OT Potential Podcast | Occupational Therapy CEUs
OT Potential Podcast | Occupational Therapy CEUs
Sarah Lyon, OTR/L
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This podcast is for occupational therapy practitioners and students looking to keep up with evidence based practice. Each month, we discuss one influential OT-related journal article which will be available for CEU credit when you join the OT Potential Club.
COVID-19 and OT: Evidence and Practical Takeaways (CE Course)
So much about the COVID-19 era feels unpredictable and beyond our control. But, the research analysis covered in this course will open your eyes to some ways where we can be extremely helpful. Not only can you use your occupational therapy skills to...
Nov 28, 2020
1 hr
Postconcussion Syndrome and OT: Evidence and Practical Takeaways (CE Course)
In this 1-hour course, occupational therapy practitioners will gain an introductory understanding of a hot topic (and controversial diagnosis): postconcussion syndrome.On one hand, postconcussion syndrome has a well-described pattern of symptoms. But,...
Oct 25, 2020
1 hr 2 min
OT, eHealth, and Participatory Medicine: Research and practical takeaways (CE Course)
In this 1-hour course, occupational therapy practitioners will learn about the concepts of eHealth and participatory medicine—and, how they are shaping the future of our profession.Both eHealth and participatory medicine will give you a new lens to...
Sep 27, 2020
58 min
Self-Management for Stroke: Evidence and Practical Takeaways (CE Course)
In this 1-hour course, occupational therapy practitioners will learn about promising research regarding stroke rehab—specifically, interventions that are geared toward self-management.The good news is that much of the research backs what we are already...
Aug 28, 2020
1 hr 4 min
OT Reduces Hospital Readmissions! (And, in a Cost-Effective Way!)
My first thought after I read this article was that I need to share it with our hospital’s CEO. This is exactly the kind of article that I want our administrators and leaders to be reading. My second thought was that every OT needs a copy of this...
May 24, 2020
14 min
OT and Shifting Values
We OTs are navigating an ever-changing maze of legislation, reimbursement, and care-delivery models.But, this week’s article calls us to focus on our profession’s most important relationship of all: our relationship with our clients.Get ready to really...
Apr 19, 2020
13 min
OT, Sensory Differences, and Psychosis
During this time of COVID-19, we OTs are doing what we do best: being adaptable. In this case, a global pandemic has us reimagining what our therapy can look like. It is our hope that the OT Potential Club can help you do that in a proactive way. Over...
Apr 12, 2020
11 min
In-Clinic Versus Telehealth OT for Adults After Stroke
Therapists across the globe are advocating that telehealth delivery be covered by our licenses (and reimbursed by insurers). Now, more than ever, I think it’s important to examine the research that backs up these efforts.The reality is that even before...
Apr 5, 2020
12 min
OT and Coaching via Telehealth
One of the general trends we’ve been following on the podcast is the potential of using coaching strategies in occupational therapy. And, as therapists around the globe are dialing into teletherapy, this research trend merits some consideration. After...
Mar 29, 2020
10 min
OT and Telehealth Research
The world has changed drastically in a week’s time—and we are being asked to change with it.I know this has meant long, exhausting days. And, that we have been left scrambling trying to figure out what a “new normal” will look like in the weeks...
Mar 22, 2020
14 min
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