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A 3 minute advertisement every 10 minutes
makes this not worth listening to.
Matthew Smutnak
⭐️ 💫 🌟 ⭐️ 💫
Thankyou thankyou thankyou 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 these episodes resonated with me and help me open my heart and life ... just what i needed to hear today ;)
Nepali Woman
Best Show
So uplifting. So inspiring. Motivating. & Captivating ..I love every story & the heart in each one. Worth the listen!!
Best day is Wednesday
I get excited every Wednesday when I go on my morning walk and get to listen to a new super soul episode. Especially loving “what I know for sure” segments, helping navigate through my 20s. Thank you Oprah and team!
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, Oprah, for so generously sharing yourself and sage, forgiving wisdom. “What I Know for Sure: Joy and Resilience” is exactly what I need in this moment. So many “delicious” nuggets to remind me that who I am becoming is who I was always meant to be. 💜🙏🏾
Best best best!
This is the best podcast. Please make new episodes! These episodes have helped me learn and understand so much. But I have already listened through many.
Honestly the best thing you can hear/do/listen
Thank you Oprah! These podcasts are a gift
So insightful
I love Oprah and listening to her podcasts always moves and inspires me. I love her questions and insights and the guests she chooses to interview.
Poor Sound Mixing
Episodes are short and sweet which makes them pretty superficial. Also, the sound mixing is awful - Oprah’s voiceovers are loud, the commercials are even louder, and the interviews themselves are rather quiet. How could Oprah of all people have such poor sound mixing? Seems like she (her media company) is just phoning it in. This would have been a 2 star review but well, it is Oprah.
Soooo deep!!!
I am in awe with Viola Davis and how the interview evolved revealing such deep knowledge and humanity that not many people can even put into words!!!! Bravo! Thank you for that!
Such a gift
Truly grateful for this beautiful podcast, Oprah is THE BEST.
Super Sold on the Podcast!
Oprah is freakin' best 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Chloe Zofia
Inspired always!
I truly love this podcast! Any episode I listen to I always find myself feeling inspired!
Anina Beija
Always lifts my spirits and challenges my perspective
This podcast always leaves me feeling better than what I started. The conversations always challenge me in the best ways, allowing myself to see life from a different lens.
Haley J Albaum
Phenomenal show - gift from god through Oprah
Oprah, this show got me through everything in life. From relationship struggles, to business motivation, getting closer to god, have hope in life….and introduced me to new thought age leaders… I love you oprah! Don’t you ever stop super soul!!!
rose and mini rose
Anthony Ray Hinton
Wow, the commercials on this podcast are narratives. What's going on? So annoying
Thank Goodness for HOME
This podcast resonates so deeply I can barely see to write through the welling up of tears. Almost three years ago I moved 2000 miles away from home. I told myself this was to get closer to God and understand my purpose. Not only is The Wizard of Oz my favorite movie of all time, it is packed with pearls of wisdom that show up when I need them most. Now I listen closely for the lesson in this journey and pray for my return home.
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Budding Realist
I found my tribe
I’m so thankful for this podcast! Each and every guest has become part of my spiritual community. It’s wonderful to hear from like-minded people whose intent is to encourage others as they grow. I am continually challenged and inspired in my own spiritual journey through Super Soul Conversations. I love it!
Compilations critique
I love the Oprah’s SuperSoul podcast, and though there is good material in your compilations I do not like that it goes from one speaker to another and you have no idea who is speaking. A good example is the podcast on Grace from January 27. Though there’s an over arching theme of grace, it is all over the place and you never know where a snippet came from. You can’t dig deeper into that one thought-provoking “because you don’t know who said it.
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mimi maine
Settle Down Oprah
Oprah has some incredible guests, but her interview style is by and large too domineering. She is constantly cutting people off or speaking over people to ensure she commands the discussion. I find it incredibly annoying and almost impossible to listen to.
Vanessa D.J.
This podcast was so enlivening and engaging because of the skill and knowledge and humanness of both Oprah and Jon...just such a satisfying “long view” of where we are at now. Jon Meachom is such an articulate National Treasure...
truth appreciator
Super soul Sunday
The podcast are is very informative and allow me to feel my best self. Often show me that I’m human and life happens to everyone. The podcasts give me the Will to go on and to be who God will have me be. Carolyn Wise
Carol+4 sisters
Love it!
This podcast helped me a great deal! I am finally living my best life and this podcast was a huge help in that. Helped me to grow and find myself. It gave me tips on what to work on and how to improve. Most of all this podcast showed me that I needed to heal and gave tips on how do that. "If you never heal from what hurt you, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you".
I LOVE THIS PODCAST! I missed so many of Oprah’s shows over the years, working long hours,so it’s very nice to hear old broadcasts even if I can’t see them! Her new ones are Great, and relevant to the pandemic! Occasionally, I have a problem accessing this, and being technologically challenged, I began listening to her other, OPRAH podcast, which is excellent too! THANK YOU!
Love the Show- love the podcast
My spirit and my soul get lifted every time I listen to one of these episodes. I only trouble is when I’m in the car I can’t write down the things I hear that I want to remember. So I use my notes in my phone a lot. I have used so much of what I’ve learned on this podcast in my day today. Thank you Oprah. Debbie- Coburg, Oregon
Woman who does commercials-cringe
Always love O, anything she does. But the woman who does the majority of the commercials has a terrible, phony, condescending, put-on voice. She makes my skin crawl. I’m sure I’m not the only one! Not enough to make me stop Listening, but it’s a big oversight. Please change!
Stop Interviewing Out-of-Touch Celebrities
Hi Oprah, In your most recent super soul conversations you were hanging out in your garden in Maui interviewing an out of touch celebrity. This celebrity talked about how she was able to move to her second home during the pandemic. She went to the grocery store, did laundry, cooked, and cleaned! Can you believe it?! She talked about how she had time to experiment with new recipes and spend more time with her family. This is a huge privilege for her and many out of touch celebrities. The lower and middle income class are working nonstop, some are working in the public sector and are exposed to Covid-19. While continuing to do the daily tasks of going grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids. I am a teacher working all the time. I have colleagues who are parents and teachers and they need to make sure their kids are doing online learning successfully while being a good teacher and parent. Please wake up and realize what the rest of the world is going through and stop interviewing celebrities who have had so much time to find themselves in their second vacation home. Thank you.
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Alwx Munday
A Must Listen
This is a must listen to Podcast, especially if you are searching, lonely, depressed or lost…. Looking for that joyous life.
Viola Davis
What a profound podcast Thank you Viola
Walk new
Love love love!
Podcast amazing; marketing not so much
I am a regular listener of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, and I enjoy these episodes with headphones, while taking walks in nature. Unfortunately, every time the add for Delilah comes up, the volume seems to jump by 20-30 dB, or in other words, to a volume much higher than that of the podcast itself, which really hurts my ears. This is a common (albeit annoying) marketing practice used by advertisers on Spotify, YouTube, and others. Nonetheless, I believe Oprah would be disappointed to learn that her marketing team is hurting listeners’ ears—and yanking them out of a place of soulful reflection—in order to draw attention to her new television drama series.
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We do not deserve Oprah. She is doing the work to help us all better ourselves! Always feel so good after listening to an episode. Super Soul Sunday is truly a gem
I always get something
Full of valuable insights and perspectives that feed the soul
Thank you for taking the time and sharing these wonderful conversations!
I love this podcast I have listened to it everyday for the past two years and it has changed my life forever for the better. I love Oprah because I learn through her everyday I find myself quoting super soul in all my conversations haha. God bless this Queen. A true angel among us. And this podcast is a gift from God.
Love the lessons
For the most part I love this podcast wonderful! But since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I have heard Oprah and her guests so often mention how they were able to relax how they were able to do different things how they were able to change their lives because they had to stop working and weren’t able to do normal things. Oprah please for heaven sake please have a podcast on essential workers we never stopped working we worked a full time to put food on your tables to serve you guys life did not stop for us and we were not given the opportunity to take a deep breath in fact we were working harder than ever and it was really tough on us we didn’t have the opportunity to stay home! Please have some guests on here that are essential workers and did not have the opportunity 90% of you did to stop, to stay home, to work from home, and to reconnect to nature and spirituality. Please forgive all errors I’m doing this through voice text
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Thank you for the book, the show, the inspiration.
This show (and the book that was born from it) has been so comforting and insightful to me. I’m about to publish my first novel, and I just went back and listened to the interview of Brené Brown from 2017 (Part One). It’s exactly what I need to hear - about reviews, about walking through vulnerability to get to courage, about the glorious uncertainty of Faith. I’m rereading her “Gifts of Imperfection,” too. Oprah, thank you for sharing your gifts of authenticity, sincerity, and genuine interest in others. - Tamara Miller Davis, a Montecito firewife (who has met you before) and soon-to-be author of “Despite the Buzz”
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Great stuff!!!
Your reach will be here forever. Thank you for using your platform to take us from the outer world to infinity. 🧡
I love you Oprah
Life-changing. Thank you 🙏🏽❤️
To many adds
Adds are loud, to many. Distracts from the interview.
Manifesting Oprah’s HUGE Global Celebration for a Lifetime of Immeasurable Contributions
Super Soul Sunday has been my consistent source of strength, faith, trust, surrender, belief, growth, inspiration, determination & the seeds of growth in my consciousness throughout my Phoenix process. You make me want to be a better human. You’ve inspired my students, parents, teachers, family, friends, community & the world to expand their hearts, open minds & honor their soul. I can’t wait to meet you & celebrate you, along with everyone who has so much love for you, with every ounce of my being, in a way that’s so beyond your wildest imagination!!! Sending BIG love & immense gratitude from NY! XO
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Jen Zash/ Mindful Mama
The Laws of Newton & Karmic Return
Having read about metaphysics for years,it wasn’t until my awareness of “cause and effect” became a pivotal point of recognizing life is an ongoing dance of the projected and shadow self did I make self-development a daily practice. Shakespeare had it right when he said “we are all actors with our entrances and exits.” This podcast is worth taking notes and reflecting on how one is conditioned to believe and act and choosing to own one’s actions and reactions. Thank you for sharing your authentic moments, and the importance of a person growing the soul over membership. May abundant blessings be yours.
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Jenn Sabir
Too many commercials
Always have and will love Oprah! But some of these podcasts are a disappointment. Way too many commercials for a short podcast (five plus in one 24 min), choppy, rerun interviews sloppily spliced together. I enjoyed the Chip & Joanne interview but even that one felt superficial. Sorry, Oprah is a National treasure and this podcast could be so much better than it is.
Be The Change 2020
Love the content but TURN UP THE VOLUME!
Your ads are loud, your interviews are barely audible. Please make the volume consistent and LOUDER.
BaBaBaBaBarbara Ann
Inspirational guest along with Oprah help propel you forward with every listen.
Magical like always
I love the graceful, elegant, and inspiring short episodes.
This podcast has blown my mind. Oprah’s a QUEEN ✨👸🏽✨💖✨👸🏽✨ this podcast is so awesome and the interviews are spectacular! Please keep on making new episodes!!! And p.s. don’t listen to the rude and selfish people everyone is beautiful just the way they are!!
Triple choclate concrete
The best interviews and motivation you can find to be your best self! This podcast has helped me through this past year... thank you Oprah! I look forward to you every Tuesday!!!
Change the music
Lovely but please change the transition music geez!!!
izzie blizzy
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