Origins with James Andrew Miller
Origins with James Andrew Miller
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Loved almost famous podcast.
Always loved the movie but I rewatched it last night with new appreciation because of the mindfulness of every element. I had forgotten how each scene did not feel like a set piece but rather an organic step forward from the scene before.
Big Vic 1969
Once a great podcast
The new season about HBO is horrible this show used to be amazing I hope the next season is as good as the previous seasons
Trg lover
Great subject and podcast but…
James Andrew Miller is a treasure as an author and source, especially when he’s interviewed in other pcasts like Jimmy Traina’s on sports media. The HBO planet is fascinating but unf it’s obvious he’s re-recording his questions then added back-in robotically. So, like the Curb pcast before, it suffers from hosting snd editing issues (although here thankfully there’s attribution). Bottom line: given his enviable “inside angles” and journalistic brillance, and for those who are interested in the guts and history of HBO, the content is worth the time for sure.
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Almost Famous
Absolutely incredible & so moving. I adored every minute of the Almost Famous season.
Wrong episode in Curb Season episode 1
When played, The Curb season episode 1 plays the Almost Famous episode 1.
Really enjoying the Sex and the City series. Found your podcast while listening to Saving Sex and the City 3 podcast with Lara, whose guests said this is a must-listen. Thanks very much! I love the inside scoop.
Balance hosts and guest sound
The host for almost famous and SNL is whispering and mumbling while the guests are enunciating and speaking as if they want people to understand them. It makes for a an unpleasant listening experience
Almost Famous!
Almost Famous is one of my all time favorite movies and your deep dive into its 20 year anniversary was perfect. I had to pace myself listening to each episode as I didn’t want it to end. Looking forward to listening to the last seasons now...thank you!
Almost Perfect
If the interviewer didn’t whisper all his questions this would be a perfect show.
tim hillesheim
“Wanna Come?”
The movie “Almost Famous” is so special and dear to my soul... Jim Miller has curated such an endearing and heartfelt journey with this podcast, enabling the listener to truly connect even more deeply with the film. It is an absolutely Joy listening to every one of the artists, Jim was able to engage, who were involved with making & bringing this masterpiece of film to life 20 years ago... And as miss Penny Lane once asked a young William Miller in the film, this podcast also asks you... Wanna Come?
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Almost Famous
Wow - loved hearing the cast. Great series about one of my favorite movies. Thank you, Jim, for resurfacing the magic.
An AF Fanatic
Almost Famous series was FUN!
Its my favorite movie and I watch it often. loved hearing the whole cast speak on it 20 years after!! thoroughly enjoyed your style of question and answer. and I appreciate your appreciation for the film! thanks it was lovely I’ve been sharing the link to your podcast with my friends but I don’t know anybody that loves that movie as much as I do. it was a nice , if small distraction in the middle of “our house” burning down and the collapse of democracy. 🙋🏼‍♀️💔
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Terrific Podcast
I have listened to the entire Origins Series and have never been disappointed. In that spirit, as soon as I saw that Almost Famous was the subject of the most recent series I was delighted, as this is easily my favorite movie of the last 30 years. I never tire of dropping in and out of it. The music, the actors, the smart dialogue and just the amazing vibe. I was born in 1960 and this movie really captures the ethos of the time, without being overly sentimental. This series focused on everything I hoped it would and wasted no time on shallow platitudes and placating all of those involved. Just wonderful. Ernest Ripepi Richmond MA
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ernesto the jewtalian
Somewhat famous
Credit James Andrew miller’s superb journalism as well as his passion for the subject matter. He does this as Cameron Crowe would do a podcast series.
Almost Famous season is awesome
I’ve never listened to this podcast before the “Almost Famous Turns 20” season. I LOVED how each episode was broken down into different parts of where the movie was in the creative & production process. Loved how everyone in the film was interviewed. So so so enjoyable.
A great podcast!
I discovered this podcast because of Almost Famous, but listened to the other seasons and they were just as great.
Ab Fab
Brilliant pod casts. Loved the one about ESPN and now Almost Famous is great.
Best Origins Yet
After episode 2 last week, I had to stream Almost Famous and watch it yet again. Thank you Mr. Miller for a great collaborative effort with Cameron Crowe and cast. A riveting listen.
SLO via A2
Season 6 his best yet. So good.
I liked the podcast better than the movie!
Moose Master P
Almost Famous
As a 14 year old who really likes classic rock, Almost Famous is my favorite movie of all time and I loved listening to the podcast
Almost Famous...worth a listen!
I loved the movie but was curious how a movie could be discussed over 5 episodes. The host was excellent and the episodes flew by. I loved hearing all the stories, the actors’ perspectives and the behind the scenes look listeners got. Really terrific.
A must-listen for any Almost Famous fan. Origins tells the stories from behind the scenes and features the movie’s stars themselves. Jim’s ability to chronicle the creation and legacy of this film (among many other things) is unmatched. Listened to all 5 episodes in one sitting!
A delight!
Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies. I’ve watched the directors cut with with the commentary multiple times and was afraid this would be a repeat. Too my delight it has almost been completely new for information and a joy to listen to. Thanks for celebrating 20 years of Almost Famous!
Technical problems?
Does anyone else feel like the speed of the podcast is too fast? From a mixing perspective? That he specifically sounds like he’s talking really quickly.
Almost Famous!!!!
Big, soulful sigh. One of my most favorite films. Its a movie that makes me feel things I cannot put in words. Thank you for doing this.
One of my favorite shows in my 20’s, 30’s and now 40’s...whenever E plays the series I watch it over again even with the commercials...Just listened to the podcast and it made me “fall” for the series all over again...I’m a “Charlotte💕😉!”
If you are a SITC fan
If you are a SITC fan do not miss this podcast. I’m a fan of TV as a 51 year old woman -so interesting. We don’t get Sex and the City 3 but this gives us some closure. I love love love this podcast!
Hasnt Been Updated Since fall 2018. Love the Deep Dives, Hate the Too Frequent Ads
From season long deep dives on one subject, from ESPN to Saturday Night Live, this is a great podcast. Entertaining, informed and well edited. But the ads breaks are too long...and when the host tried to make it (the ads) part of he show - like a native ad, they sound disingenuous.
bring curb interviews back please!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hue b
Each podcast is enlightening , informative, and always entertaining. James Miller is a remarkable interviewer who always asks the questions I want answered. I look forward to many more episodes!
Southern 18
Loved it!
Thanks for this deep dive into Sex and the City. I moved to Berlin, Germany in 2006 all alone. Watching Sex & the City got me through the loneliness of the start of my life in Europe. It’s a show you can watch again and again.
DETEST Michael Wilbon
I love Jim Miller (would’ve given 5 stars all day if it wasn’t for Wilbon) but I can’t stand Michael Wilbon!! He is a has-been, a disgraceful and very unappealing bully who is jealous and threatened by the next generation of talented journalists (Mina Kimes, Golic Jr, The Lebatard crew, Field Yates, Dominique Foxworth, Pablo Torre, Bomani Jones, Louis Riddick, Ryan Clark, Maria Taylor and Laura Rutledge) who are rightfully pushing his sorry ungrateful butt out the door!!!! He is a creep and a hater and he needs to go! It’s time to TAKE OUT THE TRASH with Wilbon IN IT!!!! He’s so conceited and self serving. He’s a terrible example of a former leader. I feel bad for any of the younger journalists that are watching him. He needs to go!!!!
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Informative but not many quality episodes
I enjoy the actual seasons of Origins but after the initial week or two of episodes everything is just a recycled “bonus episode.” I have a hard time recommending the podcast because I feel like I have to tell everyone “you’re gonna love the seasons but then have tons of episodes that will just be a waste of time and you’ll have to delete. “
Jason footd
I wanted more after the episodes were done! What a great insight into the show... I hope a Friends or a Sopranos one is next!
Awful 🙄
A great look into the things you love
If you’re a sex and the city fan you will love all the behind the scene details told by the stars themselves!
Started out nice but it seems that he just let's the guest go on rants. Maybe that's your thing, not mine.
Steve Key
Highs and Lows
What an amazing set of stories Jim Miller chose for this series. The ESPN, Saban, Curb, and original SNL work was terrific. Unfortunately, he also offers the irrelevant Bikram Yoga scenario along with the latest SNL episodes. Clunkers. Is he running out of highly resonating topics for the series? Let’s hope he finds his way back to more interesting subjects. One of the standout features of this series is the posting of the full interview content to support the summarized version. Great idea.
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Just keep the show episodes do away with the full interview episodes
I skipped the Curb series because I never watched it. I listened to the ESPN and Nick Saban episodes. The episodes were good but the full interview episodes are just nauseating, especially the Saban ones. Also they are clipped out and put in the show episodes. Do people really want to hear the same thing? I am on the fence with this podcast going forward. The next series will be the decider if I stay with this or unsubscribe.
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Jim Chaney
Stop worshipping Saban
For the love of my sanity, please stop with the Bama worship. Do you really need to ruin this podcast with episode after episode dedicated to them? It’s sickening. This was a good podcast that I now have to avoid, because the last 11 episodes are about bammer. Please. Stop.
Fatigued Listener
30 for 30 lite
Started out promising with Curb and ESPN was ok, but it has just become a 30for30 wannabe... I tried to hang in there, but I can’t any longer.
This has been a wonderful podcast for me. I am from New York and could care less about Alabama football. But, the lessons learned from their coaches and "the process" has helped me in my every day life as a husband, father and physician. This is a credit to Mr. Miller and the excellent manner in which he conveyed these valuable lessons. I look forward to more wonderful podcasts from Mr. Miller. Thank you
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Russell from New York
Great storytelling, terrible music
Love these stories and the reporting. The music. is. terrible. Just tacky and Cheesy as could be. Really undermines the tone and good thinking that goes into these pieces. Horrible.
Well done
These are excellent!
Toooooooo many ads
Great content, but the frequency of ads makes it hard to get into a groove.
A little too much pr puff
The Espn series was good and really insightful. The curb episodes were good but didn’t really break any new ground. The first Saban episode, sadly, was little more than a paid Alabama commercial. Only reason I listened was to find out something new about nick Saban, not that “he works his players hard” and “he’s always planning”. Zzzzzzzz...
I’m Hooked
Great podcast. Found out about it when Jim was on the Tony Kornheiser podcast. I binged listened to season one on Curb which was fantastic and season two is the same. Nice work Jim!
love it
Great concept to bring his book style to a podcast...I LOVE the ESPN one.
ESPN podcasts are amazing
As a sports fan, can’t recommend the S2 content on espn highly enough. It’s really outstanding work.
Good tips for any workplace
I haven’t connected personally with every topic, but I’ve learned from every podcast that I stuck with. We spend more hours awake at work than at home, so why not do it better?
Great deep dives
I have really enjoyed the first two seasons of this. Only criticism is the ESPN episodes feel long. But great quality journalism and entertainment.
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