Out Here In The Middle
Out Here In The Middle
Jay Hill
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Awesome podcast!
This is a high quality podcast with awesome topics and heartfelt conversation. I rank it right up there with mike Rowe and AOM.
Excellent Production!
I’ve bounced back and forth, following various ag producers, but have gravitated back to Jay’s content because it aligns with my views and goals. Just started the podcast on a work trip through Wyoming and haven’t changed the channel in 2 days. Keep it up, the content and contributors are great. May not need FB or IG anymore if I can keep up with the times right here
1 Star FB
Worth the Listen
Great podcast about a wide array of topics. I always learn something know every episode.
JH rocks
When we have never seen a time so critical to listening. Out here in the middle is at the top of my list!
Scooter Timm
Big benefits in a small town
Great to hear such a well produced podcast featuring small town life and values. Small towns like Dell City are hidden gems that more people need to discover.
Love all of your podcasts and are so easy and refreshing to listen too. Way to advertise Charlie!
Great listen!
Evening Chores are made more enjoyable by listening to Jay’s podcast! Great guests and subject matters tackled.
Go Jay!!
I could listen to Jay talk all day! So excited for the podcasts to come!