One Great Story
One Great Story
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Did I ever tell you about the time host Andrew Drake asked everyday people to share their larger than life stories? No? Well, take a seat. This is One Great Story.
Episode 4: Eric Quarton Woke Up Under a Moving Train
How does one find themselves asleep under a moving train? Never thought you'd ask that question? Neither did Eric. In this One Great Story, Eric Quarton tries to explain what his seventeen year old self was thinking. Alternatively titled: "Let's Go Look at Some Ferrets!" and "That Asphalt Looks Comfy."
Apr 19, 2020
38 min
Episode 3: "Something Smell Like Doo-Doo!" with Matt and Steven Webster
Did Steven Webster ever tell you about the time he pooped his pants in high school? No? With the help of his brother, Matt, Steven gives us all the dirty details.
Apr 13, 2020
18 min
The Time Dan Broke Up with His First Girlfriend
Did I tell you about the time Dan broke up with his first girlfriend on the worst day of her life? No? Well, you're gonna want to hear this.
Mar 24, 2020
35 min