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Saul Marquez
Tying Preventive Care with Personal Cost Savings to Improve Health with Janis Powers, Founder and CEO of Longitudinal Health Care
30 minutes Posted Nov 24, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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In this episode, we are privilege to host Janis Powers, Founder and CEO of Longitudinal Health Care. Janis discusses how her digital health company aims to replace traditional health insurance and how her company adds value to healthcare. She shares her thoughts on consumerization and the direct-to-provider payment model, other options for securing health care, and the importance of health literacy.  If you're fed up with the high insurance cost and would like a different perspective on health care challenges, tune in because this interview with Janis could be what you're looking for.

Click this link for the show notes, transcript, and resources: outcomesrocket.health