On The Rocks with Alexander
On The Rocks with Alexander
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HILARIOUS and so needed these days!
Alexander is the absolute best, and he does his homework! He brings pop culture and current events to you in a fun and boozy way, and always has terrific guests. One of my favorite podcasts! LOVE HIM
k joneskitchen
Alexander is a rock star!
This show is always so upbeat and fabulous! The host, Alexander, is entertaining, funny and outrageous! A must on your podcast playlist!
Get Drunk with Good Spirits
Alexander is your easy, breezy cover girl host who brings honest fandom and grace coupled with his trademark sass and humor. His vivacious personality paired with tasty, juicy, zesty celebrity guests quenches any listener’s happy hour thirst for a good time and creates a heady buzz that keeps you smiling.
Sparkle WeHo
The virtual drinking buddy I need
There’s no one as well-researched and well-socially lubricated as Alexander
Laughter in the Darkness
Alexander Rodriguez and On The Rocks brings unforgettable celebrities, a ton of gut wrenching laughter, and poignant topics all wrapped up in one show! If you’re looking for some Tea and what to hear it spill with the greatest host, you have to subscribe and share the Shade with the world!
Not just funny!
Alexander is a great host. He knows how to interview people. He comes prepared and looks for the questions that no one else asks. He is naturally funny and the humor is not cheap or mean. It invites people in and allows them to join in the fun. His guests always look their best!!
the other Julie McCoy
Alexandèr the great!!!
This show has it all!! It’s so fun, I love hearing all the guests stories and Alexander is hilarious!!! He’s so smart and funny and witty. It’s honestly a great way to unwind. I pour myself a cocktail along with them, and truly feel like I’m sitting in the room with them.
Jenn Salinas
Alexander is amazing!
Not only does this show have awesome celeb guests, it has Alexander. He's funny, smart, and has no-filter. I love this show!