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B. J. Miller
He’s someone who has so much to impart. I heard his advice about forgiveness and it helped me. Since that interview was 2018, 5 years ago, please do another interview with him. Thanks Oprah P. S. I just finished Cutting For Stone and I thought it was another masterpiece.
French fry devil
Phony b
Di Davis
Topics that really matter.
What about Maui??? What really happened there?
I was expecting more from Oprah
I love Oprah. But this Podcast sounds so scripted! It does not sound natural. So chopped up in pieces vs a regular talk or interview with more flow. Sounds like she pre-records the questions, like reading from a script, then the person she interviews, responds on their own, the. Somebody edits the whole thing…. Weird I hope they fixed it. 🙏
Time with Abraham Verghese
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to re-live the glorious experience of reading The Covenant of Water. I added to my collection of wise sayings from the book. I cried. I basked in the beautiful prose once more. This is a book for the ages. I’m glad to know there will be a cinematic production in the future, I’m only sorry that David Lean is not around bring his brilliant mind to the daunting task at hand. Thank you, Oprah. Thank you, Dr. Verghese.
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Kid toucher
You’re a fat hog and a pedofile
Commercial breaks interruptions are completely disruptive
I will be listening hard, into the flow when WHAM..”are you ashamed of your teeth” or some such booming ad disrupts, Can you find SOME WAY to lead into a break with grace????
Packed with Ads
The insane amount of ads packed in each episode is disruptive…pulls the listener out of the conversation.
Each episode contains simple yet profound truths. “The best gift you can give yourself is time” Oprah.
The Covenant of water
I love listening to the books podcasts review. It helped me so much understand by explaining the language, meaning and period it comes from. Hearing the words read aloud and discussions after brought a greater understanding wanting me to read the book all over again. Loved it!!!!
Why are they all old?
Oprah, always outstanding
Oprah‘s podcast enriches our lives every time
Mother of The World
Thank you Oprah. Ever so grateful for the energy you put out to the Universe. Although loving a Human so much hurts so badly in the end. You make the pain from the fall a bit softer as I know my Oprah safety net will always be present! You are the best tool I have on my train of grief. I know I can never get off the train, now I may choose the story I play while I ride. Xo
Super soul
I have been a Oprah girl since my adult children were in elementary school. This podcast is so impactful. Thank you Oprah for all that you give from your core for others. I love and adore everything about you. Xoxo, Natalia
I miss this podcast so much! I’ve learned so much here. Truly super SOUL! Please make new episodes? ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Life changing.
Thank you so much for creating a much need space for women who want more out of life! This is what I’ve been needing to move me a bit more on my journey in this thing called life.
The ads are atrocious
PLEASE give some kind of lead-in to the ads. I love the content of this podcast, but I hate having a spiritual moment and then getting an ad for key bank or something. It feels very contrary to what this podcast is about and it makes me want to not listen to it anymore.
We all need this podcast!
Oprah changed my life! I’m so great full for this podcast and the wisdom she brings to us! THANK YOU!
Love it
I listen to a lot of podcasts and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations is one of my favorite. She is so real and transparent with her audience as well as the many guests she have on her show. I can just feel her enthusiasm when she sits down and talk with them. She makes you feel like you’re right there in the room. Thanks Oprah for a fantastic view. Keep Being Fabulous!
I enjoyed the podcast up until the advertiser screamed in my ear with no warning from the podcast. Too bad because I don’t expect this will change. Isn’t a warning that an advertisement is about to shoot the least polite thing you can do as we listen and we’re feeling vulnerable and intrigued?
This is the only podcast I look forward listening to, It’s helped me with childhood Trauma and helped me learn things I don’t think I would’ve learn if I haven’t listened to this podcast.Oprah you have changed my life tremendously, I love you and your show/podcast. I hope to see you in person❤️ Have a wonderful day!
love but not that much
I love Oprah
Please talk to mental heath and suicide prevention/ multiple family suicides survivor/ tv producer and writer/comedian and podcaster Bari Alyse. She is great and I've seen her public speaking. She helped me save my daughter's life. With all the pain she's lived through and survived, she still makes people laugh and brings joy as xo host of funny podcast Community News by Paul and Sasha. She would be an amazing guest.
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Great podcast
Is wonderful to heard good, interested, uplifting guests
This is such a great podcast!
I love every episode I have listened to. I always learn something new! I have purchased books to learn more about the person or topic covered,. This is truly a feel-good podcast!
I can’t recommend this enough
Listen to this podcast with an open mind and let it absolutely change your life. The world’s best interviewer, interviewing the world’s greatest minds is a one-two punch to the ego.
Bring this show back to TV or Streaming Service
This show was one of the best think we have every Sunday. It doesn’t matter where I was, I watched it… at my house, at the hotel room, at the plane… everywhere. It was food for my soul, and that introduction were Oprah was riding the bike so joyful, it was the perfect appetizer of the meal. I’m pretty sure everyone felt the same, we were riding together to the right place, the right path, the right journey. Seeing a real conversation under the oaks, on a hill in Hawaii, on a porch in a random house or any place in nature, it was like watching ourselves having a open heart conversation with family, friends or just a love one. Please, bring back this show back… we need this type of conversation, more than ever. But we don’t want to only listen to it, we want to enjoy looking at it too. That way we can use more than one sense to absorb every emotion, every word and every intention. Our souls needs Super Soul Sunday back. Thank You Oprah and your amazing team for teaching us how to live our beast lives. @CarlosXander777
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Auntie Oprah
I love the knowledge you share, you have always been for me encouraging, inspirational and motivating Your energy is everything Can’t wait to meet u in person ❤️
be the change 614
One of my favs
Love listening to everyone who is invited all. I always feel so uplifted at the end of an episode.
Tarana Burke Me too
I am almost finished listening to part one of this amazing podcast with Tarana Burke. I am stunned by how relatable her experiences were for me. Everyone should listen to it no matter what color or gender you are. This podcast is so wonderful and healing, that I felt compelled to write a review before I even finished listening to it in it’s entirety. I had to tell Tarana Burke and Oprah Winfrey how grateful I am.
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A Blessing
Listening to this conversation re: the 1619 project is touching my heart. I followed the progression of this before it became part of the great American anti “woke” movement. I appreciate the frankness here and in all of the conversations. I often am filled with so many things to contemplate which reaffirm my practices and path. Thank you for continuing to provide guideposts.
This podcast has changed the way I think about life. Ive had a shift because of the profound knowledge and insight of Oprah and her special guest. Especially my favorite guest Michael Singer. His book, The Untethered Soul, is life changing. “Waking up” and realizing that life is more than money, success, selfies, who I am impressing has happened because of this podcast. Thank you Miss Oprah!
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I am Inspired, Soothed, and Waking up
I love listening to Oprah and the guests she selects. I appreciate the real discussions and depth of consciousness she brings in. I feel these shows are not only inspiring me, and helping me to learn what I want to access that is somewhere deep inside me, to soothe my fears and concerns about life, and also are helping to wake me up to myself. I have gotten direction to know how to formulate my own walk, and Be in my own life. Thank you!! Love you!!!
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Thank you
Thank you Oprah for supporting the awakening of the world with your eye opening, loving conversations with amazing leaders of our times. I could listen to these episodes over and over, they never get old because the truth never gets old. I am so grateful for this gift💕
Medical Medium
Love these but am still waiting to see one from the Medical Medium. I feel like that is missing!!! So many want to know about him since he keeps his information about other people and health topics. Would love to get some insight on how his gift has affected his life.
Dana's Stuff
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shukran!!!! شكرا
Simply these Super Soul Conversations literally saved my life!!!!!!!!! Because of You I am on my right path and personal journey now. I wish I rated every single episodes that I listened to. Waiting for every episode to come out was like a kid waiting for Christmas Day, yes that much excitement. I would listen and re-listen and re-listen to these episodes, take notes and try to apply everything I learned. I can’t thank you enough. I just finished listening to Jay Shetty latest podcast on purpose and one of his 7 ways to reflect on the past year is to reflect on “A person you could not have gotten through this year without” and the answer for me was so easy, YOU of course and thought to let you know. All what I wish for you this coming year is good health, love and happiness now and always. Thank you for being you and thank you for all you do 🫶🏼💕🙏
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Better than church! Real spiritual stuff that feeds my whole being....Thank you Ms. OW!!!!
Carole 26.2
Always learning!
I have been watching Oprah for a long time when I was young and when I got older I didn’t continue because life got in the way but now that I’m older and have the ability to listen to Oprah on the Podcast, I have grown so Spiritually so Much through the guess that you have had through the years I’ve missed your show and for the other platforms you offer. Thank you for saying Yes to teaching us!!
Thank you!
Last year 2021 I consciously started to wake up and began my personal work. On my search for a motivational speaker I came across to Oprah’s Super Soul podcasts… needles to say that as of today I am forever thankful and grateful I found it. My mom is a Spanish and Literature profesor of a University in Matanzas Cuba, she was also my teacher and loves to read books that love for books was never in me, until I heard the podcast with Johan about his book Stolen Focus and that’s when I had my aha moment and my desire to read books started. Súper Soul podcasts are not only inspirational and motivated, they are the tool for those of us waking up… so THANK YOU Oprah for your amazing and inspiring work you do… please don’t ever stop teaching us.
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Maikel Wong
Horrible ads
These are great conversations with the most obnoxious ads. There's no transition from the thoughtful content to the loud, intrusive ads. I doubt Oprah would listen to a poorly produced podcast that does that.
Absolutely love Oprah and her wisdom.
I look forward to each and every Super Soul podcast. They touch me, they educate me and inspire me to be a better human. I always want to share them with everyone I know and love! Do yourself a favor and make it a gift to yourself.
life school student
Oprah thank you for this podcast!! I myself have a Podcast called H.O.P.E Helping Other People Evolve. I learn a lot on how to interview people from you!! Thank you Tammy Lyn Connors
Four Agreements
Oprah! Did you even read the book!!??? I wanted most to listen about being impeccable with your words and you missed the whole point. It’s not about what you tell yourself you’re going to do! It’s about not speaking poison. Obviously you just read the title and arrogantly decided you knew what it was about without reading it. Even when he told you it’s so much more than what you were saying, you didn’t let him talk. You moved on. Maybe instead of talking about yourself so much, let your guests talk and explain what they wrote about!!!
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Oprah is inspiring
I remember Oprah in my living room when I was just a young girl. I was always inspired by her insight. Although I didn’t know at the time what’s he was expressing was insight, I know that now. Some of Oprah’s responses to her guest on her talk showed have stayed with me for many years and helped mold some of my own foundation. Listening to Super Soul as an adult is so fulfilling and nostalgic. I bring her words of wisdom into my personal life and my work life. I work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and listening to Oprah is a form of my own self care and helps prevent work burnout. Those reading this review to chose whether to listen or not, do yourselves a kindness and take the time to nourish your soul and mind and listen to Super Soul!
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Mama gallo
The Oprah Effect is still STRONG!
I have enjoyed her conversation style since forever! It’s always a pleasure to listen to and learn from her conversations.
Studio Tolan
Love you
and how you bring all these beautiful people not on the mainstream radar and share the stories of strength, beauty and overcoming such difficult lives. In the stories each of the people blossom, they just come alive. Thank you big “O” Oprah. You are so loved…!
Old recycled content
All of her podcasts now are old recycled content from previous podcasts or live shows. Please release some new material.
Mostly great
I really enjoy the variety of guests and topics but Oprah interrupts and speaks over her guests so much that it makes me uncomfortable.
The worst episode ever-Carolyn Myss.
The Carolyn Myss episode was a miss (pardon the pun). What an awful speaker. Her way of talking, her enunciation, her “Fire” nonsense made me want to burn my ears. She made little sense and sounded like some schizoid persona having a psychotic break. I love Oprah and I love super soul but please don’t assault us with ridiculous idiots like this guest.
Life changing
I am just getting started following podcast and I had to start at the beginning. It will take me awhile to catch up but I am grateful for the journey. I have been a Oprah fan from the beginning of she show. I am grateful for this time with Oprah and all of her guests. Thank you for all you do!!
Lody Lo
Thank you
The podcast with Bishop Jakes on Transformation set my soul on fire with inspiration and excitement. Thank you Oprah and Bishop Jakes for Being such powerful teachers. I’m so grateful for all that you share, as it is life changing in the best and highest way 💜
T Wilson 713
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