Out of the Blocks
Out of the Blocks
Aaron Henkin, Wendel Patrick
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NEVER 4.9 < ALWAYS ❤️‍🔥 5.0
i remember when the creator of this podcast and Out of The Block series gave me a deck of what i call “interpersonal cards,” which is like a game of getting to strangers anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour if the vibe was right. i think of this podcast series every Mercury Rx or Venus Rx
Excellent interviews!
Great mix of local to Baltimore and around the world communities! Provides a wonderful perspective on how even though blocks may look different to the outsider, all blocks share common features.
Matt L 52090
Very compelling
Such interesting vignettes, engage listener into other people’s lives as told by them. Producer is a thoughtful and sincere interviewer.
Can’t stop listening
I’ve been binge listening and I have no plans to stop. Love these stories.
I love it! Out of the Blocks is a truly unique podcast. I feel like a participant as we walk through neighborhoods and meet people. Listening to this podcast has influenced me to pause and chat a little longer with people I encounter during the day. Aaron is a truly kind and genuine interviewer, and I love listening to Wendel’s musical illustrations of the interviews.
Podcast of characters
I adore this podcast! I love hearing the stories of everyone they meet. It’s a beautiful painting of characters. I’ve laughed, cried, and been so intrigued by so many moments throughout the episodes. It’s a great reminder that our world is built of amazing, unique people full of life and experience to share!
Sonic trip
No other podcast so smartly uses sound as a storytelling tool
Captures emotion Capture
Capt. Andy
Listen for the music.
I started by listening to the episode about the music. Then I got hooked.
trouser roller
Love this podcast!!
I really enjoy the stories people tell. Some happy; some sad and all real. Good job!
Such a thought provoking, & open minded podcast, shedding light and such a different perspective on Baltimore Maryland and various subjects. Thank you Aaron for this.⭐️
Baltimore As It Really Is
A great podcast about Baltimore neighborhoods and the people who shape them.
Love this podcast. So many cool episodes especially when they travel to different cities. Production is on point too! Great job.
Great Stories!
I love how this podcast just draws you into the stories of everybody in the different blocks. The music and narratives just blend perfectly!
This episode was provided authentic voices from orthodox, native and spirit-infused religious traditions and practices.
Out of the Blocks - amazing treasure!
These are extraordinarily beautiful and touching interviews of ordinary folks living on the blocks of Baltimore (and beyond) that truly capture the strength of the human spirit. Aaron Henkin is an amazingly sensitive and sympathetic interviewer, and Wendell Patrick’s unique musical scores add a real depth of atmosphere to each podcast. I’ve cried, laughed out loud, and smiled time and again listening to these masterpieces. What a wonderful way to fall in love with Baltimore!!
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Intriguing People
Intriguing people, great interviews and stories.
An introduction to the neighborhood we usually skip by, really thoughtfully and considerately done.
Thank you for doing Atlanta!! It’s so nice to learn the history of my new city.
One of the best podcasts ever. It is very topical and beautifully scored. Worth a listen
Tomás 45
Emotionally happy
You guys have really done great work I really enjoyed part two of Detroit Morningside I recently had to move out of the city so that I could be closer to work my commute was just way too far but after listening to this I really miss home and the poem about Detroit really touched my heart thank you for taking the time to show us in a different light
Thank You
Really love this series. Incredible stories and great insight into the neighborhood
Authentic, gentle, humane. One of my absolute favorites.
My new favorite podcast
Kinda like This American Life, but less pretentious. I love how the interviewers hang back and let people talk. The musical scores are brilliant and the editing is perfect. And of course, the best part is getting to know the amazing people of Baltimore, “The Greatest City in America.”
Get to know our city
I love listening because I get to hear the stories of people and places that I pass by all the time. I moved to a new neighborhood, so I looked up the episode covering 2 blocks away from where I live. It introduced me to people and businesses in my neighborhood that I’ve since visited in person. Such a beautiful project. Respectful and deep conversations. Thank you for doing this great work.
I love it..I listened to all of the podcast stories within one day...I wish u guys could come to Philly and interview the thriving businesses here.
I've lived in Baltimore for nine years, and have driven or biked past many of the blocks covered in the podcast without ever knowing the stories within. Thank you for deepening my appreciation for the beauty, ugliness, and human spirit of the city. This is a wonderful podcast.
I just discovered this show a couple of weeks ago. It’s my favorite binge.
I’m 2 episodes in
I just finished part 2 of The Ville. And I’m completely hooked. What a beautiful collection of stories, of a beautiful collection of people. Thank you to all who participate in this wonderful collection of work. Thank you.
I love love love this program!!!!!
In a world that attempts to squeeze almost everything into 140 characters with a different topic a second, it's so refreshing listening to real life stories of everyday people just like me and you. I absolutely love it - the trust, the candidness of interviewees, the music. So insightful!
Heart-Warming Stories for listeners in Baltimore and beyond
Super fun series that introduces listeners to interesting people and an interesting town. Easy, thought-provoking listen.
South Baltimore Ann
Audio at its best!
Out of the Blocks is some of the most amazing audio work I have ever heard. Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick are giving voice to the invisible people in America. I continue to be amazed with each episode.
Better Days 105
So happy to have found this podcast
This is a beautiful look at one particular block of one particular city in america. The story telling is eloquent but not overly produced, the tone is one of love and empathy and all of the seemingly random people are so interesting. Keep up the good work!
Great podcast!
Love, Love, Love listening to these stories and learning a little history in every episode.
Phenomenal podcast
True journalism about real people. Very inspiring and heart felt. A+++
Baltimore, from the perspectives of the people
An open and honest telling of the way life really is on the streets of Bmore, one street at a time, one resident at a time. Set to an original score, the producers interview each person, from building to building on a block of their choosing. It’s refreshing to get a perspective from the actual people living in our neighborhoods. Great podcast!
Slice of life
So glad Al sent me :)
Outstanding podcast!
Take it from an avid podcast listener and enthusiast : « Out of the Blocks » is one of the best out there. Original, courageous, inspiring — the creators of this podcast are hugely talented individuals with a unique talent to seek out the beauty of the human experience in unexpected places and encounters. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Great show!!
Thanks for the show!
jimm jon do
Worth waiting for
There are new episodes every few months, and absolutely worth the wait. This is by far my favorite podcast, and I listen to a lot of podcasts! Hearing folks tell their stories, hearing the sounds of their work and lives, this is spectacular radio. The conceit of the show (one city block, everyone's story) is another pleasure of each episode, giving you a variety of stories from within the same tiny geographic area. Hope they keep doing this for years and years.
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Lovely podcast
I always listen to this on public transportation and it actually makes the experience itself more tolerable. It really makes you look at the people around you as the potential source of beautiful stories and insights.
The human experience you get to hear is unmatched. I feel like I'm right there listening. I love the way the stories are told. It's such a beautiful & rich podcast.
Hands down my favorite podcast
This show is like the mind of the Creator looking down on each little life with love and honor. Every time I listen to a new episode, I wanna go out and meet the people who were interviewed. I want to go volunteer at Paul's Place and I want to go get another fish sandwich at Terra Cafe. People talk a lot of trash about Baltimore but she is beautiful and she is loved. Thank you so much Aaron and Wendel!! And thanks for doing public speaking events too- I've been to a few of them!
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Baltimore Stories
Amazing conversations with diverse people throughout Baltimore. Producers do a great job getting below the surface with guests.
So amazing!
I just moved to Baltimore a year ago and this podcast has been so great in showing me the vastness of this city. I absolutely love the personal stories and learning how each one is intertwined with all the others. This sheds such a great light into the lives of the people in Baltimore and I absolutely love it!
Radiolab for Baltimore
It's like if Radiolab did a quick interview style podcast, but instead of digging through just anything, it goes through all the stories in Baltimore. Great sound design, great concept, great podcast.
Benjamin Hancrotch
In depth view of real life in Baltimore.
Amazing work. As a Baltimore city resident, this pod has opened my horizons.
Not just amazing radio - important stories
Out of the Blocks ranks right up there with RadioLab, This American Life, Fresh Air, Serial, and all the greats of NPR for production values and quality of the storytelling. It stands out among the best for the urgency of the stories told by the people of Baltimore interviewed in the series. These are real people telling their authentic stories of life in Baltimore today. Their experiences are often heartbreaking, but always inspiring. In Out of the Blocks we find the keys to effective solutions for making everyone's lives better – and not just in Baltimore. It starts with listening.
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Nancy Proctor
Amazing voices, sounds, stories and beats.
Such a great concept, discovering a city one block at a time. You don't have to live in Baltimore to enjoy the universality of the stories.
A great introduction to the city and its citizens
With a gorgeous, original music score Aaron and Wendel do a tremendous job taking you inside each city block to hear the stories of the residents and business owners who make up the community. Even though I have never seen any of these places, it feels like I have just visited and gotten to know the neighbors. A real connection! Thank you!
Silly Tillie
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