Open Account with SuChin Pak
Open Account with SuChin Pak
Slate Group Studios/Umpqua Bank
It’s okay to talk about money. At least it is on this show. SuChin Pak searches for answers about why money is so universally thrilling, confusing, powerful, and stressful through personal stories with people that inspire us to think big, and think together, about money— no matter how much, or how little, you have. Created by Umpqua Bank and produced in collaboration with Slate Group Studios, Open Account takes an unconventionally honest approach to talking about money, and proves that whatever financial struggles we have, we’re not alone.
These Unprecedented Times: Darren Marshall and  Ravi Kroesen
In 2018, when Darren Marshall took over as CEO of Smith Teamaker, his goal was to take the company from high-end boutique to major retail force. However, that kind of change doesn’t happen without some tough and painful decisions that left everyone wondering ‘is this worth it?’ But, as Darren and his head teamaker, Ravi Kroesen discovered, it was worth it--because if it weren’t for that “pain,” they wouldn’t be prepared to pivot and be one of the few companies now experiencing unprecedented success in the middle of a pandemic...
Dec 22, 2020
43 min
The Weight of the World: Scott Showalter
Thirty years ago, Scott Showalter wanted to be a classical pianist. But when he realized that despite his skill, life as a working artist wasn’t financially viable, he left music to get an MBA--a decision that decades later led him back to music, as CEO of the Oregon Symphony. And now he's in the position of dealing with the same questions he faced as an artist. The only difference: this time his answer doesn't just affect him, but 100s of people, including musicians, whose future depends on his decisions...
Dec 10, 2020
38 min
Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em: Reem Assil
How do you know when it's time to 'throw in the towel'? It's a question most of us face at some point in our lives, especially when it comes to relationships and jobs. And, it can be even more complicated when dealing with money, as "giving up" has huge implications for our financial stability and physical survival. But what if giving up isn't the only option? Or rather, what if it makes sense on paper—like it did for chef Reem Assil, who opened a restaurant during a pandemic—but it isn't something you're willing to do?
Nov 24, 2020
41 min
The Tradeoff: Sue Ra & Matt Bath
If you could either retire at 35 or 65, which would you choose? What if retiring at 35 meant working long hours at a burger joint for two decades, and retiring at 65 meant working twice as a long, at a job you love, as an attorney? Suddenly the decision isn’t so easy. However, for Matt Bath and Sue Ra, this isn’t a hypothetical situation – and they wouldn’t trade their choices for anything.
Nov 29, 2017
40 min
The Farmer’s Almanac: Jagpaul Badhesha
If there’s one thing Jagpaul Badhesha learned as a farmer, it’s that you don't take money for granted. While Jag wouldn’t trade his family's 1,000-acre operation – or the personal satisfaction of a hard day’s work – for the world, it comes with incredible amount of responsibility and massive financial pressure.
Nov 3, 2017
34 min
What To Do With The Money: Velma Davis & Kenya Davis Hayes
Velma Davis bought her first house when she was 26 years-old. Although it would’ve been hard to know it then, Davis – a first-generation college graduate in the throes of the Civil Rights Movement – was on her way to amassing life-changing wealth. Now she has a new challenge: helping her daughter Kenya figure out how to steward her financial legacy.
Oct 17, 2017
34 min
Up From the Ashes: Bryan Clay
Bryan Clay trains hard, and works hard. It's what earned him a gold medal at the Olympics, and the title of "Greatest Athlete in the World." But his training only prepared him to win – it didn't teach him to deal with failure. That’s something he had to learn on his own. With no coach. No spotlight. And no money.
Sep 21, 2017
33 min
Dreamers and Dollars: Megan Jasper
For most people, money is impossible to escape. But Megan Jasper is not ‘most people.’ She’s the CEO of SubPop Records - the iconic music label behind Nirvana and The Shins - and one of those rare people who put her dreams before dollars. And in the process, saved one of music’s most iconic record labels.
Sep 7, 2017
32 min
The Family Secret
Three siblings discuss why people sometimes hide money troubles from loved ones. The story revolves around their family business and mother—who hid their father’s gambling addiction from them for 30+ years, only to “confess” when the family was on the verge of bankruptcy. Their tale begs the question: Can you ever go too far to protect the ones you care about?
Aug 17, 2017
33 min
You Say You Want A Revolution: Nancy Pfund & Team Diva
Nancy Pfund is the mind behind the money of Tesla and Pandora. She’s a venture capitalist with a vision for change, just like Kim Colaprete and Chavi Hohm—the bombastic personalities behind Team Diva, one of Seattle’s most progressive real estate groups. Nancy and Team Diva have never met, but they’re both changing how we think about money and define profit. And they’re part of a movement that is ready for revolution.
Aug 3, 2017
34 min
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