Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development & Minimalism
Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development & Minimalism
Justin Malik
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I read you the best content on personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily as an audioblog or blogcast where the best blogs are narrated for you for free. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/optimal-living-daily/support
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This is great!
I’m enjoying this podcast. Short. To the point. Full of a variety of wisdom. Thank you!
Best way to start the morning!
I’m so glad I found this podcast! I had been looking for a while for a podcast with short-ish episodes (less than 10 min, but longer than 1 or 2) that featured inspirational thoughts to help get me going, first thing in the morning. I had tried out a few others that were way too much like traditional radio shows—the over-enthusiasm of the hosts’ voices grated on my nerves—and were so chock full of ads that there was barely any time left for actual content (I listened to 5 full minutes of solid ads on one, without ever getting to the content, before giving up). Then I did a google search for best morning motivational podcasts and Optimal Living Daily came up in a few lists so I decided to give it a try. Now, it is the first thing I put on after getting out of bed—I listen to it while doing my morning stretching/yoga and getting ready for the day. Justin’s voice is so soothing and easy to listen to! There are some ads, of course (no problem there, he deserves to be paid for his work), but he manages to insert them so tastefully into the podcast and in a way that actually piques your interest that you barely notice them. They are definitely not irritating and I might even look into some of the products. The blogs Justin chooses to read are generally in the self help/motivation/psychology genre which is perfect for helping me get into a positive and productive mindset. I also like that the titles are brief descriptions of the content so I can quickly scroll through and find something that fits my current needs. This podcast is awesome! Keep it up!!
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Essential Morning Routine
This podcast is perfect for getting a quick dose of healthy, mindful, and inspiring advice every day! It’s become a part of my morning routine to listen in every morning and every time I feel happier and lighter after having listened. It brings a new perspective and allows to to try and see your day from a new angle.
An amazing every day podcast!
I love this podcast! I love it every day and how quick I can get an easy dose.
Short & sweet tips
I’ve been listening since this podcast began, & I don’t intend to stop. Usually quite useful tips are delivered daily.
Shel Lynn
Great Advise
Your podcast is a well spring of inspiring and empowering content. Happy Birthday to Your Mother
Love this!
Short, sweet, and to the point.
1688 - Great episode
Thank you for such a great message! The only way to happiness is to stop pursuing it.
Improve your finances
Great podcast. Timely. informative. practical and educational
Improve your life
This is a great podcast for quick tips, advice and resources for improving your life. Short, digestible articles are read each day of the week, take what you want from it and leave the rest! Always improving and looking for better opportunities!
Investing Money in 5 easy steps
A wonderful reference list of things you need to do for personal finance.
Good show, good content but...
Good show, good content but it seems they keep pushing Spotify. I do not like Spotify, I am an Apple guy.
Need this now more than ever
Crazy Covid-19 times so this short and to-the-point podcast is needed more than ever. Listen daily while brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, or searching for that all-elusive roll of toilet paper. I promise, this podcast will keep you grounded in insane times. And just imagine how beneficial in the future, when we get back to regular life.
Annie Dee Bee
Wonderful Content
Great podcast with so much valuable content from wonderful authors... And the quality is great! I've listened to all the episodes--I also love that they can be consumed quickly--right to the point. Excellent! Learning every day about inspirational living, motivations...feel awesome after listening to OLD podcast! Absolutely amazing!!!!!
Love this podcast!
I look forward to listening to this every single morning. It always makes me feel inspired, motivated, and happy. No matter what the topic, I always walk away with something. Thank you!
Great advice
Perfect way to learn, and get some exercise while walking my dog daily!
chicago Ken
Calming and informative
Justin’s voice is soothing and every episode has some great information, great blog posts that I honestly wouldn’t have time to read, however listening has turned me on to some wonderful writers and blogs.
Loved episode 1538
Really enjoyed the “How to analyze your dreams...... more please!
lyz H
Great advice daily in small chunks
I love this podcast because it gathers the best of self improvement podcasts out there in one spot and delivers them to you in 8 minutes or less. I have been listening for several months. Yes, it is the same guy reading them. The whole point is that he gathers these together, gets the original podcast owner’s permission, and reads them to you. It makes my life easier. The advice is great and I actually follow it. I find it life enhancing info that I don’t have to spend all day looking for... because it’s all right here. Plus, the podcast is short which is great when you are super busy.
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Big Antler 1968
Blue prints for a fulfilling life
If you are looking for tips on how to adult or no one ever taught you “Adulting” than this podcast is for you. I am always searching for organization tips and just ways to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. The episodes are short and sweet and consistently put out. Very easy to listen to and I look forward to them every day! Keep it up
Sarah Marie Maki
This is a Podcast?
I mean all he's doing is reading blog posts from other people? I tried it out today & I don't get it. This must be a boring gig.
Thank you
I love the daily episodes! There is something that I can relate to in every single episode! Keep up the great work!
You need to listen
I’ve gotten so much out of this podcast I don’t know where to begin. Every day I learn something new to implement into my own life.
Highly recommend
Definitely one of the best on it’s category I’ve been listening for a while and I just can’t stop. I admire Justin for all the effort he put in to do this.
Making Space
I could only give 3 stars because I got cut off in the middle of the podcast. I tried 3x but every time , midway, it stopped and it shut down my phone. Anyone else experience this. I also tried 2 other podcasts and same thing happened. Do they want money to hear entire podcast?
must listen
Seriously one of my favorite podcasts - quick yet super insightful and always enjoyable to listen to! Love finding new writers and blogs!
This podcast makes my day!!
The best!!!!
Your daily motivation is right here. Well done!!!!!
Caroline Dee
Useful varied content
Life has improved
Life has improved drastically thanks to this podcast.
I wish I could give it more stars
Whether it’s one episode on the way to work, or binging whenever, this podcast is wonderful. A true gem.
Blocking words
I’m shocked that some perfectly normal words like “sex” get blocked! What’s the use of that? Other than that, I like the voice and content.
Perfect way to start my day
I’ve been listening to OLD for a couple of years now and I find it’s an easy way to start off my day with positivity. Since the authors are different each day, I’m introduced to so many perspectives. Sometimes they really strike a chord with me and set me on a new path to my optimal life. Many episodes have led to me reading a new great book. “We are what we read.” Highly recommend. Short and sweet introductions to new ideas.
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Great messages
Love the work, keep it up
Touchstone for me
Thank you Justin! You have no idea what comforting part of my routine and grounding device in my days you have become. I like to listen to this while I am driving to work in the morning-starts the day off on a positive note. Keep up the great work!
Fan of Hillary
Amazing Podcast
Great daily motivations, tips and tools to live an optimal life :)
Not for me
Too short, feels rushed through, and the message can be very pretentious at times. No need to make fun of how others live because it’s not ideal. Wish it was less preachy and more open, thoughtful, etc. Not impressed and honestly don’t recommend solely because it seems like this podcast shuns certain lifestyles
Such great stuff
Justin my daughter turned me on to your podcast 2 years ago now.. I listen all the time and love your work. Thanks so much
Slow down a bit?
Great messages, but the pace of your speaking doesn’t allow for the words to sink in. Just my personal preference maybe.
That Guy With Opinions
7 min to improve your life
I’m fortunate enough to only have a 10 minute commute to work. This podcast is the perfect length to fill that time. I listen daily on my way to work. It really focuses on personal development and expressing gratitude. It’s helped me see the world from other people’s perspectives. Highly recommended!!
Part of my daily routine
I love this podcast and listen to it daily. Justin really does make the best selections of what to share on this podcast. Every single episode doesn’t apply to me of course, but I still gain something insightful from each one. I’m 37 living in Texas, my brother is 33 stationed with the military in Bahrain, and my parents are 61 living in Florida, and we all are loyal listeners!
intelligent & thought-provoking
justin vets through tons of blogs, books, articles etc that are of dubious value, then selects and reads high-quality pieces. as well, his narrative skills are top-notch.
Thank you for locating and reading these articles. They are helpful, educational and inspiring for finding ways to get past depression.
Good, but.....
Content is great, but the narration is irritating. He slurs his words. I would still recommend this podcast, but I wish the narrator would take some diction lessons.
I’ve tried for years to “get into” the podcast thing and I just couldn’t swing it. Regardless of my interest in whichever topic I tried, I found that I just didn’t like the format: too long, too much talking, too much of a time commitment needed. OLD is the antithesis of that. It is absolutely perfect for me. Clear, concise, helpful, effective, enjoyable. Just brilliant. I highly recommend this (and the other podcasts in the cannon) to anyone looking to practice living their optimal life.
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The author of this podcast is brilliant! He chooses great material! If you are just starting you are in for a treat if you love self help, purpose, goals, and dreams.
This is the right podcast anyone should pop on for at least once a day. I want to thank the reader of this podcast as he does a AMAZING job narrating each blog post to sound more appealing to our ears. Thanks for the help and support YOU ROCK!
Best podcast ever!
I listen to this on my hour commute home and definitely makes the time fly by. Thank you so much for all the good vibes!
Lessons learned daily!
I’m new to this podcast and I love it! I learn something new daily... I cannot miss an episode. I’m not one to share or post but Episode 1347 just got me! I’ve shared it with everyone in my circle especially the pessimists and it’s made me look at this more positively! My new mantra “maybe yes... maybe no!”
I love this podcast. Great content, a variety of topics covered, and Justin's voice is nice--not annoying at all. The episodes are website posts, so whenever i really like one, i'll go to the source site and have even more great information at my fingertips, which i love!
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