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One Simple Change Podcast
Tom Lelyo
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003 OSC - Move it in May
Part of our secret One Simple Change fb community is the change to participate in monthly OSC Challenges. This month the challenge is to Move it in May and that means we encourage our community members to post photos of themselves MOVING IT in May. The more you post and the more you encourage others, the more chances you have to win our random drawing. This month the prize is an iTunes gift card! So if you want to be a part of our secret FB community, connect with me on Twitter or Instagram or now PERISCOPE @tomlelyo
May 5, 2015
8 min
002 OSC- Consistency
When it comes to our One Simple change, it's all about consistency. And consistency affects each of us - we are either consistently working towards our OSC goal or consistently letting it slip off our minds and moving farther away from it. Our journey isn’t like climbing straight up a mountain. It’s more like a journey through mountains and valleys and side roads - but if we remain consistent we WILL reach our destination. This process, TAKES TIME. And just because you don’t FEEL something, doesn’t mean something isn’t happening to you on a cellular level. There is tons and tons of data out there that proves how our bodies take in good nutrition and begin to transform from the inside out.
Apr 29, 2015
4 min
001 -OSC - What is your WHY?
Before we talk about WHAT One Simple Change we want to make, we need to discover WHY we want to make it.
Apr 24, 2015
4 min