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Love the lessons
For the most part I love this podcast wonderful! But since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I have heard Oprah and her guests so often mention how they were able to relax how they were able to do different things how they were able to change their lives because they had to stop working and weren’t able to do normal things. Oprah please for heaven sake please have a podcast on essential workers we never stopped working we worked a full time to put food on your tables to serve you guys life did not stop for us and we were not given the opportunity to take a deep breath in fact we were working harder than ever and it was really tough on us we didn’t have the opportunity to stay home! Please have some guests on here that are essential workers and did not have the opportunity 90% of you did to stop, to stay home, to work from home, and to reconnect to nature and spirituality. Please forgive all errors I’m doing this through voice text
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Thank you for the book, the show, the inspiration.
This show (and the book that was born from it) has been so comforting and insightful to me. I’m about to publish my first novel, and I just went back and listened to the interview of Brené Brown from 2017 (Part One). It’s exactly what I need to hear - about reviews, about walking through vulnerability to get to courage, about the glorious uncertainty of Faith. I’m rereading her “Gifts of Imperfection,” too. Oprah, thank you for sharing your gifts of authenticity, sincerity, and genuine interest in others. - Tamara Miller Davis, a Montecito firewife (who has met you before) and soon-to-be author of “Despite the Buzz”
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Great stuff!!!
Your reach will be here forever. Thank you for using your platform to take us from the outer world to infinity. 🧡
Best best best!
This is the best podcast. Please dont never stop doing it. It has helped me learn and understand so much.
I love you Oprah
Life-changing. Thank you 🙏🏽❤️
To many adds
Adds are loud, to many. Distracts from the interview.
Manifesting Oprah’s HUGE Global Celebration for a Lifetime of Immeasurable Contributions
Super Soul Sunday has been my consistent source of strength, faith, trust, surrender, belief, growth, inspiration, determination & the seeds of growth in my consciousness throughout my Phoenix process. You make me want to be a better human. You’ve inspired my students, parents, teachers, family, friends, community & the world to expand their hearts, open minds & honor their soul. I can’t wait to meet you & celebrate you, along with everyone who has so much love for you, with every ounce of my being, in a way that’s so beyond your wildest imagination!!! Sending BIG love & immense gratitude from NY! XO
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Jen Zash/ Mindful Mama
The Laws of Newton & Karmic Return
Having read about metaphysics for years,it wasn’t until my awareness of “cause and effect” became a pivotal point of recognizing life is an ongoing dance of the projected and shadow self did I make self-development a daily practice. Shakespeare had it right when he said “we are all actors with our entrances and exits.” This podcast is worth taking notes and reflecting on how one is conditioned to believe and act and choosing to own one’s actions and reactions. Thank you for sharing your authentic moments, and the importance of a person growing the soul over membership. May abundant blessings be yours.
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Jenn Sabir
Too many commercials
Always have and will love Oprah! But some of these podcasts are a disappointment. Way too many commercials for a short podcast (five plus in one 24 min), choppy, rerun interviews sloppily spliced together. I enjoyed the Chip & Joanne interview but even that one felt superficial. Sorry, Oprah is a National treasure and this podcast could be so much better than it is.
Be The Change 2020
Love the content but TURN UP THE VOLUME!
Your ads are loud, your interviews are barely audible. Please make the volume consistent and LOUDER.
BaBaBaBaBarbara Ann
Vile racist pig
She’s a vile racist pig. Full of hate. She’s a black supremacist who despises white people and uses them as pawns. Plus she was on Epstein island
Mr.Bob Dobalina
Inspirational guest along with Oprah help propel you forward with every listen.
Magical like always
I love the graceful, elegant, and inspiring short episodes.
This podcast has blown my mind. Oprah’s a QUEEN ✨👸🏽✨💖✨👸🏽✨ this podcast is so awesome and the interviews are spectacular! Please keep on making new episodes!!! And p.s. don’t listen to the rude and selfish people everyone is beautiful just the way they are!!
Triple choclate concrete
Ivory Tower Beliefs
The true reality about spiritual gurus is that they are adept at selling us an implausible guide to living a so-called more meaningful life and they can easily affect the beliefs of even the most seemingly erudite and skeptical among us. From personal experience as an average schmo, I spent a fortune in my early years on spiritual/self help books promoted by Oprah and her many invited spiritual guests throughout the years and can honestly say none was helpful in securing any kind of better way of coping, understanding or living a more authentic life for whatever that means. Despite what Oprah attests, that these spiritual things she promotes will not allow anyone to be her in the sense she’s acquired much worldly fame and monetary success, she seems to mean well but remains oblivious to the way life really is for the majority of people, a vast population of folks getting through it each day in mostly dead end job servitude who struggle to meet a good credit rating and are in a work force that no longer offers a retirement plan unless its unionized work or through an iffy 401k that is not protected from economic ups and downs as well as the generosity or lack of from various kinds of businesses who can choose to match employee payments into such a dubious retirement program. If we’re honest with ourselves we know by now that spirituality gurus talk us into believing we can achieve anything, be whatever we dream to be, do great things in life—if you buy their book and follow their simple steps given to live a meaningful life. Their spiel sounds plausible, we’re hyped up and unknowingly suckered in a far too open-minded financial purchase of guru inspired instructions we truly think will make life more meaningful. This determination and belief lasts for as long as it takes to read their book and follow its purported guidance for success until real life, as is inevitable, knocks on our consciousness and awakens us back to reality because bills need paying, things and people in our lives inevitably break down (including ourselves) need care and maintenance in which books on spirituality fail and are soon perceived as useless to-dos that do not—will never—fit into every day living in the long haul. Spirituality-type explanations and beliefs appeal to the nuvo riche—newly rich people who started from humble or perhaps very poor financial backgrounds who are trying to make sense of great amounts of monetary fortune which has changed their lives: this is the loop Oprah has remained stuck in for way too long.
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Second Variety
The best interviews and motivation you can find to be your best self! This podcast has helped me through this past year... thank you Oprah! I look forward to you every Tuesday!!!
Change the music
Lovely but please change the transition music geez!!!
izzie blizzy
This episode truly spoke to me! I appreciate the helpers-as I tell my kids, always look for the helpers.
there are others
Grace and Gratitude
Wonderful !! Thank you for this!! Appreciated all that was said!! Gratitude❤️❤️❤️
Margaret A. P.
The sound is horrible !!
It’s a shame that we have to adjust the volume during the whole podcast. The intro sounds fine but when the guests talk you can barely hear, you have to adjust the volume full blast and then the commercials come in and the sound is so loud that I have to pull my headphones quick . I really enjoy this podcasts while walking or driving but I honestly get tired of this low quality sound. Not what I expected from Oprah’s projects .
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Glob is
One person at a time
The interview with Tom Brady was the most helpful podcast which was a surprise for me. The format of quotes is too disjointed and disconnected. Also, do you always have to have famous people? Too much ego sometimes which defeats the purpose of what I think you are going for.
Great info. Poor production.
Too bad the commercials during this podcast are so darn loud compared to the rest of the podcast. It can be jarring, especially while drive. You’d think Oprah would have better production quality.
Overall not bad topics
I love the topics Oprah focuses on but I wish she would let her guest speak more. She interrupts as they speak a little too much and it would be great to hear them finish their stories.
Life Changing
Ophra’s show, especially the Supper Soul Sunday has been a everyday diet for me!.😘😘😘😘
Tika Upreti
The Deepity Podcast
If you want to listen to premium deepities, this is it. Saved from one star because Oprah has the money and influence to interview interesting people - so two stars.
Where I go to work in my spiritual fitness.
Al Mandy
Great and powerful podcast
I really needed this I’m 23 years old trying to figure my life out and this podcast really blessed and answered a lot of my questions.Thanks so much Oprah for this your a true Angel in disguise
Always enlightening and inspirational!🙏🏻
Love this podcast and it’s such a positive part of my day.
Healing for women
Oprah I love you so much!! You are so inspiring to women!!! You relax me!!!
sprit michelle
Ads are too loud
Love the podcast but the volume of the ads are too loud! It turns me off and change to a different podcast. I believe I shouldn’t have to turn down my volume to avoid the loud ads.
“Tomorrow is another day Scarlett”
Thanks so much to you Oprah and I’m grateful to all of you for your honesty and wisdom.
Hope and inspiration
Through the hardest days of work through a terrible divorce that lasted a couple years- you gave me hope and inspired me to b better!!! It was my survival tool. Thank you!!!
See n ski
Oprah Winfrey’s programming is the best offering available on iPhone or other options.
Troubled Now
Troubled Now
I look forward to this podcast every week. Truly amazing
Just a blessing Love this so healing for me..
Best podcast!
This is truthfully the best podcast I’ve truly listened too. If you are committed to transforming your life, transforming your soul listen to this podcast! I’ve been on a search for a podcast and this is the perfect one!!
Thank you
So grateful for Super Soul! This podcast has helped and continues to help me live every aspect of my life more freely and fully. Only disappointment is Joel Osteen continuing to get airtime. A sad slap in the face to LGBTQ listeners. Maybe ask what your intention is there?
a-lx the person
It is so refreshing to listen to something so intellectual and meaningful. Oprah has introduced me to many people I have never heard of and helps me to open my mind and learn how to be spiritually awake.
Rigged election
I haven’t heard you part your wisdom on This rigged election I’m saddened you don’t speak up When it’s important you stick your head in the sand America has been very good to you
Sound issues
I guess I can complain, but no one’s going to pay attention. Like the others sound us horrible. While listening to podcast it’s so low gave to turn volume up, then on commercials it’s ridiculously LOUD! I’ve started listening less, because I don’t like being startled by the booming loudness when commercials start, especially while driving. So, guess you don’t care your losing listeners.
The best
It’s Oprah... dare I need to say more
DS Podcast Reviews
Love it
I love everything about this podcast
Sound issues
Content is amazing.....but seriously, when is someone gong to read these reviews and do SOMETHING about the sound issues?!? We are Oprah fans, we live in our truth, we are not complaining to complain. This is a REAL issue, please address it, you’re losing people!
The volume issues are horrible
I’d love to listen to this show but the interviews are super quiet and then the ads are so loud! It’s startling and makes the whole experience miserable. Also, there are so many ads in this show it’s like every 10 min. Would come back to listen if the volume issue was fixed.
Donata Kalnenaite
Please fix volume consistency
I gave one star in hopes of getting someone’s attention. The inconsistency of the podcast sound is maddening. Too low to hear the show then the commercials come on and it’s ear splitting. Have learned can’t listen with earphones or EarPods - please take a look. Love the show - a lot - otherwise. Thanks very much.
Life changing
This podcast has changed my view of life. Whether we’re talking about spirituality in its many forms, the benefits of being fully immersed and educated, or even learning to be more positive/optimistic/grateful in our everyday lives; I feel as if there’s always something new to learn. There’s always something to look forward to. The wise words of every guest along with the excellent guidance of Oprah’s deep/thought provoking questions leave everyone feeling different about what they once believed to be true. The lessons in these episodes are endless. This podcast is the equivalent of a life changing talk with a stranger on the train: it leaves you wanting more and restores your faith in humanity. Absolutely love. 10/10.
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Loved the host!
John did a great job interviewing! The sounds scapes were awesome. Looking forward to episode 2 👍
So Inspiring, Thank You Oprah
I love this podcast! Keep on spreading the love.
I love this podcast
I just love this podcast. Please keep spreading love and understanding. These ideas feeds the spirit.
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