriber forever.
The Real Zen Boy
Very god
I like it
Overheard at Nat Geo
Nat Geo. Nat Geo.✌🏼
Spectacular Bite-Sized Content
I absolutely love this podcast from Nat Geo. Each one is different and focuses on a different subject, but all go into depth and are very well made. I find myself waiting to see what the next one will be about! At just 20 minutes, they’re also extremely digestible and perfect to listen to for a lunch break or walk.
One of my favorites!
I listen and subscribe to dozens of podcasts, and this is one of my absolute favorites. It’s interesting and fun. Not too heavy. It’s great for quarantine when we can’t travel in real life...living vicariously through these guests 😅
Tired of getting spammed!
Let us hear the speaker talk
Let the speaker talk - stop with the constant “mmm hm” and “yep” and other cut ins. We get it - you hear him, but ask and then LISTEN - stop insisting on making your own noise.
Inside the Wilderness
None of this podcast was actually about the time in the wilderness. This was all about the photographer and her dog sledding story. Change the title to “Katie the Photographer.” Completely uninteresting.
Over heard
I love the podcast but there is to many ads and they make the podcast less relaxing
ash 61
These stories will take you all over the world
Perfect “bite-sized” stories that transport you to the most interesting places with the most passionate people. Especially fun to listen to during the pandemic so you can live vicariously through all the guests adventures.
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nicki manaj 🤪
Love it, more episodes please
Amazing show with lots of interesting content. Would love it if you guys could make more episodes
KJ 0602
Voice & commercials
The podcast itself is good; however, the voice grates on my nerves and there are too many commercials.
Perfect for WFH
Interesting stuff!
Love this podcast- give us more episodes!
This podcast is awesome! I just wish they came out with episodes more regularly! I’ve listened to the whole collection 3 or 4 times already 😂
For the everyday human
Love this podcast. Such great information geared to the everyday listener. No hugely scientific terms to send you scurrying to find out what the heck these extremely knowledgeable people are talking about. I understand what I’m hearing!!
Informative and entertaining
I really enjoy this podcast. It teaches me a lot, and keeps me interested and excited for the next episode. I’d give it five stars... but I just can’t enjoy this podcast 100% because of Amy’s voice. I tried to like it, but I just can’t. Maybe you do, and this podcast will be a 5/5 for you.
Parenting win!
Listened to the one about a country suing to get its artifacts back. From the backseat my ten year old yelled (without irony), “That belongs in a museum!”
Not a Sister
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