Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
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Oprah Winfrey’s programming is the best offering available on iPhone or other options.
Troubled Now
Troubled Now
Your podcast gets me through my challenging work day!
I look forward to this podcast every week. Truly amazing
Just a blessing Love this so healing for me..
Best podcast!
This is truthfully the best podcast I’ve truly listened too. If you are committed to transforming your life, transforming your soul listen to this podcast! I’ve been on a search for a podcast and this is the perfect one!!
Thank you
So grateful for Super Soul! This podcast has helped and continues to help me live every aspect of my life more freely and fully. Only disappointment is Joel Osteen continuing to get airtime. A sad slap in the face to LGBTQ listeners. Maybe ask what your intention is there?
a-lx the person
It is so refreshing to listen to something so intellectual and meaningful. Oprah has introduced me to many people I have never heard of and helps me to open my mind and learn how to be spiritually awake.
Rigged election
I haven’t heard you part your wisdom on This rigged election I’m saddened you don’t speak up When it’s important you stick your head in the sand America has been very good to you
Sound issues
I guess I can complain, but no one’s going to pay attention. Like the others sound us horrible. While listening to podcast it’s so low gave to turn volume up, then on commercials it’s ridiculously LOUD! I’ve started listening less, because I don’t like being startled by the booming loudness when commercials start, especially while driving. So, guess you don’t care your losing listeners.
The best
It’s Oprah... dare I need to say more
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Sound volume
I love these podcasts and I do not have a hearing problem but with many of yours I cannot hear them if I’m outside where there are other noises. Please turn up the volume!
BaBaBaBaBarbara Ann
Love it
I love everything about this podcast
Sound issues
Content is amazing.....but seriously, when is someone gong to read these reviews and do SOMETHING about the sound issues?!? We are Oprah fans, we live in our truth, we are not complaining to complain. This is a REAL issue, please address it, you’re losing people!
The volume issues are horrible
I’d love to listen to this show but the interviews are super quiet and then the ads are so loud! It’s startling and makes the whole experience miserable. Also, there are so many ads in this show it’s like every 10 min. Would come back to listen if the volume issue was fixed.
Donata Kalnenaite
Please fix volume consistency
I gave one star in hopes of getting someone’s attention. The inconsistency of the podcast sound is maddening. Too low to hear the show then the commercials come on and it’s ear splitting. Have learned can’t listen with earphones or EarPods - please take a look. Love the show - a lot - otherwise. Thanks very much.
Life changing
This podcast has changed my view of life. Whether we’re talking about spirituality in its many forms, the benefits of being fully immersed and educated, or even learning to be more positive/optimistic/grateful in our everyday lives; I feel as if there’s always something new to learn. There’s always something to look forward to. The wise words of every guest along with the excellent guidance of Oprah’s deep/thought provoking questions leave everyone feeling different about what they once believed to be true. The lessons in these episodes are endless. This podcast is the equivalent of a life changing talk with a stranger on the train: it leaves you wanting more and restores your faith in humanity. Absolutely love. 10/10.
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Loved the host!
John did a great job interviewing! The sounds scapes were awesome. Looking forward to episode 2 👍
So Inspiring, Thank You Oprah
I love this podcast! Keep on spreading the love.
I love this podcast
I just love this podcast. Please keep spreading love and understanding. These ideas feeds the spirit.
Older episodes are great
But the latest ones just seem to be copies of (sometimes very old) episodes of the Oprah show. The first year of the podcast was great, the conversations were meaningful and long form. But the Oprah show is created differently with a quicker pace and lots of quick breaks for commercials. It’s hard to get anything meaningful out of this anymore.
Love Oprah
Thank you for your Podcasts. I battle depression. Listening to your podcasts helps me so much to see and feel the “ahh ha” moments. God Bless you!
I’ve never really listened to PodCasts in the past, but I’m really glad I get to listen to this one now!! 💜 I love it, thank you so much for still sharing past interviews to this day!
Please fix the sound mixing - long overdue
The sound mixing is terrible and really takes away from the vibes of the great content. The volume is so low and then ad volumes is so unbearably loud that it pains my ear. The content is amazing, but I’m quickly put in a bad mood when the sound blasts and gives me a physical sensation of discomfort.
Incessant interruptions
Why does Oprah refuse to allow her guests to complete a single sentence? Why not just do a monologue ? It gives the whole show a rushed and frantic quality. So frustrating.
Fix the Sound
I love the content of the podcasts but cannot listen due to the sound problems. The commercials are SO MUCH louder than the podcast. It blows the speakers in our car and wakes our baby constantly. Headphones are even worse. You are Oprah. Please fix this!
Why so short?
I have enjoyed listening to Oprah’s podcasts. I just don’t understand why they are so short? There is so little content. Honestly, not much is said other than accolades, acknowledgements and a bit of information. Where is the depth?
Absolutely Wonderful!
It is such a treasure to have this amazing podcast full of such wisdom, life, and love! A huge thank you to Oprah and everyone that makes this possible :) Keep up the great work and inspiring words! God Bless
Commercial assault
I absolutely love this series of podcasts and have been listing to Oprah for years. I have grown spiritually and find listening both educational and comforting. Here’s my one complaint: why oh why have you added the awful commercials by the tacky local retailers??? Uugghh they interrupt in a loud (always many octives higher than the podcast.) They are a literal assault on my ears. Please STOP
Epidemiology and Public Health in public schools!
Would like to discuss, what why and how to teach epidemiology and public health to all students in public schools and community leaders! Teaching all how to live a safer and healthier lifestyle!
Diamond In the Darkness
I love all the different guests and topics and how they all wrap around how to have an authentic life! It makes me feel like I’m not the only one! My only suggestion is to listen to guests finish their thought. I feel like you interrupt and offer your own thoughts before they complete theirs. Keep on keeping on!
The commercials are too loudl
This imbalance in the sound takes away from this podcast . It would be so much more enjoyable if this was fixed. I tend to chose other podcasts over this one for this very reason. It’s too bad.
podcaster 50
Ad volume unbearable
I love this podcast and love the content but the ad volume is so much louder than the podcast volume and it’s become unbearable to listen to. It’s an aggressive assault on my ears and not worth listening to the podcast anymore
Horrible Audio, Wonderful Content
We all know how wonderful Oprah and her interviews are. But the audio of this podcast is not worthy of anything attached to Oprah’s name. The dialogue is VERY quiet, and the intro and advertisements are EXTREMELY loud!!! Whether you’re in your car, listening at home, or on headphones, you will risk blowing either your speakers or ear drums. I would be so embarrassed if this were my podcast. It’s not that hard to balance audio levels. Sorry Oprah! I still love you, but it shouldn’t be this way.
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Ed 4568928400
Absolutely amazing
I’m usually in tears after listening. This podcast helps me to know myself better and love people better.
I need to unsubscribe
I love the podcast but the commercials are so loud I can’t continue to listen. I almost caused an accident while driving. the commercials interrupt people at work, while I am home and listening I need to pull off my headphones because it is too loud for my ears and hurt. I can’t be the only who has complained. This has gotten to be a safety hazard and I can’t continue. I wish you could change this. I will try again in 6 months to see if you have been listening.
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Best podcast, worst sound
This is absolutely my favorite podcast. Oprah makes me cry almost every time I listen to it and I am so inspired by the spiritual teachers and guests on here. Even just Oprah herself. But the volume is extremely low on the interviews, and the ad volume is incredibly high. So every time you’re listening you have to turn the volume way up to hear the interview, but then the ads come up and blow out your eardrums. Please fix it! Thank you 💗
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Holy cow, this is punishment for anyone listening with headphones. Have a little respect for your listeners!
fuchsia b
I love you’re show but going from the interviews to the ads is shocking to the ear. I have to amp up my volume to 50 during my commute and when it goes to ads I get an ear piercing slam of LOUD. Hate rating the show as a 1 Star but it’s only to get someone’s attention.
Hi Oprah!
I love this podcast so much-I would agree with the other reviewers about the sound issue.
My Family My Friends My Ángels Are Here
Since I become Stay at home Mom I did not have any idea the challenges in this. Journey. ‘Mory
In this time, I felt this I needed something spiritual and inspirational and who better to go to than a OPRAH! I love this show! Good balance of celebrity interviews and truly spiritual work. Feedback? Why is the volume so low? I’m often listening while on my bike in New York City. Even when my volume is all the way up, it can be hard to hear. The ads, however, are at a normal volume (or even higher than normal), so I’ll be straining to listen to the content, then I’ll be blasted away by the ads. PLEASE fix this! Anyway, love Oprah, love the show! Truly grateful!
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Million-dollar content, 10-cent audio quality
A superstar with terrific content and guests, so this should be a must-listen. I can’t handle the technical problems - please fix the AUDIO LEVELS! The intro voiceover and the intrusive ads are clear and LOUD. The actual conversations are always at a different volume and generally worse audio quality. This should be easily addressed. Also, having ads for Ivory soap on a Black superstar’s podcast seems really incongruous and just wrong.
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Awesome content but audio is wonky!
I love the guests, most of the questions, etc. but the sound on this podcast is very un-balanced and varies in volume from episode to episode. Some guests I can barely hear (but then the ads almost blow my speakers), others are normal. I’ve tried this podcast in various locations and it’s the same set of issues. Please, whoever is handling audio, fix this issue!!!
Bleeding ears
The podcasts are fabulous, but PLEASE fix the audio during the commercials. They are extremely loud!
What a fake
7,000 black on black murders every year Oprah hasn’t acknowledged. That is a 9/11 for the black community every six months. Every year. This year it doubled. She says nothing. She was successful in selling diet books, but not fake facts. Oprah was also involved with setting Jeffrey Epstein up with children, by the children’s own testimony.
Freddie bag of donuts
Audio issue
Love listening to your podcasts Oprah, but PLEASE fix the increased volume during ads. My ear drums are ringing when the blasting commercials come on! It’s a problem on Spotify as well. Thank you.
Feeling inspired!
I dosent work
Honesty and communication. I learn so much.
K. Hoh
Honestly this podcast has changed my life. But sound engineers.... please fix the ad volume / interview volume issue. Going through the reviews, it’s clearly been a common complaint. Whatever expensive sound equipment / speakers you’re using is NOT what the average listener has when listening to these podcasts. We listen on our average phones, headphones or AirPods, in our average cars, on our few-year-old computers/laptops. The ad volume is SHOCKINGLY loud in comparison to the interview volume. I constantly have to adjust the volume and many times am extremely startled when the ad nearly bursts my ear drums. Please investigate and adjust according to the average listener’s experience.
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Why so quiet?
After all this time and so many episodes, why are you still not using the audio levels that every other podcast uses? I have to turn this up louder to hear the interviews and then blow out my eardrums when the ads pop on. Seems like an easy fix, can you hire an audio person already?
You are liars
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