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Always learning!
I have been watching Oprah for a long time when I was young and when I got older I didn’t continue because life got in the way but now that I’m older and have the ability to listen to Oprah on the Podcast, I have grown so Spiritually so Much through the guess that you have had through the years I’ve missed your show and for the other platforms you offer. Thank you for saying Yes to teaching us!!
Thank you!
Last year 2021 I consciously started to wake up and began my personal work. On my search for a motivational speaker I came across to Oprah’s Super Soul podcasts… needles to say that as of today I am forever thankful and grateful I found it. My mom is a Spanish and Literature profesor of a University in Matanzas Cuba, she was also my teacher and loves to read books that love for books was never in me, until I heard the podcast with Johan about his book Stolen Focus and that’s when I had my aha moment and my desire to read books started. Súper Soul podcasts are not only inspirational and motivated, they are the tool for those of us waking up… so THANK YOU Oprah for your amazing and inspiring work you do… please don’t ever stop teaching us.
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Maikel Wong
Horrible ads
These are great conversations with the most obnoxious ads. There's no transition from the thoughtful content to the loud, intrusive ads. I doubt Oprah would listen to a poorly produced podcast that does that.
Absolutely love Oprah and her wisdom.
I look forward to each and every Super Soul podcast. They touch me, they educate me and inspire me to be a better human. I always want to share them with everyone I know and love! Do yourself a favor and make it a gift to yourself.
life school student
Oprah thank you for this podcast!! I myself have a Podcast called H.O.P.E Helping Other People Evolve. I learn a lot on how to interview people from you!! Thank you Tammy Lyn Connors
Four Agreements
Oprah! Did you even read the book!!??? I wanted most to listen about being impeccable with your words and you missed the whole point. It’s not about what you tell yourself you’re going to do! It’s about not speaking poison. Obviously you just read the title and arrogantly decided you knew what it was about without reading it. Even when he told you it’s so much more than what you were saying, you didn’t let him talk. You moved on. Maybe instead of talking about yourself so much, let your guests talk and explain what they wrote about!!!
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Oprah is inspiring
I remember Oprah in my living room when I was just a young girl. I was always inspired by her insight. Although I didn’t know at the time what’s he was expressing was insight, I know that now. Some of Oprah’s responses to her guest on her talk showed have stayed with me for many years and helped mold some of my own foundation. Listening to Super Soul as an adult is so fulfilling and nostalgic. I bring her words of wisdom into my personal life and my work life. I work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and listening to Oprah is a form of my own self care and helps prevent work burnout. Those reading this review to chose whether to listen or not, do yourselves a kindness and take the time to nourish your soul and mind and listen to Super Soul!
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Mama gallo
The Oprah Effect is still STRONG!
I have enjoyed her conversation style since forever! It’s always a pleasure to listen to and learn from her conversations.
Studio Tolan
Love you
and how you bring all these beautiful people not on the mainstream radar and share the stories of strength, beauty and overcoming such difficult lives. In the stories each of the people blossom, they just come alive. Thank you big “O” Oprah. You are so loved…!
Old recycled content
All of her podcasts now are old recycled content from previous podcasts or live shows. Please release some new material.
Mostly great
I really enjoy the variety of guests and topics but Oprah interrupts and speaks over her guests so much that it makes me uncomfortable.
The worst episode ever-Carolyn Myss.
The Carolyn Myss episode was a miss (pardon the pun). What an awful speaker. Her way of talking, her enunciation, her “Fire” nonsense made me want to burn my ears. She made little sense and sounded like some schizoid persona having a psychotic break. I love Oprah and I love super soul but please don’t assault us with ridiculous idiots like this guest.
Life changing
I am just getting started following podcast and I had to start at the beginning. It will take me awhile to catch up but I am grateful for the journey. I have been a Oprah fan from the beginning of she show. I am grateful for this time with Oprah and all of her guests. Thank you for all you do!!
Lody Lo
Thank you
The podcast with Bishop Jakes on Transformation set my soul on fire with inspiration and excitement. Thank you Oprah and Bishop Jakes for Being such powerful teachers. I’m so grateful for all that you share, as it is life changing in the best and highest way 💜
T Wilson 713
Sue me...
Oh how I’ve missed Oprah
I didn’t watch Oprah a lot when I was younger. I just wasn’t a TV watcher at that time, BUT her warmness and ability to focus on and lead people to connect to one another regardless of various life differences was a movement that was felt in air and life in general through others when I was younger. Her podcasts feed a place in me that has been starving for some time because of the pervasiveness divisiveness that is reinforced in politics or other areas nowadays. Oprah, thank you for bypassing that in order to again focus on individual people with stories that inspire (and for giving the message that all lives are equally phenomenal stories that others can learn from) and for mentoring how we should respond to people in order to make it about the brilliant uniqueness (yet sameness because we are all connected and foundationally similar people) of all people. In short, Oprah connects diverse hearts and souls, which is always critical but is absolutely essential at this time.
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I mean I love the guests but come on!! I’m listening to something deep and I’m jarred out of the message by useless sponsors.
Awful commercials, good content
I mean it’s Oprah. Do the commercials have to be so invasive and awful.
Glennon Doyle on Super Soul
This is usually a great podcast but this episode was really off. Glennon Doyle pass on this one.
Love the show
Inspirational 💕
Shelia C.
Jarring commercials
I love Oprah and super soul, but I can’t listen to this podcast. Right in the middle of powerful content, a commercial comes on, breaking the spell. Other podcasts do this very well, but the editing here makes in it unlistenable.
amazing <3 bless my homie who sent me this
Too Many Ads
I’m listening to this podcast to try and center myself and enhance my mental well being, but in the middle of listening, I’m bombarded with long ads about tampons and being an Airbnb host. Defeats the purpose doesn’t it? And it isn’t like Oprah desperately needs these sponsorships. Even on my ad free subscription apps this podcast has ads. It’s not helpful.
Ever Since THAT Interview
I used to truly admire Oprah and couldnt get enough. Then she did THAT “interview” with Harry and Megain and I lost all respect for Oprah. I couldnt put together the Super Soul Sunday Oprah with what I was seeing and hearing on that “interview”. I wish I could unsee that interview because it really changed the way I look at her.
Love her
Would give her 5 stars if shebdidn’t have ads - they are so annoying She can afford to do these talks without cheesy ads But these are really good as this is who she became and it helps me remember my own path ... just glad she’s around to inspire folks I look at the country now and am so heart broken by such alienation We need people like Oprah especially in the young black communities I am glad she has a school in South Africa - we need those here too
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Too Many Ads terrible sound quality
Very disappointing because there are so many great people that she is interviewing. The sound quality is terrible and there are so many ads. It’s awful. I cant even listen. It is really disappointing.
Thanks a million 💗🤍✨
Queen Meesh
Thank you for this podcast
I absolutely love this podcast! I think about life differently because of it. Can’t thank you enough!
Too quiet
Content is good but think they should hire an audio engineer!! It’s always too low volume and impossible to hear while listening on the subway or anywhere there is a little bit of noice.
Too many interruptions
How many ads can be added for a 30 min podcast? So disruptive and not worth the time bc the flow of conversation get interrupted.
Stolen Focus
What an amazing 2 part podcast with Johann Hari. The book he has written “Stolen Focus” sounds as if it is an excellent place to start to regain focus in life. And to stop blaming yourself for falling short.
Stop the commercials
Really wanted to enjoy Lady Gaga and hear her message but the constant commercials were so annoying I dropped out.
Love that she is real, authentic and wise.
This was my very first podcast of Oprah’s and what a great podcast to start with. Lady Gaga, you inspire me and thank you for being real. I love that you’ve shared from a very personal place and God has placed you in such a very important position to offer all your wisdom and personal experiences. Thank you!
A must!
Just like the show! Motivational, educational, and inspiring. Top of my list💯
Life changing
If you want to be more successful in life, change the way you think, be a light in this world, love yourself more, love others, discover your spiritual purpose and live a purpose filled life, then Oprah’s podcasts are for you.
Sim Rel
General thoughts about all of Oprah’s podcasts
In all honesty, Oprah’s podcasts are so heartfelt and I’ve had so many of what she calls “Ah ha” moments!!!! Its touched my soul on every level. I’ve laughed along, I’ve cried, I’ve experienced other people pain, along with my own. Its helped me along my own journey so very much🙏🏻 Thank you for creating such an amazing platform that is so beneficial to anyone who is searching!!!! Nada Karame
Nada Karame
These poscast
I love listening to Oprah‘s SuperSoul podcast. I find them fulfilling in a spiritual way. For me, these are like my moments of meditation during the day. What I would love to see is for the commercials in the middle of them to be removed. If advertising is necessary for these podcast, I would love for them to be at the beginning or the end so my meditation practice doesn’t get interrupted every few moments with commercials.I find it very distracting to have my spiritual journey interrupted with what I find to be the antithesis of what these podcast offer.
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A mom in recovery
These podcasts have changed my life. I have been in recovery from addiction for over two years. I found in treatment that addiction was a spiritual disease. I had left the church as a teenager feeling very disenchanted with how God was portrayed there, and after a traumatic experience. I lost the God of my understanding. I was lost. The 12 steps saved my life, and this podcast has enriched and changed it - I have been able to form a picture of the God of my understanding. I am at peace. For God is not confined by religion, or the experiences one may have there, God is so much bigger than that. God is infinite Love. These podcasts have brought me great joy. They have expanded how I view the world. I have begun consciously eating after listening to these podcasts, Living with intention, and I always think on Newton’s third law now after listening to you. I am about to finish a book which I have been working on for a few years and while illustrating I listen to these podcasts. It is my happy place - painting and listening to you - It fills my soul and I feel so connected to Spirit. You have enriched my soul, and I thank you sincerely. God bless you Oprah 💗
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What’s with the ads?
I love Oprah. I love her guests. Every single one of them. I’ve listened to her shows for years. I am appalled at the number of ads I have to listen to in order to hear a full show. Why?No other podcast I listen to has this many ads. GPeriod and no other podcaster is as rich is Oprah I’m deleting this podcast as a result.
Super Soul is my church !
Although I miss Sunday mornings with Super soil I’m so happy to have podcasts to listen to thank you !
Thank you
The Arthur Brooks 2022 interview was life-changing. Thank you for this valuable hour of clarity and introduction to this book!
Thank you thank you! This is what I needed to hear, the struggle is real! I ordered the book
im doing me
Keep the episodes coming, we love them <3
Yay! Thanks for making new episodes. This is the best podcast. These episodes have helped me learn and understand so much. A downside is the volume from the transition to ads is extremely loud during some episodes.
My Inspiration
Your podcasts, book and conversations have completely changed my life. I’ve been searching in my soul for sometime now and I have found it in your inspirational talks and messages to the world. Thank you for being the teacher for us all. I aim to be the very best student I can be and to learn all that I can. Thank you for that inspiration. 🙏🏻
Thank you.
Super Soul Hi, Last year I began listening to your Super Soul podcast from the beginning and as of yesterday I heard your interview with Bishop T.D. Jakes on May 20, 2020. I cannot express how moved I was. From that podcast I spiraled into your recommendation on his message, Save the Scraps. My goodness 🙌🙌🙌<— this was me the entire time! I would love to share a little of my background with you. I am 49. I turn 50 in 5 days ☺️. I am a nurse in Atlanta, Georgia. I put myself through nursing school as a single mom. I met my husband, my love, when I was 40. I also discovered my son was addicted to heroin the same year. I did not grow up in church. I had a very dysfunctional family growing up. Hugs and love was foreign. I felt like a lot of my childhood was “The Shack.” A great deal of pain experienced while God was there with me the entire time, unknowingly. It wasn’t until I discovered my son’s addiction that I found myself driving home from work, banging my steering wheel, crying, and trying to negotiate with a God I did not know. I begged Him to take me instead of my son. And as clear as a bell I heard “that is what I did for you.” It stopped my plea in an instant. It was at that moment that I found the Father I thought I had never had. Since that day I have dove in wanting to know Him. I joined a church and small groups. I have read the entire Bible twice. I listen to spiritual podcasts and read any book that will help me to know Him better. Hence my introduction to Bishop and his amazing sermon on Save the Scraps. I have always known that my suffering is what lead me to my Father. But now, to see the scraps and to be reminded of his grace throughout my entire life (including that painful childhood) is well, I have no words. I have been weepy ever since. I just wanted to thank you Oprah. I know you have touched millions and this may not reach you. But if it does, just know that a child of God, a nurse from Atlanta, a mother of a precious child who is suffering is forever grateful for your messages and the people you have introduced me to (Bishop T.D. Jakes). Thank you my sister in Christ. I am forever grateful. Tamila Update: I wrote this before my mothers passing. She passed on 3/22/22. I too experienced a parent who patented from a “sense of duty.” You Oprah have helped me put a language to describe my life. Thank you.
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Great interview but it’s a shame that Oprah constantly interrupts the speaker. I would love to hear who she’s interviewing speak their full sentences and thoughts without being cut off with blurts from Oprah.
Elizabeth Gilbert interview
Originally aired June 10 2019 was a delight. The dialog just flowed and flowed and touched me in a way that brought smiles, warmth, tears and validation on may levels. Well done ladies and Thankyou.♥️🎶💋
cc.. dragon
Too many commercial interruptions
Was trying to enjoy, but commercials cut in too often
Love love love
Love this podcast . Oprah thank you ! When life just dosent make sense I turn on super soul and get just what I need❤️
This podcast is too inconsistent with the quality of episodes. I loved the new guests every week but, that isn’t happening anymore.
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