The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio
The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio
Adam Graham
On the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, every day we feature a different detective program. Our current line-up is Box 13, Dick Tracy, The Man Called X, Mystery is My Hobby, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and T-Man. Podcast Award nominated Host Adam Graham has been your guide through each series since 2009 as he provides insightful commentary and humor after each episode as well as responding to listener questions and feedback.
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New advertisements
There has been a change of advertising (Home Depot, metropcs, geico) that is just not cool and not congruent with adam’s voice or the nature of the shows. From 5 stars to 1
Decent material irritating intros
I tried, I really did. I wanted to enjoy this, but the host’s voice grates! I don’t think its his real voice, it is overly smarmy and reminds me of car salesmen and ambulance chasing attorneys. I am sorry, I know his heart in it. I know he spends a lot of time on putting these together. There is no other way to put this together without a lot of research and hard work.
I love Dragnet / this podcast
Adam does a great job as host. A short intro with any relevant history then on to the episode. You can stop there or stick around as I do for his commentary and show notes. He mixes in short runs like air mail (a personal favorite) and long runs like all of dragnet or Johnny Dollar. It’s different episodes daily on a weekly schedule.
Great Detectives of Old Time Radio
I love your podcastAnd your current offerings of old time detective radio shows and the reviews that you provide afterword I have been a subscriber for four years and I look forward to the shows in the future.
Well curated old time radio podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for years. Mr. Graham brings dedication and consistency to this program and his background commentary adds valuable context that enhances enjoyment of the shows featured. I highly recommend.
Jenny Zoë
Amazing look into old time radio
Great host! Good audio quality! Very informative commentary at the end of each episode. Clean and great for all ages!
Love the podcast
I am not into the comic book melodramatic but I really enjoy Box 13, Yours truly Johnny Dollar, Dragnet, A Man called X, Sherlock Holmes, and “ that is actually it”😁 keep it up Adam
Pap. E
I like the show and my favorite episodes are Box 13 and It's a crime Mr. Collins. Thanks for playing all the different episodes
my ode to macaroni
Great collection of old tome radio shows
I have been enjoying listening for several weeks now The introductions are helpful to bring some historical context to each show and I find them interesting
Intro voice is gross
Wish he would just play this show. Hearing his gross voice pushing his products keeps me from enjoying. He has the worst radio voice I’ve ever heard.
Nardwuar Sr.
Love the variety and host comments
“Box 13” does a wonderful job of researching and posting all the great old radio shows. Would love to have him add THE ZERO HOUR into his mix! I’ve learned so much about my parents generation (born in late 1920s) as the advertising as original to the show. We are a ‘fly on the wall’ of the homes 1930s-40s-50s. A great way to connect with the “greatest generation” now so many of them are gone.
Love the podcasts
I started listening in 2017. I am hooked on these podcasts. Even the ones that other people complain about, I find so cool. I get taken back to another time and place. Adam gives great commentary. I sure love the Boise area and almost moved there a few years ago(Caldwell to be exact). I have a good friend that pastors there. Keep up the great work!
Bro. McLaughlin
Jack Webb
OMG. The programs featuring Jack Webb NOT as Joe Friday are terrible.
childish drivel
Skip the monologues
To me, Adam’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. If I’m not at the fast forward button at the end of a show, I get an ear splitting Welcome Baaack.
Reminds me of my old Uncle Sam’s cassette tapes.
I like listening to the old radio mysteries from the 50’s at night while I’m drifting off to sleep. The sound of the old voice actors of yore and sound effects are totally classic.. Crooks with all the ole’ slang and their surprised wives’ exasperations when their husband is busted. Footsteps, knock-knocks, creaky doors... etc. The host guy sounds a little funny, I imagine him being a huge man in small overalls sitting on a tin bucket in a stuffy cigarette-smelling office somewhere in Idaho. But he’s good, he’s daaaamn good. Ok, enoughs enough, let’s get back to the show.
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Best podcast ever
I can’t imagine anyone not giving this podcast five stars! Adam is an excellent host and I enjoy the background information he gives. He does a lot of research. I don’t know how he can do all the podcasts he does seven days a week, write books, and have a life! I have the app, and for years I have been listening in the car and at night, just trying to get caught up! Many thanks Adam , for a job well done! Rick Long Branch, NJ.
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Noble Ohney
Truly Rewarding
As an over the road truck driver Adam gets me through some of the greatest challenges throughout my day! This podcast is rich in both historical facts along with amazing cases of sleuths! 5 Out Of 5 Stars!
Lion Rumble
Love the podcast
Nice hosting and background information! Well done.
If you love detective stories, you’ll love this
I subscribed to this podcast 5 years ago. Adam was shaky at first, which I loved, and he’s grown into a pro. Way to go Adam and thanks for keeping your podcast going for so long.
Johnny Dollar 25
Great show
Great show! Thanks for creating this podcast.
Love this show!
As a delivery driver, I spend a lot of time on the road. This podcast has provided many hours of entertainment and enjoyment for me. Adam’s commentary adds some interesting background to the various shows. I appreciate all his hard work to bring us these wonderful old-time programs!
Great podcast
Absolutely love this podcast. The quality of the old time radio shows is fantastic and the host does a great job of introducing each episode. Keep up the wonderful job and thanks for all of your hard work!
Love the show
I’m really enjoying the show host is wonderful also!! Thanks so much for the great stories and commentary
gators gal
Great content
I enjoy the shows and the commentary from the host.
Great Podcast
Great podcast. The audio files are cleaned up so you can understand it but it’s still stamped with the unmistakable old time radio sound. When I listen to these old time radio shows, I imagine a time back before TV permeated every household and I imagine families huddled around their old time radio with crackly speakers, hushing their children so they can capture every word of their favorite shows. Lucky for us, in this day and age, we can simply download them and play them anytime we want. Thanks to Adam (and Andrew for cleaning up the audio) we can take Old Time Radio where ever we go. This is great entertainment for all ages. Love it. Thanks again.
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Coo coos
Get your mouth of the mic!
This dude needs to pull the microphone away from his mouth while saying “welcome”
Be forewarned racist language (yes of the time but still racist) is in the episodes that are chosen.
Completely awesome
Thanks Adam for the wonderful shows!!! I’m 17 and I wish I was alive back in those day’s where it was on the air. Thanks again for the awesome shows and commentaries.
Favorite Show
Fo Shizle Adam
Great compendium of classic radio detective noir
This is a great daily feed of a variety of detectives from the golden age of radio. The shows are NOT all equal, and I certainly have my preferences. They are run in series, so that you’ll tune in to the full run of a particular program. Listening for years, I actually see evolution of some of the programs. Adam’s commentary is quirky, and sometimes too literal. But it will keep your attention no doubt!
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A thankless endeavor
Thank you for doing this Adam!! Your effort in putting this together allows other 20 somethings like me invaluable access to this gold mine of suspense, mystery, and adventure! Story writing hasn’t been the same since!
Great Listening
Thanks Adam.
Fredy's Grandma
Great Stuff
Thank you Adam, keep it up.
El Gabe-O
Truly enjoy
Have loved OTR forever...rarely is the host a plus to the experience...Adam is the exception
Mr. Zelig
Rocky Jordan. The white beetle
Hello Adam. Love your podcast. Have a question regarding the episode of rocky Jordan- the white beetle. The actor who plays me bannister has a very distinct voice. It sure sounds like the voice of the haunted mansion at Disneyland. Any chance it is? Thank you for a great podcast. All the best.
Cupcake sean
OTR fan
Keep it going
My favorite podcast!
Thank you, Adam, for your wonderful podcast. I’ve been listening for several years and also have your App. My husband first found you on internet radio and as southerners with distinctive accents, we find yours quite charming. Thanks for bringing us these great radio shows. Janet W.
Jeff Ragen
The show that featured Jeff Ragen was not nearly as good as Joe Friday. Please keep Joe Friday on still.
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Love it!
Been listening for years! Love Johnny Dollar!!
Johnny Dollar
I thought you were going to repeat ALL Johnny Dollar episodes, beginning with number 1. Where are they? How often are you going to post? Every day would be great. Twie/week, maybe?
Great stories but....
Very disappointed that Bill Cosby doesn’t talk enough in the podcast
Great Podcast!!!!
I really enjoy this podcast. Thanks for introducing me to the world of old time radio detectives. Adam you are the man!!!
I am glad that Adam takes the time to bring us these radio shows. He puts in a lot of work and does a lot of research before he puts out these.
Im 30 yo and this is great!
Favorite Podcast
I love classic radio detective shows and Adam has an extensive supply and provides excellent insight. I look forward to each new podcast. Thank you Adam!!
What a great podcast. Definitely a favorite.
Best podcast on the internet. I listen to the Great Detectives every night at work. I love the variety, although Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is my favorite. Thank you for doing what you do Adam, outstanding job!
Still great
I wrote my first review for this podcast 9 years ago! Adam is still at it and I'm still listening. Super job!
5 Stars
I absolutely love this! I recently discovered Adam’s podcasts a few weeks ago. Keep it up!
Nico say nano
Great episodes
I have to give this three stars because I like the actual episodes, but Adam’s voice makes my flesh crawl. I usually just try to fast forward past anything he’s saying, but I inevitably forget while listening to the shows themselves and get a nasty jolt when he starts speaking afterward. If you can get past his input (literally go past it), there are at least good OTR episodes.
Found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been hooked! I work in a body shop and this is a great way to block the noise and get some entertainment at the same time! Keep up the good work
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