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Saul Marquez
COVID, Hospitals' 'No Visitors' Policies, Family Involvement and Medifies with Nate Pagel, CEO at Medifies
23 minutes Posted Nov 23, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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Show notes

 In this episode, we feature Nate Pagel, the CEO of Medifies and the co-founder of Vidlet based out of San Francisco, California. Nate covers how Medifies provide tools to help hospitals increase patient satisfaction. He dives into how surgeons cannot deliver the right updates to patients' families because they are missing. Medifies solves that by creating a healthcare software that sends out messages to patients' families about what is happening to the patient quarterly. There's a long list of benefits and improved outcomes from this improved communication. Nate also shares insights on challenges, how to overcome challenges and more. It's been an insightful conversation with Nate, so please stay tuned. 

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