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Saul Marquez
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Great podcast
Great podcast! Saul has a very comfortable interviewing style that makes me feel like I’m listening in on him having a virtual cup of coffee with one interesting guest after another. I learn something new in every episode.
Inspiring and actionable insights
Saul, connects with incredible leaders to share their unique point of view, insights and experience to help improve healthcare. I highly recommend the show!
Definitely worth listening
Engaging conversations with a wide variety of healthcare leaders.
Von Neumann vs. Turing
On point
I’ve found the content on Outcomes Rocket to be consistently timely, relevant, and on point. The guest list covers the waterfront in healthcare from providers to tech, and delivers meaningful insights in a compact package. Solid add to the podcast rotation for anyone interested in staying current with healthcare’s leading edge.
I enjoy listening to Saul's interviews. He chooses a nice variety of guests and does well in leading them in interesting conversations. You can tell when an interviewer is just asking questions to fill time and when they are truly engaged and interested in the topic. Saul is very much the latter, being well-prepared and engaged in the process of the interview.
Dr. Rob Lamberts
The interviewer is ok
Been listening for a while and just don’t get anything from this podcast. Seems to be a place for healthcare entrepreneurs to plug their products and services. The interviewer is decent, needs better guests that aren’t just giving us a 40 minute sales pitch.
Chris JV Chris JV
Outcomes Rocket
Saul, based in Chicago, connects with leaders from across the country to share innovative approaches in all aspects of health and health care in short doses that our worth your attention.
We can all learn from other's story
There is something to learn about every entrepreneur story. Saul does a great job capturing these special moments around a topic that matters to us all our health, our lives.
Olivier Cheateau
Well done
Saul is really on to something here. Pulling in a wide array of leaders in Healthcare to give us resources on nearly every front. Whatever topic you need, you probably find it here.
Outstanding Leaders
I have been thoroughly impressed with each leader’s message and their passion for improving healthcare. Without fail, I have taken a couple nuggets of wisdom from each episode and shared with my own team. Thanks Saul for putting this together.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Saul and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content, striking a healthy balance between the latest and greatest innovations and best practices in the healthcare industry while also covering topics like resilience, business growth, and much more. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Outcomes Rocket if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to stay ahead of the curve of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape while also becoming a better, more informed leader!
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J. Barshop
VP Planning & Business Development
Saul has developed a leading podcast with some of the greatest minds in healthcare.
Mike at GMC
Wonderful and reliable content
I love listening to Saul and his guest insights. My favorite part is listening to the failure stories, this is the real stuff. I can’t believe how many quality healthcare guests are in this podcast. I love love love this show. Keep up the awesome work. If you haven’t listened yet, start!
Very Informative
This podcast always has interesting, well-spoken guests! It highlights a great range of topics in healthcare and I always walk away with a new perspective.
Consistently hits the mark
It is not easy to be consistently interesting and yet provide genuine insights week after week, guest after guest. Saul manages to do so. Even for those of us with time-crunched schedules, Outcomes Rocket is worth a regular listen. Thanks!
Great Podcast!
Definitely learning something new with every episode!
Tox Doc123
Most insightful healthcare podcast
Saul and his team consistently deliver the most thoughtful commentary on healthcare trends. Must listen for anyone in the industry!
Amazing, reliable, value packed!
Saul always delivers valuable conversations with highly credible and accomplished healthcare leaders. So glad I found this podcast!!!
Great info from the frontiers of health tech
Good, diverse content.
Sempre piu lontano
Extremely Prolific and Great Quality
An amazing variety of healthcare professionals. Not even sure how Saul maintains his episode output rate. But, keep’em coming! Real good stuff.
Walter Werzowa
Worth a listen
Worth a listen!
Great Content Conversations
Sit back and listen to Saul have great conversations like you're sitting at the table with them -- one of the few podcasts I let be pushed to my phone every week.
Saul is a great communicator and connector
Saul really does a great job preparing for and listening to his guests. Outcomes Rocket is much needed in the constantly evolving healthcare space. Thank you Saul and all your guests.
President, Clear Voice Consulting
Saul is a great interviewer--he asks thoughtful questions that lead to provokative answers.
Outstanding Healthcare Leadership Podcast
I’ve been listening for a few months and I’m especially impressed with the guests Saul consistently brings to the podcast to answer a similar set of leadership questions. The format of the show makes the content accessible for both healthcare professionals and not.
Aslan Brooke
Better call Saul!
Saul Marquez, the host of the Outcomes Rocket podcast is a joy to work with and listen to. The content is great and engaging. Highly recommend this podcast for the healthcare consumer as well as the healthcare professional.
Excellent host and subjects
Saul never disappoints, asking the right questions and providing valuable insight into leading healthcare figures and their businesses!
good stuff
met saul at the conference couple of days ago. nice guy!
Love his show!
Saul knows how to ask all the right questions to get to the core of conversations!
Absolutely outstanding!
I can't begin to describe how insightful and relevant these podcasts are!
Great information and great interviews! Thanks for putting together Saul!
C Ohio
Outcomes Rocket never disaapoints with great content!
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