One Tough Podcast with Bo Dietl
One Tough Podcast with Bo Dietl
Bo Dietl
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Great show!
What a breath of fresh air! Keep up the great work!
Your podcasts are the best, keep them coming!
Bo where did you Go?
Bo where did you Go?
To Bo & Carlo
As a former det 2. Grade, I love your show- but I am worried because you have not posted a podcast since robin Dreeke . Please post to let me know that you and Carlo are ok . John.M former MOS
John Mazzeo
Bernie and Sid
Bo you and Carlo are awesome the Bernie and Sid podcast was the best yet I love those guys and it was great to hear them unleashed. Keep up the great shows and thanks for being true.
Love Bo....
....BUT! Got excited to hear that Bernie and Sid were on. Listened. Thought I would learn stuff about them. Nope. Soooooo disappointed. Bo, you talk too much about yourself and your escapades. Don’t bother having guests on. You can pontificate about yourself as much as you like. Sorry. The truth.
Constructive criticism
Bo, you are an awesome human being and a great American. I enjoy listening to you on Bernie and Sid, and Imus before that. Your podcasts are good but when you have a guest in studio you don’t let them talk. I enjoy when You talk about yourself which are great stories, but if you have a guest on you have to ask a question and dummy up and let them answer. Good show otherwise.
Joseph apuzzo
Good show
Joseph apuzzo
So disappointing
Most of the interviews are junk. Bo rambles on like a F’ing mental patient, talks over his guests, brags about beating up blacks & other minorities, bragging about not getting caught accepting bribes (unlike his buddy Bernie Kerik or as Bo loves to say, “I was never charged) acting in other dishonest ways that makes me question his integrity as a cop & detective. He incessantly rambles on about his hatred of Hillary but praises National Enquire owner David Pecker, Donald Trump & other a-holes. Really???? I skip the bs & just try to listen to people who he interview. Bo’s favorite saying “I was never charged”. Yeah you’re a real honest cop. Such an a-joke. PS listen to the Bernie Kerik interview. Bernie thinks he went to prison because of “politics”. His words. No Bernie you went to prison for accepting bribes & tax fraud you scum bag. That’s what the feds could prove. They also believed you were doing other dishonest stuff but couldn’t prove it. Don’t believe me? Go online & you read all about everyone’s favorite former NYC police commissioner.
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Ben Siegal
Bo is the Best!
I read One Tough Cop when it was first released. Great stories. I loved listening to Bo on Imus. Great stories! Great man! One of the best podcasts! Keep them coming!
Love the way you tell a story! Thank God for tough guys with compassion. Enjoyed the podcast with Joey Coco Diaz very much.
Lisa Pina
Very interesting podcast
Great stories! Very humble and smart dude. I hope this podcast gets the attention it deserves. Very entertaining!
The origiionator
"The Podcast"
Bo Dietl is the reason I got into law enforcement. As a young kid around 13, I was walking home one night with some friends, within the confines of the 110 Pct, the police watering hole on 43 ave was full of cops, as we walked by too get on 44 ave next to the LIRR tracks, Bio pulled us to the side in plain clothes and said you kids better keep your nose clean or else, if I see any of you kids getting in trouble (well you know the rest). Today as a retired LEO and the host of Raider-Cop Nation, I can tell you 100% Bo is the real deal.
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You go Bo
A+ Love it. Love it.
Commissioner Kerik “The Ferguson Effect”
Bo great episode you and the PC was spot on. I have young cops coming up to me “ Chief what happens if I do this will I get jammed up” I tell them go out do the job don’t hesitate that’s how you end up getting killed. I told them I deal with the aftermath I’m the one to fall on the sword. This all started with the political side of the house standing up for the crooks and not the Cops. Keep up the great work Brother! Great show.
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BK 392
Good show
CJ you should try to get retired NYPD Insp Eddie Noris as a guest. He was police commissioner in Baltimore, acted in The Wire, and did a stint in prison.
Lots of fear
Bo in 2020
Bo is the man. Hysterical. 100 percent New York. In your face, real, funny, and true gentleman. Love ya bo! Bo in 2020!
The Truth
Bo tells it like it is whether you can handle it or not!
One Of A Kind
Bo is the real deal! This man put his life on the line in the most dangerous times in New York Cities history. They don’t make them like Bo anymore. He used the values instilled in him from in his youth. He is the product of values. Whether you can handle it or not, this podcast is all truth. I suggest reading his book One Tough Cop. Bo is One Of A Kind Bo is One Tough Cop.
Bo is a mad man
But man is this show fun! Subscribe now!!
Bo is the man
Love this dude! Keep em’ coming Bo!
Lifelong NYer - Great Podcast
Bo, as a lifelong NYer I love your unfiltered anecdotal take on crime and other stuff. You're a breath of fresh air and I look forward to your podcasts. Keep up the great work!
Bo is the best
Bo is the man and this podcast is now my favorite— this show is now my official Imus replacement.
One tough podcast is the best
Bo Deitl is great telling stories of old New York City and his many adventures as he has lived a full life starting out as a New York City police officer then his adventures in the movies. Carlo does a good job of moderating the podcast and making sure that all topics are paid on. If you like real New York City listen to this podcast
Mike from Astoria
You will die of laughter
You forgot about your problems, you learn something, but more importantly this podcast gives you a good time. Listen to every episode!
Bo... loved your August 6th podcast with Danny Abeckaser. I’ve lived in Apalachin for 30 years and he was the first one I’ve ever heard who has gotten it right! So refreshing. Btw... I lived in the mafia house for 2 years. So cool to live in a piece of history. See you at Bernie and Sid’s night of comedy
Congratulations Bo You are terrific and I enjoy every second listening. I wish they were longer
Bo’s the best
I’ve been a Bo fan for 20+. These podcasts are friggen excellent, uncensored. Bo at his best. Michael “Cappi” Capozzoli PS- I’m walking across America raising $& for abused kids,
A Must Listen
Bo's candidness makes this a great podcast. Stories of him growing up and working as a cop are awesome.
Great Podcast!
Great podcast! Didn’t know Bo was doing a podcast till the other day. I’m two episodes in and hooked.
One tough podcast
This is one tough podcast by one tough guy. Maybe we should rename it one tough lucky podcast because Bo is one lucky tough guy.
True New Yorker
Great podcast. The stories are awesome, I feel like I watching a old mafia movie. Can’t wait to hear more.
Hooked after episode 2. Best podcast have listened to. Tells it like it is love hearing the war stories
Bo for president
Good dude.
This podcast has me tuned in constantly very interesting!!
Johnny Seag
Great stuff!
A fascinating look into old New York.
Great start
Great start to the podcast can't wait to hear more stories
Awesome story!
can’t wait to hear more of these podcasts , been a fan of Bo for a long time now ! Keep up the good work
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