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Saul Marquez
Immunization Records - Consumer Access with Docket.care with Michael Perretta, Founder at Docket.care
17 minutes Posted Nov 16, 2020 at 7:00 am.
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In this episode, we interview Michael Peretta, Founder of Docket. Michael discusses how Docket has made it easier to access personal and family immunization records at no cost. Michael talks about improved patient adherence and the many other benefits Docket offers to different stakeholders. By leveraging technology, Michael and his team at Docket has made it easier to access your immunization registries. By aggregating state records, Docket gives you your record at the touch of a button. We all know how it is such a hassle to request health records, so having something like Docket offers is truly unique. Please stay tuned for my full interview with Michael. 

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