One Thing In A French Day
One Thing In A French Day
A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day -- in France and in French. A fun podcast to improve your French! On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
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Fabulous podcast
I absolutely love listening to Laetitia recount the daily activities and travels of her family. For me, it’s an excellent way to continue working on my French comprehension and vocabulary. The transcripts (through a subscription) are a great reference after I’ve listened several times. Plus, she’s a foodie, like me, so I love those episodes in particular and also the interviews which allow me to hear other French accents and perspectives. I listen for hours in road trips!! 🇫🇷 ❤️ 🇫🇷
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C Lynne C
Lovely way to learn French and a little French culture.
Excellent for improving my vocabulary and listening skills!
Once my French improves enough so that I could actually grasp a bit of what Laetitia was saying, I began to really love this podcast. I still try to listen twice without the transcript, then listen while reading the transcript to figure out all the words I’ve never seen/heard before (of which there as so many!), and finally listen again to try to hear and understand it all at normal French conversational speed. SO helpful!
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Love catching up on my French
how can i access the transcripts?
someone pleas help me find the transcripts that are on the website
Learned a lot
I feel I know Laetitia and her girls. I gain so much from the ordinary slices of life. The way she is raising her family is commendable and yet she is transparent about her ‘oops’ in her days. I teach French and learn something new, often. I also like the staged role-playing she does with her oldest daughter or best friend. A great addition for when she is on vacation.
I am bilingual and am raising my young children to be as well. We listen to this on our way home from school/work in the car. They get to hear French from someone other than me and listen to real life experiences of French life. It is easy enough spoken French for even young children who are just learning to speak to understand, but also covers interesting subject matter for me to listen to as an adult. Win win! Highly recommend!
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Intuitive and fun
The French Day podcast is super cool.The episodes are short and manageable and Laetitia's anecdotes are always colorful and amusing. I find that I end up learning French the way a small child does, by hearing it spoken and intuitively putting together the puzzle of verbs and vocabulary. I highly recommend it!
I have been listening to Laetitia’s podcast for over four years. Her stories are engaging, and a delightful way to study French. But I have also gained better understanding of everyday life of a French family as well as of French culture. I keep a note of cafes and other establishments that she introduces in order to go there myself when I travel to Paris. Thanks to her podcast I have read new books and started following French radio programs. I use her podcasts for shadowing practice as well. They are perfect length for this. I cannot recommend enough this delightful and excellent podcast.
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One Thing in a French Day
Un podcast parfait pour exercer mon français avant d’aller en France cet été et pour me rappeler pourquoi j’adore la France.
A happy way to keep up your French
Laetitia’s snippets about her life are always happy, delicious, and enjoyable. It makes maintaining a certain level of French fluency so easy and fun.
A delightful way to keep up my French
This is such a sweet, calm, fun podcast- and such a great way for me to keep up my French skills. It’s a joy to listen to!
Merci! xo
I absolutely love this podcast. It has helped me understand spoken French better. Although this is for intermediate listeners, beginners should listen as well to get used to hearing spoken French. Since you are listening to anecdotes about a day in her life and sometimes short stories, it gives you an insight on how to use French for daily situations and teaches you about culture. This is something that my French courses lacked. I highly recommend it if you are serious about learning French and understanding this beautiful culture. They are little snippets that pack a lot of information. À demain Laetitia !
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Queen Elizabeth (GRP)
My favorite French podcast
I'm a seasoned Francophile, have a BA in French and have used a lot of different resources online for improving and keeping up my French. This is by far my favorite-- there's a personal connection with Laetitia that keeps you coming back to hear the next episode. Her news letter is wonderful and affordable. I have two small children of my own. How does she do all this?
I've only heard one and I'm hooked. It's pleasant and enjoyable listening to her talk about daily life. Great teaching tool for intermediate French listeners. Would probably be great animated!
I just love listening!
This is a wonderful podcast for the intermediate French speaker. Being able to read along with the charming Laticia is an added bonus.
Wonderful podcast!
In this podcast, Laetitia recounts a small portion of her day, entirely in French, and under five minutes. Included with this podcast is a transcript of what Laetitia says during the podcast, which is helpful when you want to be able to look up words in the text. This podcast will help the listener improve their listening skills and their vocabulary while listening to a speaker who speaks clearly and at a normal pace. The audio is of excellent quality. This is a wonderful podcast! I love that the transcripts are available for me to look up the words if I don't know their meaning, to have the words correctly spelled, and have the opportunity to also improve my reading skills. Laetitia is very easy to listen to, and I like that the podcasts are short. I also really like the variety of topics Laetitia covers in the podcasts. I always look forward to listening to the next episode to hear what I can understand this time.
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One Thing in a French Day
I have been listening to this podcast for four years. When I began listening, I didn't understand very much though I enjoyed hearing the french. I had to read the podcast in order to understand it. Four years later, I find that I understand most of the podcasts the first time I hear it. I still listen to each a second time, however, while following along with the text. Although the podcast is not a french lesson, it's a great way to keep or develop one's ear for listening to french spoken by native speakers. It's also short--somedays I am challenged to listen to even this 3 minute podcast, I would not have the time to follow any "lesson" that were longer. Lastly, it's interesting to hear what Laetitia is up to--after four years of listening, I feel as though she's a friend. Being short and interesting is what keeps me listening--and is helping my french.
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The Best French Blog
There is no other French language blog/podcast of this quality. Spoken in excellent French at a normal pace, with an accompanying transcript in French, sets this blog apart from all others. Guillaume
Pas de content
I really enjoy listening to these little stories. I am at a French 3 level, and they are definitely too advanced for me, but the challenge of piecing the sentences together just makes it more fun. What I love about this is actually that it does not provide real lessons in French; it just supplements whatever French you already know, in a very natural, fun way. Many of the other Podcasts which provide lessons on grammar and simple vocabulary would be too boring and repetitive for someone who has already learned the basics. I hope this podcast continues. Merci beaucoup!
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Very entertaining and helpful.
Laetitia has a lovely voice. Her narration flows, and her pronunciation is clear. The podcast is entirely in French. If you are a beginner, it might be difficult to follow. However, this podcast is wonderful if you want to hear French spoken by a native. If you click on the (i) by the description, you will get the text. It's helpful to listen to it once, follow along a second time with the text, and then read the text aloud for your own ear. I really enjoy listening to this series. I went back to the beginning and started with the first one.
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Excellent podcast!
Laetitia's gentle voice shares a bit of her daily life. Charming, interesting, and well worth the time spent. A transcript of each episode is on her website.
An authentic glimpse into daily French life!
Laetitia superbly marries her real life into a language learning tool. In this short podcast I learn many new vocabulary words, exercise my grammar and enjoy a glimpse into a Parisian day.
I could not imagine how hard would be for me to keep learning french if I did not have this podcast to listen to. It helps me so much in my listening skils... Merci :}
Best Podcast for Advanced French Learners
I consider myself to be 75% fluent and I am very familiar with all the grammar. I have been looking for a French podcast with a native speaker speaking at a normal pace about interesting topics. This is the only podcast that I have found where there is no translation into English and that doens't dumb down the language. She speaks at a fast pace, but still very clearly. My only complaint is that it is so short! :( I wish it lasted longer!
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Emily E.
Great way to practice French!
This is a great podcast for those of us who already speak French and can't practice more on a day to day basis. Laetitia is a lovely girl who shares a little bit of her life in a simple, yet charming way. Don't hesitate to suscribe!
Always charming and instructive
The opportunity to hear what a french person would say rather than what you might translate is invaluable. Especially pleasing is the dailiness of the text/
Podcast Perfection
Ça fait toujours plaisir d'écouter Laetitia, une narratrice aussi charmante qu’intéressante. C’est vraiment quelque chose de passionnant. Merci beaucoup.
awesome podcast
Merci enormement, Laetitia! I first started listening to "One thing" simply to practice my French, but now I just want to hear the wonderful stories Laetitia tells. I'm addicted and I certainly miss this podcast on the weekends! Keep up the great work, Laetitia!!
East Bay Mikey
A great way to get French in you daily routine. Merci beaucoup Latetia!
Charming Blog, Superb Production and high quality of language
I am a native French speaker and a language teacher in Philadelphia, Pa, and I think that this blog is far superior to many others. It is very professionally produced and the podcasts really set this blog apart. It’s a perfect tool to discover French culture and learn French (though reserved for intermediate to advance students), and I also greatly appreciate the fact that the style, syntax and vocabulary are of a very high linguistic quality; it is almost literary without being too formal. Great job!
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You are so charming
I love your podcast.
This podcast is great. It's really helped me to build my vocabulary and it has taught me a lot about French vernacular and sentence structure. Plus Latietia's stories are interesting. Merci, pour tout.
King Dufus
C'est très facile
J'aime cette podcast! Je comprends tout, merci Laetitia! Parfaitement fait.
This short, fun podcast is such a pleasure to listen to, and Laetitia has the sweetest voice. It's a daily refresher course so I don't forget my high school french, and it's so easy to follow along (Just click on the 'I' in the far left column of the episode row for a transcript). Plus, she often describes the delicious meals she gets to enjoy, and life in one of the best culinary capitals of the world!
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podcastaholic anonymous
Great Podcast
This is a perfect little "bit" of French to help me brush up on my college French. Interesting. Not time consuming. Thank you Laetitia!
Great podcast.
Merci Laetitia, j'adore votre podcast! These podcasts work great as dictees, they are a good length, provide interesting vocabulary, and transcipts are available. Really fantastic!
Bravo Laetitia
I adore this podcast. The level of French is a little bit too high for me, but I religiously struggle through her three episodes a week and it's paying off. I've learned a ton of vocabulary and grammar and my ears are starting to understand the flow of normally spoken French. The podcast is sprinkled with little cultural tidbits that I find fascinating. En plus, si je pouvais tomber en amour avec une voix, cette voix serait la sienne.
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J'adore ce podcast
J'adore ce podcast. C'est parfait pour les gens qui ont appris le francais mais qui n'ont pas beaucoup d'opportunités de l'exercer. Il y a quelques mots un peu difficile pour apprendre le vocabulaire, mais pas trop qu'on ne peut pas comprendre le point essentiel. Keep up the good work, Laetitia!
Fantastique et fascinante
I enjoy this podcast so much! I am a long-time student of French who reads well but is challenged by listening and understanding. One Thing in a French Day is so beautifully spoken and well-paced that I enjoy it enough to listen to each episode several times.
Great podcast!
This podcast is a nice refresher for a long-past study of French. After listening to it for a few weeks, my ear is being reaccustomed to hearing French and I am understanding more and more. The reading notes in the show description are a brillant feature.
C'est fantastique!
This podcast is such a fun way to review and keep up with the French language! It's been years since I've had a French class, and I'm really enjoying these small bites of French to learn new vocab and to test my comprehension. Merci, Laetitia!
Excellent Program!
This podcast provides a glimpse of French life spoken in everyday French. No explanation is given in the podcast, but one can reference the transcript on the website for clarification if needed. Very enjoyable and something I look forward to every day. Thanks Laetitia.
Charming, clever and educational
My commuting day isn't complete without "One Thing in a French Day." There may be better Podcasts for learning the language, but this one provides a peek at the modern culture, delivered by a charming narrator. Very well produced. Great feaure for iPod users: the text of each session can be displayed by pressing the center button a few times while listening.
J'addore ce podcast! Il m'a aidé beaucoup apprendre le francais. Laetitia's voice is wonderful to listen to and her pronunciation and speed are great for anyone just learning the language. And it's a great way to learn about what people in other coountries think about on a day to day basis.
Fabulous Frenchie
This is a terrific podcast. Great for an intermediate french student. I am teaching myself French and this podcast is a great supplement to my Pimsleur CD course. Laetitia has a lovely voice and speaks at a very manageable pace. Her little vignettes are full of life and charm. I hope she keeps this up. Merci mille fois pour vos efforts Laetitia!
This is a great podcast for those learning French, or those wanting to keep their french skills fresh. Laetitia has a great take on French life, and she has a beautiful voice. Ahhhh, to be in Paris in Springtime... Enjoy.
Hello Apple
Delightful visits
Laetitia's podcasts are like a chat with a charming neighbor, if only my neighborhood were Paris, and my neighbors were as delightful and easy to understand as she is! She offers glimpses of her trip to to drugstore for something to help her baby's teething (no charge for medicines in France, I learned), an amusing look at her father's experience with art museum security, tales and photos of her favorite breakfast as well as a neighbor's favorite place to park (right on the sidewalk). The sight of barges on the Seine reminds her of descriptions by the writer Georges Simenon. If I don't understand something, I read the transcription.
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