Ordinary Girl
Ordinary Girl
Courtney Raine and Kaley Shannon
Welcome to Ordinary Girl, a weekly podcast hosted by two, ordinary roommates trying to survive in LA. Courtney Raine is a digital creator with a following of over 150,000. Kaley Shannon is a fun spirited, life enthusiast with many more stories, yet to be told. Each week they welcome listeners into their daily life in hopes to encourage and bring joy to whoever is listening. The stories only get crazier from here... so buckle up! New episodes every Friday.
THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET SPOOKY!!! Welcome to PART 2 of the girls' paranormal series. In today's episode, Kaley and Courtney investigate their families encounters with the dead...  NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!
Oct 16
29 min
HAPPY OCTOBER!! This episode is part 1/3 of the girl's PARANORMAL series... things are about to get interesting!!
Oct 9
25 min
73 Questions with Courtney
Last week, you got to hear 73 questions with Kaley. This week, It's Courtney's turn! If you have any more BURNING questions, feel free to DM the girls at @OrdinaryGirlPodcast on Instagram. NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! 
Oct 2
16 min
73 Questions with Kaley
We put Kaley in the HOT SEAT to ask her Vogue's 73 questions. Kaley talks about her successful nonprofit, biggest regrets, where she was during 9/11, AND MORE! New episodes every Friday!
Sep 25
21 min
This is the story about how Kaley was PRANKED on DISNEY CHANNEL for the nation to see. NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!
Sep 18
22 min
Apparently, Kaley is allergic to cats HAHA!
Sooo.... last week, the girls found out Kaley is allergic to cats. Buckle up. Get ready. This may be the most serious, yet hilarious story you will hear today! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! 
Sep 12
22 min
I got fired *storytime*
Kaley shares her insane story about how she got fired from her job!!! Find out how in today's episode! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!
Aug 28
29 min
Courtney dives into her health journey and how eating right has incredibly changed her outlook on life. NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!
Aug 21
22 min
Struggling to love my body... (body positivity, best gym EVER?)
The girls talk about their struggles with loving their bodies as it is. Kaley tells you about the BEST GYM IN THE WORLD.... well, you can be the judge of that! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!
Aug 14
22 min
Finding Courtney's soulmate (dating apps & The Bachelor)
Kaley tries to find Courtney's soulmate through a celebrity dating app. Courtney goes into great detail into what she is looking for in a future spouse and shares her experience applying to the hit show, "The Bachelor."  NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! 
Aug 7
23 min
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