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One Kind Radio Podcast 04.07.23
It’s April and spring is springing into action and stuff!! Tabman is back from traveling around the world in less than a month or so. Wow. On this show me […]
Apr 7, 2023
1 hr 43 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 03.04.23
It’s March!! Spring is starting to spring or something like that. On this show me and Tabman are getting geared up and ready for the Bruce Springsteen show on March […]
Mar 3, 2023
2 hr 32 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 02.06.23
It’s February… and Tabman is back!! On this show we talk about Bruce Springsteen, the squirrel that is terrorizing Tabman’s house, John Wick 4, and Tabman has an unexpected surprise […]
Feb 6, 2023
1 hr 18 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 01.13.23
Well it’s a new year…. and here is a new show for 2023!! Took a little while to recover from the holidays… and then Tabman has been playing a bunch […]
Jan 12, 2023
1 hr 28 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 12.01.22
Holy Shit… it’s almost Christmas! Hope you all had a great Turkey/ Chicken Day and at least got to see some cool shows this past month!!! Tabman and I are […]
Dec 1, 2022
1 hr 33 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 11.03.22
November is here!! Hope you all had a great Halloween and got out to all the fun shows going on around the city. Tabman and I are here for you […]
Nov 2, 2022
1 hr 14 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 10.03.22
It’s October and Tabman and I are both back.. kinda… but this time both of us ended up with some kind of allergy/ head cold thing so we sound a […]
Oct 2, 2022
1 hr 37 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 09.02.22
It’s September and Tabman and I have once hell of a show to bring you for One Kind Radio!! Coming off a great interview with our friend and one hell […]
Sep 2, 2022
1 hr 22 min
Interview – The Beat Index – 8-24-22
After years of talking with Harrison about it…. and we finally had Harrison Colby on OKR to talk about his new release coming out on Friday, 8/26/22 from his brainchild […]
Aug 23, 2022
27 min
One Kind Radio Podcast 08.03.22
It’s August and I’d like to welcome Tabman as my co-host to One Kind Radio!! The Riverwest 24 took a lot out of us so that is why the show […]
Aug 2, 2022
1 hr 20 min