Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast
Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast
H Alan Scott, Kerri Doherty
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Host is kind of annoying.
I wanted to love this podcast. I started out by watching each episode of GG again before listening to each corresponding episode of this podcast, but after the first season, I realized I’d much rather just binge GG than this. Host Kerri doesn’t seem to get the concept of “yes and”, steamrolling over her cohost and guests when presented with differing points of view. She reminds me of Carol on Empty Nest. H. Alan Scott is entertaining and engaging, but I had to break up with this podcast before finishing GG Season 1. 😕
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Binge worthy Pod
I’m a fan of one of your recent guests, Emerson Collins. But before I listened to that episode, I started from the beginning. It is worth every minute you spend listening. First of all, they dissect and discuss the GG episodes in chronological order, thank goodness. Secondly, the format is free form conversation which I love. Perhaps I have ADHD. Who knows. But seemingly they get me. Lastly, these two are great people and it shows in how they carry themselves on the Pod. I just finished the first disqus mini episode. Love it and love the pod. Thank you for doing this. I’m happy I have friends (you two duh ) who share my love for GG.
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My husband and I are diehard GG fans. We just found this podcast, and it's incredible!
Ramon, in the south
Marrguuuuerite would be proud
Been a listener since day one ! Love this spectacular podcast and these two. So generous to me over the years and I apreeeciate the progrum.
Where's Coco?
The actual best
Kerri & H. Alan have an incredible podcast that’s grown over the years. It’s been a pleasure to see them cover the original series, Golden Palace, and related topics. Very exited to see what the MOM era holds for them!
Thank you for being a podcast
An easy and fun listen
It’s just a helluva podcast!
No podcast hosts have ever looked better than they do now & no podcast hosts ever will! The first GG podcast paved the way for others like mine (So Good We Named It) & Enough Wicker. They really are the OGs! I used to listen back in the day & was glad to see they came back with Golden Palace among other GG adjacent content! Also having been a guest on the show I was really impressed with how professional & seamless their episodes are even behind the scenes. These 2 are legit! You can’t be a true GG fan without listening to this show or my name isn’t Sophia Puhawkins! They’re both fiesty, zesty & full of old world charm!
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Where’s this been all my life?!?
Kerri & H. Alan are the only people around who want to talk about the GG as much as I do! It’s so much fun to dissect episodes and compare notes. Kerri is so smart and funny and H. Alan adds historical context with a twist. And the guests add a hysterical element. Thank you for being a friend… and creating this podcast!!!
Watching the Girls is always comforting to me, and I have to say….OOTL is also so comforting. Right now is a very stressful time for me and listening to you guys and watching Golden Girls (and Frasier) brings me so much joy right when I need it. Thank you for being amazing. Stay Golden H. Alan and Kerri (and Eliot and Alaska)!!!
New Listener!
Loving it so far! Glad I found you both!
From good to Meh
Update June 2022 After the end of the original run, both Kerri and H Alan often referred to The Golden Palace as not worth watching. But now that it’s on Hulu, they’ve decided to recap each of those episodes. Fine, it’s more content. However, they are over the top in their praise of each GP episode. It’s not funny, and it’s OK to say that. There’s a reason the show only lasted a season. I have yet to agree or align with any show line that they claim “oh my gosh that was so funny” or “oh my gosh that was amazing”. Just, no. I found this podcast earlier this year after a google search of what Blanche’s “ideal face” would look like. I took a listen to the first episode, and loved it immediately. Kerri and H Allan are both super fans, and I appreciate their love of the show. I loved the fact that they brought guests on their show, even if they didn’t really know anything about GG. However, about midway through the seven season analysis, it fell off the rail. H Alan spent most of the podcast talking about his sex life and sexual escapades rather than the show. Take a look at the Explicit language tags toward the later seasons. And Kerri! H Allan often referred to her as csi due to her over analysis of each show. I don’t think she understands the term “situational comedy”. She thought that every character needed to have a recurring role at some point. It just got annoying after a while.
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Jennie power up
Spot on!!
H Allen and Kari are superb together. They balance each other so well when diving into and discussing each episode. They really go off on some deep pertinent, tangents and they are so fun to listen to.
Coloradan Maria Ramos
The best!
Absolutely the best!!! Every episode is informative and entertaining!!! Now so a Mama’s Family podcast please 🙏🏼
Favorite Podcast
I just discovered this podcast a few months ago and LOVE it. I listen to it all the time. Makes me laugh and I feel like I’m hanging with friends when I listen. Glad to know there are a lot of other Golden Girls fans out there!
coolkid kills
Outshines all the other wannabe GG podcasts
I have listened to every single Out on the Lanai podcast multiple times, and listen to them on the way home from work usually to decompress after a long day. The OOTL podcasts are sharp, funny, hilarious and comforting! Kerri provides the details and smart stats while H Alan provides the silly antics and laughs….the best guests have to the Alaska ThunderFk and Elliot Glazer! I dieeeee laughing at Alaska’s impression of Rose’s mom or Frieda Claxton! Thank you for the laughs and for being great friends to countless GG Fans!
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Not a fan
Feels try hard and they sometimes get info wrong. “Enough Wicker” is higher quality imho.
Betty White tribute is so excellent
Just what we needed to celebrate her life.
Lue '91
My most cherished podcast
I love everything about this podcast! I discovered it 2.5 years ago and binged every episode within a few weeks. Now every time that I discover that a new episode has popped up, it feels so special. I’ve been a GG super fan since I was 5 years old while watching the finale when it very first aired. It is also myself and my mother’s favorite show to watch and talk about together & has always been a very special pop culture reference to bond over. Thank you so much for this podcast. I love Allen and Carrie and also Elliot and Alaska as if they were friends of mine. It has gotten me through some dark times, just as the actual series has over the course of my life. Xoxo
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An Embarrassment
It you love The Golden Girls, this is not the show for you. Constant misinformation. Alan is an obnoxious co-host that over talks everyone and goes off on aggravating tangents. Kerri might be a good co-host but we’ll never know because of Alan. He clearly misunderstands important details of episodes. It’s embarrassing.
The racism is appalling
Poor Kerri and all the guests for having their careers tarnished by such a blatant racists.
On a scale of 1 to 10
The concept: 10 Kerri: 7 H. Alan: 0
My new love
Love this! I can hear this at work in my AirPods and enjoy
Love the show, not so much H. Alan Scott
This show got me through so much during quarantine especially with Eliot glazer and Alaska. However - H. Alan Scott is honestly the most condescending, mansplainging, rude, and over all uncomfortable to listen to. Truly he owes Kerri Doherty an apology. He’s gross. But the show is great
Moving on from bad hosts
I listened to the recaps of the first season and some of the second season before I could not take the hosts anymore. They speak on topics they don’t know about, they miss hear or misunderstand parts of the show and often have guests on who have never even watched the show or are only vaguely familiar with the show. It got to the point where I would just listen to their discussions about some of the more interesting or peculiar episodes and I now am just giving up. I love GG and always will but it deserves a podcast with more competent hosts.
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Dakota Book
Love the Pod, Feel for the Female Host
Like H. Alan Scott will NOT let this intelligent, well-spoken woman express a thought or a feeling or a musing about the podcast without correcting her or dismissing her or overriding her. And I am a man. Like Jesus dude. He occasionally (read: always) seems to be just waiting for her to finish talking so he can express his thoughts. It is especially apparent when guests are on the show. Love GG, love this pod, but his overbearing dynamic with her is... really off putting. She usually has a very valid point to raise, but almost never does he let her finish raising it.
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Seth Kitten
Love this sooooooo much!!
I found this podcast randomly and I cannot stop listening now! I’m only sad that I didn’t find it while it was still running, because I would have totally participated in EVERYTHING. I have laughed in every single episode so far and I look forward to going through the whole series!
Dana Floyd
Love this podcast
Great conversation about the greatest television show of all time. Stay golden!
I really want to love this podcast, but it’s difficult to listen to people masquerading as mega fans who get 75% of the DIRECT LINES incorrect. Do better research. I’ve been watching this show for over 30 years and I’m about the same age as the hosts. There’s no excuse to not know quotes from the show.
Love it!!!
I love this podcast and how in-depth they are when talking about the girls. I love Kerri’s accents and H.Alen’s wit! It gets me through my workday!
Kerri’s great. I would love to hear her on her own podcast or a w a different cohost
Shirl Holmes
This podcast GETS ME.
I never realized there were people on this earth as completely obsessed with the Golden Girls as me. The cross-references and inside knowledge are perfect. This must be what it feels like for people who like talking about sports? I don't know why people on here complain about the banter. Both hosts are hilarious, and I love references to other shows like Murphy Brown and Designing Women. If you are a huge fan of the girls, you will love this podcast.
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Thighs that could choke a 🐻
Picture it...a perfect podcast experience to lose yourself in. I consider this the only Golden Girls pod worth it’s weight in cheesecake ♥️
Goodbye and stay golden
“What can you say about 7 years of fights and laughter...secrets...cheesecake” I have been a fan of the Golden Girls since my father introduced me to them when I was really young. I remember he would always watch episodes on a portable DVD player whenever he packed his suitcase, and I would sit on his bed and watch along with him. I used to think Dorothy was a man! Anyway, my family members are all super fans of this wonderful show, and we all frequently launch quotes at one another or burst into song (M-I-A another M-I). This is why I was excited to find Out on the Lanai after searching “golden girls podcast” sometime in 2016. This podcast has helped me get through several lengthy flights, boring Sundays, and times when anxiety got the best of me. I remember listening to podcast after podcast when my missed my family when they left town. It’s wonderful to find out the show you’ve been obsessed with is equally loved by other super fans. Finally! People who understand my deep references! I’m really sad that this show is over. I loved everything from “CSI Kerri” to Alaska’s amazing impressions. With the exception of H. Allen’s sexual comments (they made me a bit wary of sharing the podcast with my dad), I found his banter to be really entertaining. This pod couldn’t have had more charismatic hosts! WheWhile I don’t have a golden takeaway from this podcast, I just wanted to let you know how much your show means to me. “You’re angels... all of you”. “” “
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Freckles the Cat
I wanted to like it
I tried. I listened to about a dozen episodes but the hosts just grated on me instead of growing on me. Between their unlistenable banter and constant name dropping of RuPaul’s Drag Race star Alaska, it was cringey and uninteresting. The hosts just don’t seem to like each other. The pod is ok when they’re actually discussing GG but there’s not enough of that.
Nostalgic, Witty and Inspiring
I am a sitcom lover and aspiring television writer who is dipping his toes into this world. Last December, while writing I decided to revisit one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, The Golden Girls!!! Of course, as is usual for me: I binged the whole series and finished it in 2-3 weeks. Still not feeling that I had gotten all the BED, St. Olaf, Shady Pines and Stan stories I decided to rewatch again. Before I decided to rewatch though I just happened to type in “golden girls” into the search option in the Apple podcast application. It was then that I discovered OOTL and I’m obsessed. Part of me is pained that I wasn’t listening since 2014 but the binger in me has been more than satisfied because the last 5 months have been OOTL NONSTOP. I have just completed H. Alan and Kerry’s 6th season commentary of the GGs and have just as much heartache that like the GGs all good things must come to an end. I will cherish these last few podcasts of GG coverage. Lastly, I want to touch on the genius that is the minds of these two stellar comedians: H. Alan and Kerry! They’re beyond funny, sarcastic and just plain enjoyable to listen too. Furthermore, they have really inspired me to push myself harder with creativity and just put art out in the world. Since then I’ve worked hard on some spec scripts and even started a podcast of my own! I can’t wait to see what other projects these two will be attached to in the future! Forever Fan 💙
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So Great
This is a fun and witty listen. Great guest stars and you can tell they know these episodes inside and out. The only thing that gets old is H. Alan constantly mansplaining to and talking over Keri. He also likes to make blanket statements about the gay community in order to validate his opinion.
I just started this podcast a few days ago. I loved the first couple of episodes. The hosts are great, but having a new guest on each episode causes it to be so repetitive. I wish the redundant parts were edited out and just the talk about the episode was kept in. Having to give each new guest a full background on the show isn’t something your listeners need to hear every single time.
Giving up.
I really enjoy the parts where they discuss the episodes. Unfortunately, that's not really what this podcast is about. The non-GG discussion is boring and cringey. The intimate sex details no one asked for, the self-body shaming, the talking over one another, and the repeated observations (oh my god! Can you BELEIVE they wear full makeup to BED? Which we've totally "never" mentioned ever before?) have caused me to later days this one. Also the word "interwebz." Gah.
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I Tried
I heard 12 episodes, I couldn’t get into it. They discuss each episode like a case study. Their personalities aren’t engaging or interesting. The hosts don’t do anything to capture your attention, despite the hilarity of the source material. Strong Pass.
I started watching from the beginning and stopped as soon as I heard you guys say the N word. That word means something that you could never understand, and for you to use it for shock value is hurtful. Goodbye.
A good podcast to listen to on your way to work. H Allen makes it a bit cringey sometimes when he makes it a point to refer to his past sexual encounters. He also interrupts his cohost a lot, and can be a bit immature. Seeing that this is the only Golden Girls podcast worth listening to, I can ignore those things. Also Alaska is a guest a lot!
Thank you for being my podcast!
H. Alan and Kerri are so good together. As a long time Golden Girl fan...I can attest to their unadulterated love of the show. Do they miss quote the show? Sometimes. Get over it. They do a great job retelling and responding to the show. Sad we are getting to the end of the series. But I follow them on Twitter and I feel like I have a Golden Girl friend for life. “WE thank you BOTH Ssoooooo much!”
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It’s almost over 😌
As this podcast nears its close, the one thing I will miss the most (even more than learning so much about the show) is Kerri Doherty. She is witty, insightful, from my native New England, and quick with a callback or joke. I just think she absolutely makes this podcast worth listening to.
Fun walk down memory lane
This show is hilarious! It’s so fun to have an excuse to re-watch my all-time favorite show in chronological order. H. Alan and Kerry’s take on the show is great and GG clearly means a lot to them, as it does to me. I discovered this podcast late and am only on season 3. I’m sad that it will be over soon, but at least I still have a lot of episodes to get through.
PLEASE don’t stop doing this podcast after the last episode! There’s so much of this show left to talk about. I hope you continue even if it’s not every week. Love you guys!
An idea from a fan
I love your GG recaps ... and it will soon end , but it doesn’t have to. I remember once you guys saying how much u luv Mamas family and Designing Woman. I would love for either of these to RUcaps from u !!! As much as I love G.G. , I can’t say the same 4 the badly written Golden Palace .... just think about u bed hopping relics !!!
Stay Golden!
Love y'all! <3
So much fun!
I love the GG and I love hearing Kerri's and H. Alan's perspective on the girls. It's fun to revisit my favorite episodes with these super fans, especially when they pick apart the same things that have bugged me about the show for years (hello, Marg-your-ite!). Stay golden!
New listener w/ long commute
Recently found this podcast and it’s a fun and entertaining diversion for a long commute. Makes me feel like I’m watching the episode with good friends who don’t hold anything back.
Best golden girls podcast!
It’s so refreshing to listen to someone who is just as obsessed with the gg as you are! The two hosts are AMAZING and complement each other flawlessly! This podcast is such a hoot!
Skyler Rhoads
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