Organic Chemistry Help Podcast by
Organic Chemistry Help Podcast by
Michael Pa
Each video organic chemistry session takes one topic and shows you the professor's tricks, a practice problem, virtual whiteboard, and a helpful website. Designed for organic chemistry students of all levels. More can be found at
How to pass organic chemistry (or even get an A): Professor survey results
We surveyed a bunch of organic chemistry professors on how to pass organic chemistry, or even get an A....they told us the best ways to study, the ways to avoid and gave some helpful hints.  We go over it all here. Want to get your free gifts?  Go to
Sep 26, 2016
19 min
Free Organic Chemistry Course: Episode 1-14 How to Ace Organic Chemistry Mechanisms with EASE
In this episode, we introduce the EASE method, a system for determining the mechanism or prodcut of almost any organic chemistry reaction.  What we show you here is an abreviated version of the method.  To get the entire two hour course for free, just go to   The EASE method has four steps: 1) E is for Electrophile/Nucleophile: label all of your nucleophiles and electrophiles.  2) A is for Acid/Base: Find the acids and bases, label them, and move the proton if it is a strong acid. 3) S is for Sterics: Is there steric hinderance?  If so, label it and decide if it influences the reaction. 4) E is for Electron Flow:  Once all of the players are labeled, move the electrons from nucleophile to electrophile.     We show you how to impliment the method, who the players are and we go through some practice problems.  It is a great tool for all organic chemistry students.  Give it a try.
Nov 6, 2014
25 min
Organic Chemistry Help Episode 1-13: Alpha Alkylations
In this episode, we look at reactions that you can use if you need to alkylate a carbon atom which is alpha to a carbonyl.  We talk about beta-di-ketone alkylation, enamines, and tautomers.  Also, our first sponsor is Learn More, Study Less Videos.  We have a link to their stuff at
Feb 12, 2013
15 min
Grignard Organometallics: Organic Chemistry Help Episode 1-12
In theis episode we go pretty in-depth into the Grignard reagent.  A little lecture followed by five examples on the virtual whiteboard.  In our site of the week, we proudly/arrogently talk about the new class notes bank that we created for organic chemistry students.  It has over 70 sets of class notes from around the US and allows you to vote on the ones you like.  Found at organic chemistry tutorials, we think it is pretty helpful.  For more organic chemistry help, please see our main site.
Jan 27, 2013
12 min
1H NMR: Episode 1-11 of Organic Chemistry Help
In this episode, we review proton NMR and take a trip to a Japanese wesite with lots of spectral data.
Jan 15, 2013
21 min
EAS Tricks: Episode 1-10 of organic chemistry help
In this episode, we go to the virtual whiteboard to discuss the resonance reasons behind o,p and meta selectivity in EAS.  Then, we start the presentation and see three different tricks that your professor might try to pull on your final exam and how to get around them.  Finally, we get to a pretty fun website that melds comic books and the periodic table.  As always, you can find more resources to help you at
Dec 8, 2012
12 min
SN1 reactions: Episode 1-9 of organic chemistry help
In this episode, we examine the SN1 reaction from a couple of different points of view.  We also go to the virtual whiteboard to clear up a misconception on the reaction and discover a website with some fun chemistry stuff like organic chemistry tetris.  As always, you can find more help at organic chemistry.  
Dec 3, 2012
13 min
SN2 Reaction: Episode 1-8 of Organic Chemistry Help
In this episode, we examine the SN2 reaction.  We examine what makes a good substrate, look at some problems on the virtual whiteboard, and hear about a website that has organic chemistry mechanisms.  
Nov 25, 2012
16 min
Epoxides: Episode 1-7 of organic chemistry help
In this episode we talk epoxides.  We show why some epoxides react differently under different conditions, go to the virtual whiteboard for some practice problems and learn about, a great site for organic chemistry mechanisms.  As always, more organic chemistry help can be found on the web by visiting our homepage.  It has testbanks, videos, flashcards, and other helpful items to get you through the course.  
Nov 18, 2012
12 min
E-Z Alkene Nomenclature: Episode 1-6 of Organic Chemistry Help
In today's episode we talk EZ alkene nomenclature.  We take it a step further by going into special cases that might look like "a tie", go to the virtual whiteboard to see another example, and find a website from Columbia University that is pretty helpful.  More can be found at organic chemistry.  
Nov 11, 2012
15 min
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