Open Account with SuChin Pak
Open Account with SuChin Pak
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Love it
It’s been years since this was released and I still go back to it to re-listen. Great interviews. Good advice.
Awesome, refreshing
I loved this podcast! Awesome conversations and a very refreshing honesty about money. Please make more episodes!
Carrie Strine
I’d love more episodes!
I think this is a really interesting podcast. Please make more episodes.
New perspective on taboo subject
I’m enjoying how these conversations are taking personal financial decisions from chilly logic to thoughtful and emotional decisions. Money is such a fraught topic in America, the transparency in these podcasts is refreshing and informative.
Fantastic podcast!
The interviewees are great, and SuChin is just a *professional*. She is sensitive to her interviewees and asks great questions. I also appreciate her commentary and how well she handles the pace. Each episode is memorable; they address questions such as the money lessons you learn growing up, how families relate to money, and how her guests learned to have a more healthy relationship to money. Hands-down an awesome podcast.
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Love the newer episodes that deal with real people and real problems.
Worth a listen. I think you will like.
I find this pod informative and interesting.
Don't usually listen to money talk
But I like how this is presented
Stories are powerful
I love the heart behind this podcast in opening up conversations around a hard to talk about subject. As a listener, I've learned, empathized, and been encouraged by the stories shared.
So Great!!!
Love this podcast more and more every week!!
Shaddy P
Suchin's a great host!
Suchin is way too underrated as a host. I hope they expand on the topics or interview other sides of the money spectrum as I can see it getting old but all it all, it's great podcast with actual substance!
Trump voters this is for you
This podcast is for snobby people who like to hear about other rich people and an annoying woman. At least she enjoys her job.
This Podcast Makes Topics About Money Funny
I REALLY enjoy this podcast. I'm terrible with money. Guests are funny and real. I want to hear about SuChin's life after having her kids. She has dropped hints with no details.
Unique conversation about money
This is the first public conversation that is so honest and real about money. This podcast is for those of us baffled by money and our own ineptness - but cleverly puts us on a road to economic recovery by exemplifying that money is not magic. But we are. The episode called Thank You Cake - magnificent!
The Storycoach
Not what I expected
As others have observed, this is a podcast in which SuChin Pak interviews some B or even C list celebrities about their careers, and at some point they get around to talking about the problem of having to deal with all the money that comes with a successful career in the entertainment/sports industry. The business owner couple from Oregon were the exception, but all I really got from SuChin Pak's interview with them is that they are in love with being in love with each other, and they work a lot. I listened to every episode up to that one, and I tried, I really tried to gain some insight, then gave up on the series. I had hoped for something more practical with regard to personal finance and strategies for middle class level money management. I'll keep looking.
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Honest talk.
I really enjoy this podcast. In general, people are so secretive about money that it’s refreshing to hear open and honest about it. Eddie Huang’s episode was especially great as I am a big fan!
Really enjoying the interviews
I just listened to the interview of Paula Pell. An amazing interview that started with Money but expanded to being a good representative of yourself as a woman of value in the world who has something to offer and nothing to apologize for.
The struggle is real...
I love that the stories range from athletes to small business owners and entertainers. However, the reoccurring theme is poverty and turning things around. Money and stress are real no matter how many zeros are on your bank statement. I can't wait to hear more!
Awesome Podcast
Fun, down to earth podcast about basic finances and living with money
Could be better
I like SuChin Pak, I think she’s a good host/interviewer and very charming, but I feel like this podcast could be improved. As others have noted the podcast features interviews every episode and the majority of the interviews so far have been with people with a “rags to riches” story, people who became famous and/or successful and made a significant amount of money seemingly overnight. This just isn’t representative of the average person’s mundane money problems, and personally I don’t want to take advice from people who made their in this fashion - nor do I think being rich qualifies you as a financial expert. Perhaps my expectations were off but I’d like more interviews with everyday people and people who are experts in the world of personal finance. My favorite episode so far was the one that featured the (not famous nor especially wealthy) married couple. There’s room for improvement and this podcast is still new, but if it continues to primarily feature the types of people it has so far I’m just not sure there’s much to learn.
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Perfect Mix!
I love this podcast! Each episode is the perfect length (+/- 30 min). And each episode contains the perfect mix of real human stories with practical advice or lessons learned about a topic--money--that most of us do not talk about enough with our own family and friends.
Maybe it will get better?
I gave it 15 minutes on the first episode. It sounds like a sports interview - they aren’t talking about money management at all. Like the other reviewer said, I also don’t relate with the guest.
Awesome show
Suchin is the perfect host for a show like this. Great guests, great conversations. No complaints.
Smart, Honest, Good
A great down to earth podcast about how people deal with money. Suchin Pak is a great host. Love her style of interviewing - smart questions, but not pretentious, friendly, but not cutesy, and she’s a good listener! Love the variety of people she has interviewed too, from celebrities to civilians, to small independent shop owners. A great range. Keep it up! Thank you Umpqua Bank. This is such an important Podcast.
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Great podcast!
Keep going with it. She asks great questions and it doesn't run too long. Looking forward to more.
I was hoping to hear from more "regular" people
I have nothing against the rich and famous, but their stories don't resonate with me. I know the people Ms Pak has interviewed had many challenges on their path to success, but it would be nice to hear from people I can actually relate to economically and socially. Hearing about Meyers Leonard "struggling" to not just buy plane tickets anywhere was a particular turn off since my wife and I literally write out and compare the cost of plane tickets with the cost of driving 16 hours to visit family for the holidays. to see which we can afford. I'd like to hear stories of people running small businesses, or single parents who have had to support their families but managed to come out ahead. I would have rather heard Eddie Huang's mother talk than Eddie (again, no offense intended, I just think her struggle would have resonated more). As a side note, leaving a review here seems to be the only means of communicating with the podcast team. What's that about? Why not have message function on the Umpqua site?
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Fun and smart
It's so great the way this demystifies financial issues and money. I always find myself smiling when I listen to this podcast!
Great podcast!
Found this podcast incredibly relatable. I like the laid back conversational style. Thanks for putting into words the way many of us feel towards money.
Money feelings
On The Money
Loved it! Can’t wait for more conversations!
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