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Outdoor Explorer - Alaska Public Media
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My favorite adventure podcast locally made in AK
Outdoor Explorer is My favorite adventure podcast locally made in AK. And I love that it’s public media!
Love this show and all the ways it inspires folks to appreciate enjoy our beautiful state! Keep up the good work.
Awesome bro
One of the best podcasts ever
mad pitcher
Thanks for the AK content
Probably won’t make it back to AK, but love hearing about the variety of topics with good hosts
Great show
Adam is an intelligent host with a diverse background. Love hearing the different stories each week!
Human Diversity
Need more.
Great Podcast About Outdoor Life In AK
Charles does a great job pulling together interviews on a wide variety of outdoor topics in Alaska. I look forward to it every week.
Insights into AK
If you want an authentic look at the outdoors in Alaska, this is the perfect podcast. All the guests are knowledgeable and share their experiences and expertise. I like the local feel - it's not a show for a tourists! Plus there are great insights into the state and the people who live there year round.
Informative & entertaining podcast
I don't live in Alaska, I live in NE Pennsylvania where I've been enjoying a cold and snowy winter. Since I haven't been able to get out on the trails by foot, I started listening to this podcast to get alternative ideas. This has been great! Thanks to your episode on snowshoeing, I purchased a pair and now I'm running and hiking on trails again! I've listened to all of your podcasts now, and I must say I have found them informative and entertaining. They have also been inspiring because now I'm looking forward to planning a vacation in Alaska, during the summer though. Thank you!
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Really needed a log!