Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield
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Exactly the talk I need in my business day
I just discovered Amy, and I’m loving her business savvy tips! I connect so much with what she shares and the real life struggle entrepreneurship is and all the highs and lows that it brings. I’ve been searching a long time to find a pod cast like this. I’ll be binging while I work from now on! I look forward to learning what she shares and applying it to my business!
Indie may
I’m lucky to have found such an amazing podcast! Really great advice for business and growth!
You seem to speak to my deepest thoughts week after week
Your shortie episodes give me the creeps because they are so SPOT ON. You literally speak to the things that I had been thinking and feeling and worrying about INSIDE MY HEAD without talking to others about it. You are comforting me in the deepest way and supporting me more than I thought possible. THANK YOU AMY for sharing these, and every episode. Your message is such a gift.
Rebecca Doring
Girrrrllllll you rock!
Amy’s experience and wealth of knowledge shines through again! And, she offers a 3 month content calendar to compliment the episode?! I truly feel blessed and grateful for all Amy has to offer! I am an over-the-moon fan!
Metta Mama
Thank you
You are such a blessing!
Absolutely, the best!
I’m a long time follower of Amy’s podcast and just love it. One of the recent episodes where she interviewed her husband was precisely the message I needed to hear at the time. And I can’t seem to stop sharing it with other. She’s easy going and deeply insightful at the same time. Always good fun and great listen. Don’t miss it!
Episode #407 is So Validating!!
I absolutely love this show, I’m actually just realizing it’s definitely my most listened to podcast to date. But episode 407 with Amy’s husband Hobie was extremely validating for me. From dark times and relationship issues to retiring early this episode offers some real talk about the life of an entrepreneur through the many different seasons.
Mindset and Strategy for the win!
Amy, this episode with Hobby was EVERYTHING I Needed to hear! Thank you for sharing the ups and downs I can absolutely relate and it is so helpful to hear that I am not alone, but with mindset and strategy we don't have to always be in a place of hustle. Keep sharing your most authentic self, it speaks to me in the most powerful ways! This podcast and dca is changing me life!
Amy’s podcast sounds amazing and professional. The content is spot on to what I need to hear for building my business. I’m thankful to have a real life example of what is possible and for Amy’s transparency in sharing her struggles in achieving her success. Amy’s podcast is the gold standard for this genre.
This is my first review for a podcast ever. Amy is amazing. I feel as if she is mentoring me through the process of creating an online business. She is unbelievably skilled at how to utilize guests in interviews so her audience can get valuable information and experience of out them. She is incredible when she is on her own as well, and isn’t afraid to let you know her insecurities and fears. I hope to get to meet her one day. Thank you, Amy
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A must for any online entrepreneur!
OMME is hands down one of the best podcasts for online entrepreneurs. Amy provides an immense wealth of knowledge and actionable tips in every single episode. I LOVE that she’s a voracious reader like me because my library has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to her book recommendations. I’m so grateful I found this podcast. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone trying to start or scale an online business.
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Love Amy's authentic real, transparent content!
Great info rich content every Episode! I love Amy's real, raw, transparent style! This is one of my favorite podcasts.
Joy Chudacoff
OMME changed my life.
I was just a petite Venezuelan woman living in Boston. My biggest fear was that I would wake up at 65 and retire from the company that hired me out of college. Then I found OMME, and Amy was my first ever introduction into the SUCCESSFUL self-employment universe, which had nothing to do with selling MLM products. I listened to OMME every single day on my way to and from work. I downloaded every episode freebie and learned all about challenges with Zach Spuckler on episode 144. With Amy on my vision board, I bought list builder's lab and courses that convert. That was 6 years ago. Today, I have quit my job, I have a thriving coaching business that reached 6 figures in 18 months, and my husband awaits the moment when he can retire early because he believes in me so much. AND... I will never sit at a corporate desk ever again. With tears in my eyes: Thank You, Amy Porterfield. I would not be here if OMME didn't exist. --ina
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Enjoy these episodes!
I love the human stories, the relatable ups and downs, and the practical tips to shift into more efficiency and effectiveness that bring us more Joy every day! Not to mention, I love Amy’s voice. About episode 400, I’m excited to see 3 of my favourite books included. I’m most in love with Big Magic so that gets special love 💗💗💗
I'm just starting an online consulting launch at 70 yrs young. I found Amy's podcast in my spam folder..and having little experience in marketing and such ...I tuned into her latest episode. Such a wealth of experience exhibited I'll be tuning into more...
You have changed my life
I use to have so many excuses as to why I haven’t started my business and you have kicked my butt in gear!! I’m building my courses and writing my book and doing all the things now. Thank you Amy for caring enough to keep inspiring us and knowing we are out there listening and making a difference. #lovelettersnetwork
Donna Hockett
30 Day Boot Camp
DCA... Here I come!
Amy. I've been listening to your podcast for a LONG time and have always found them insightful and full of practical tips. And yet, until now, I have not enrolled in any of your courses. One of the things that has held me back is believing that I can "figure things out on my own." Well, several years have passed, and even though I've written two international award-winning books and am the host of a weekly podcast, I have not gotten the traction I would have liked by this point. A few weeks ago, I finally made the decision to enroll in your DCA (Digitical Course Academy). I think the straw that broke the camel's back was realizing that a) I need to create a solid course and b) that I need all of your goodness packed into ONE place. That is: I need everything laid out for me, step-by-step, with no stone left unturned. I am jumping out of my chair ready to begin! (I actually reached out to your customer care staff to see if I could enroll early - that's how READY I am.) :) For the record, I just tuned into to this week's episode (#394 How to overcome feelings of unworthiness) which happens to be THE exact industry I am in! I literally teach people how to get unSTUCK in their lives and in their relationships by equipping them with my simple, step-by-step tools for their emotional well-being. While I was listening to this episode and shouting into my phone ("Amy! I can't wait for your to see what I've got!), I was also a) believing to myself that YOU and your team are going to help me FINALLY get my message/movement out to the world, and b) secretly hoping that one day you will proudly interview me as a HUGE success story on your podcast. :) I truly CAN. NOT. WAIT. to get the ball rolling! Thank you for showing up to the world as you do! Shira Gura, Emotionally Equipped for Life
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Shira Taylor Gura
Just wow!
Every course creator and coach (or aspiring ones too) needs to listen to your podcast and hang on to your every word. You’re amazing. I’m not a podcast person usually, but I love listening to you. Thanks for the value you bring. Always.
Pure gold!
A wealth of knowledge, insight & inspiration!
Lorelei' LL
Powerful to listen to. Thank you!
Thank you for always delivering your great message. Very helpful!
Driven to success
Thanks for the insights!!
Amy l, thank you for your insights on how to create a digital course. We have been doing our homework and reviewing your materials. We have a few course ideas that we believe are going to work for the masses. Keep doing what your doing! David and Sara - LeadwithCoffee Podcast.
Content! Content! Content!
I’m a fan after just one episode! Why haven’t I found AP earlier? I am binge listening and will likely end up listening to every episode. She truly comes in the form of bread. Thank you!!
ro blox
Thank you!
Amy is not only a good teacher, but her advice stems directly from her hard fought experience and wisdom. I appreciate her vulnerability about her journey as an entrepreneur and I love hearing from her successful students. I’ve learned so much from her podcast and I’m excited to dive into DCA this year! I have full confidence in Amy and what she teaches. Thanks, Amy and team.
This Podcast is exactly what you need!
I have been following Amy for a couple of years now and her advice is spot on and I love the calm way in which she delivers her content. Anyone who wants to successfully market their product needs to listen to this podcast!
Thunderstruck athletics
What an awesome podcast!
I was introduced this year to Amy and this podcast. I already have many notes and action items from the amazing content. Thank you, Amy, for offering guidance especially for those of us who are novices to marketing and branding.
Great Show 💯- Thanks Amy
I started listening to your show after my cousin suggested it, and I absolutely loved it. Today I was listening to one of your episodes on how to organize my business and you gave me so many ideas, and some I knew already but is one of those things that you know but don’t do, and now I’m convinced to do it. So thanks and keep the episodes coming in
Lots of good nuggets
Thankful for Amy’s podcast she scares lots of good nuggets and has many valuable guest. Although since I went through her DCA program this just adds even more value to me to create a high ticket valuable course. I love learning and hope to get through all of her podcast it’s just that good :)
Ms Desiree
Wonderful advise!
New to this podcast ~ filled with wonderful, honest information! Thank you
Am I Glad I Found Amy!!
I am brand new to online marketing and have no idea how to do it effectively. After several disappointing courses, I decided to look for a podcast, in the hopes that there was something out there that made sense to a newbie. Enter Amy! I thought it was pretty cool that we have the same last name because it’s not that common, but more importantly, her content is so useful and her style is very approachable. I could see that she’d been in my shoes and understood how overwhelming this is. I promptly signed up for her free email list masterclass, and it was so helpful that I signed up for her list building course. I have just gotten in to it and it is a wealth of information and free resources to use. I truly appreciate her step by step approach and her positivity. If you’re looking to up your game, this is who you need to be listening to!
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Amazing, Amy!
Y'all, I cannot recommend this podcast enough! The insight that Amy brings to bear on the challenges we all face blows me away every. single. time. If you're looking to level up, you must tune in!
Arlie K
Generosity = Amy
Long time podcast listener (stalker) to DCA student. Amy equips her listeners and is generous with resources but also keeps it real and inspires us. Thank you!
You and Your Content have Improved my Mission
I so appreciate all the information Amy offers us in such a great delivery format, step-by-step instructions and always a content document in the show notes. Back in the fall, I came across a Online Marketing Made Easy, and after one episode, I was hooked. You play in my car during every trip whether it is a 15 minute ride or a three-hour ride. Thank you for reading my mind and teaching me. I’m also a DCA student. Thanks for making a difference in my life. 😊
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If you want the best, this is where you need to be!
Amy is so generous in the information & knowledge she gives us. She brings the best guests and asks the right questions. She speaks in terms that everyone can understand and breaks things down that may come off as confusing to those just beginning. I have learned so much from Amy and I look forward to each new podcast that is released, and told myself listening over and over to previous podcasts. There is so much to learn here!
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Staci Z
It takes 10 minutes to get to the info.
Why 10 minutes to repeat the same info?
My favorite business podcast
Great interview and knowledge inside. ❤️
Mother Maritza
Great episodes with women of color!
The episodes with Rachel Rodgers and Luvvie have been wonderfully refreshing. I know this content can be “controversial” but Amy handled it with grace and wisdom. I loved them and I subscribed for more great content.
Taura c
I love learning from Amy
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and I learn so much from Amy. Thanks for breaking things down step by step! Also thanks for awesome interviews with other entrepreneurs who love sharing their knowledge
Jennifer from NC
Always makes my day!❤️ ❤️ ❤️
When I feel bad, confused, or just lacking in energy, Amy’s voice, vibe, and the solutions she provides always brighten me up and restore my drive to keep going. Being in Amy’s environment alone changes everything. Each episode of the OMME podcast is like a mini-classroom that you actually want to be in, so you’re guaranteed both leisure learning and results!
Simple, Step-by-Step Support
I’ve followed Amy for years, listening to the podcast first, then signing up for List Builders Society. This year, I finally joined Digital Course Academy and I’m loving it. I even got to meet her in person in 2019! What I love about Amy is that she’s the real deal through and through. What you hear on this podcast is who she shows up as inside her programs and in real life. Even though I’ve bought almost all of her programs, I still learn new things every time I listen to an episode of Online Marketing Made Easy (OMME)! Her simple, step-by-step support is a constant theme and she unquestionably puts her whole heart into everything she does. If you need help getting started (and growing) your online business, without all the unnecessary fluff that wastes precious time or never generates any real revenue, be sure to tune into OMME with Amy! You won’t regret it!!
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Ashley N Cox
So Much REAL Help and Info!
The reason I love Amy is because I feel like I can actually trust her and the methods she teaches! She gives you so much free help and tips that are ACTUALLY helpful. She doesn’t lure you in pretending that she’ll give you good advice only to turn around and sell something to you.... she actually gives awesome advice and inspiration in this podcast that you can turn around and use! And I love that so much!
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Love Online Marketing Made Easy
I am Amy’s #1 fan girl! I love her podcast for actionable tips. I’m a student of hers and she just has so much knowledge to offer!!!
Wish I could give ten stars!
I’ve been a long time listener and I can’t believe I’m just now leaving a review!! I’ve learned more about marketing from Amy’s podcast than from my 4-year marketing degree, no joke. I love that the content is actionable and so doable, no matter what stage of business you’re at. Amy, thanks for the time, energy, and LOVE you’ve poured into this show over the years. It’s made a bigger impact in the world than you could ever possibly know! - Lindsey Schwartz
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Lindsey Schwartz
I’m hooked!
I listened to my first Online Marketing Made Easy episode and I’m hooked!! It’s exactly what I needed to hear and learn to grow my business right now! It’s going to be a game changer for me because it’s going to save me so much time learning about automated marketing and putting it into action in my business! Thank you!! 🙌🏻
Amy always adds value
Whether it’s with a solo episode or through an insightful conversation with one of her amazing guests, I always learn something from each episode. I have not only learned about online marketing and creating digital courses. I have also discovered all sorts of areas of business I previously knew nothing about. Check out a few episodes and you will be hooked.
Greg Harrod
What an amazing Podcast Show! Impressive!
I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to come across this fascinating podcast show. Amy, you are phenomenal! You are doing great work for everyone. Keep it up! This podcast has one of the best intro & outro👍 Guys, I highly recommend starting listening to this podcast from the beginning:)
Giga barceloneli
So clear and inspiring. This podcast is a great way to keep yourself educated in the constantly changing world of marketing! Thanks Amy!!
So grateful for this wisdom!!
Amy shares valuable insights that I use every day as I build an online business. Thank you!!
Tried but could never get through a full ep
I tried to give this show my best but I was so bored. I tried multiple episodes and could never finish one fully. No guests. No music. Also I felt like there was so much running around and fluff before you’d actually hear a tip. A lot of prefacing and I don’t have the time or the attention span for that. Obviously a lot of people love this show and that’s awesome. I don’t mean to be an internet troll here. It just wasn’t my cup of tea but I think adding more dynamics is critical for this shows to be worthy of all the hype.
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Loving it!!
So informative and Amy’s voice is so easy to listen to! Thanks for all the tips
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