Ortho Eval Pal: Optimizing Orthopedic Evaluations and Management Skills
Ortho Eval Pal: Optimizing Orthopedic Evaluations and Management Skills
Paul Marquis P.T. Helping you feel confident with your orthopedic evaluation and management skills
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Perfect resource
I’m an athletic training student and this podcast is awesome to brush up on past topics, discover something new, and stay up to date on research. Also his YouTube videos are a life saver. Thanks Paul!
Great for a PA going into ortho
I just started listening to the podcastsTwo weeks ago in preparation for an ortho job that I have excepted and I’m starting in September. The examination techniques and pearls offered here are fantastic and things that I plan to carry into my practice. I like that they are short into the point and with not a lot of fluff because I’m still limited on time and I appreciate how he uses his time in the podcast. Great job. I’m 43 episodes in and plan on finishing.
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So helpful
As a new grad, this is fantastic to get the input of an experienced clinician and how the “by the book” information applies or doesn’t apply to patients in a practical setting. Helps speed up the learning curve for sure! Thanks paul!
Efficient Information
Love how focused and direct each podcast is. Paul does a great job at facilitating an thoroughly informative and thought provoking listening experience. If you have interests in ortho or a need to beef up your ortho knowledge, this is a great podcast. Variety of topics and guests, very well put together! Top notch, Paul! Keep it up!
Paul is a great teacher! He really fills in the gaps with clincal pearls that you cannot get out of a textbook. This is a great podcast.
NP in NH
Very detailed and helpful
Wanted to hear some more info about injuries and ortho evaluations and found this podcast can’t wait to go through all the episodes
So helpful!
Paul's Podcasts are super helpful in learning pearls of his wisdom with evaluating orthopedic conditions. I highly recommend subscribing to Ortho Eval Pal Podcasts!
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