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Hunter Biden episode is a pharse
Very poor and unapologetically partisan episode, embarrassingly unquestioning from both the interviewer and the guest. Do better than that!
Five stars
Highly recommend! One of the best podcasts! Clear, perfectly structured, great host, great correspondents! If you like listening to clear, factual discussions about important issues this podcast is the right one for you. I really enjoyed listening to the 5 episodes about populism. Thanks to the host!!!
Anna Zanfei
Horrible transphobic episode and hostess
So I’ve been wondering for a while why the trans panic that’s sweeping red states hasn’t been addressed on the show. They finally had an episode about trans people and it’s about the UK and Meghna’s knowledge of trans healthcare and topics seemed to be a copy and paste from she who shall not be spoken’s Twitter feed. There are actual trans people in the US affected by the current state level legislation. Why didn’t you bring it up? The show has really gone downhill in recent years anyway.
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The series on "The power of populism."
I wanted to thank you for taking a deep dive on this topic. The first 3 shows are very informative and I hope that other MSM will take up this topic because I’m concerned that not enough people are aware of this.
I miss the hopefulness
A good show, but recently only about fear, worry, and division. We have enough of that from every news source... how about the creativity and hopeful thinking which used to characterize this show? I rarely listen these days as the subject matter and title are inevitably depressing, and I'm trying to find inspiration, even in news analysis
Great guests and topics
I rarely miss an episode. The hour goes by fast; I wish Meghna would be more succinct with her questions.so her guests would have more time to talk.
Zero critical thinking…
Next time you do a whole show on gender transition, please consider getting the point of young people who you were discussing and missgendering. Strong TERF vibes.
Tavistock gender identity clinic episode
My hat’s off to On Point for covering this extremely important, but nuclear subject. Particularly in the US it’s practically impossible to have a sane, coherent discussion about appropriate care protocols for gender questioning kids without name calling and recriminations. This episode transcended politics on both sides to center gender questioning kids and what needs to be done to ensure they have access to excellent support and care. Big thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting this together!
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GOP ambitions in the House by Kimberly Atkins Schoor
Ms. Schoor allowed all of her guests equate the despicable Republicans barred from committee assignments with the current honorable, intelligent and truthful Democrats. She asked no hard questions, never pushed back, and allowed untruths and partial info to go unquestioned. I love Meghna on this show. Please keep her as host and allow Kimberly to find a position more suited to her.
David Sinclair Interview
As usual, Meghna uses her incredible interview skills to dive deeply into this topic. I’ve heard several other Sinclair interviews but always felt that I had more questions afterwards than beforehand. Those previously unaddressed inconsistencies & conflicts I found with his own statements were pressed by Meghna. Other interviewers let these issues slip by. However, Meghan’s persistence, sharp analytical skills & thirst to deeply understand what the person she’s interviewing means, keeps her asking for clarifications. So few interviewers have the moxie & expertise to keep pressing for answers as Meghna does. Thx WBUR & NPR for putting Meghna in this national broadcast seat.
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Miss Week In The News
… as Ashbrook did. Was a uniquely excellent program format.
The best podcast in the world!
I encountered this podcast by mistake and I am so glad I did. If you are looking for a well informed historical analysis of social issues, then this is your podcast. Each issue takes on a journey between the past and present giving you a clear picture of underlying contexts and reasons for what has and is occurring. By the end of an episode there is often clear guidance of future directions. Insightful and audacious, this podcast will definitely leave a mark on your life.
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Longtime listener
Make America Great Again Very well done brainwash
слушатель из за бугра
Not-So-On Point
I look back fondly on the days when Tom hosted the show, but I also enjoy Meghna hosting as well but to a lesser extent. It’s disappointing how left-leaning this show has become. You can’t call yourself balanced news if 90% of your guests are of the left while the remainder is centrist (9%) or right-leaning read “domestic terrorist” or “fascist” (1%). As I said, I enjoy Meghna as the host but it’s very rare for her to give a fair shake to the right unless they have a representative speaking on the show. And for the love of God keep Jack Beatty off the show. Calling him a hack is an insult to hacks. It’s a wonder he’s even audible with how deep he lets the Democrats slide down his throat. NPR is basically a left equivalent of the Daily Wire at this point. The only difference is that I pay for that subscription willingly while NPR gets that sweet tax money.
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Out of Touch
Today’s (10/4/22) episode was like listening to a Fox News fever dream. The guests were able to present debunked conspiracy theories with virtually no pushback. This episode was a waste of time and not up to the usual quality.
that's some bull
An everyday listen
Thank for your consistent reporting and quality journalism! I’ve loved this show for such a long time and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to learn something new daily!
leftist drivel
Was the deciosn to close schools wrong? Really important topic.
Megan Chakrabarti is at the top of my list as a podcast host and interviewer. I feel like I’m listening to an authentic person and a professional journalist who is willing to ask hard questions. I listened with great interest to the podcast on Covid and children’s education. In discussing the responses of blue and red states to opening schools, I’d like to suggest an additional perspective. I have more sympathy for those who were afraid to keep schools open than the expert who was interviewed. Covid is still the great unknown. When it first appeared, we had no way to protect anyone. For a long time, cloth masks (very ineffective) were proposed and we all listened to songs and instructions about washing our hands and staying six feet away. Washing hands is a useful precaution in general. The six feet rule has no known scientific basis. While droplets were seen as the major form of infection, experts took a long time to acknowledge that Covid is an airborne disease that spreads widely in indoor spaces. And most people (red or blue) don’t seem to get this. I have liberal friends who assure me that when they go to restaurants, they choose ones that have widely spaced tables. But based on the type of ventilation indoors – or lack thereof – the virus does not necessarily spread the way one might imagine. In its first incarnation, it was more generally far more deadly than the latest variants appear to be for younger people. And there were no drugs that might have helped seriously ill patients survive. We did not know and still don’t know what long-term effects it will have on children who caught Covid. It will be interesting to see if, over the long term, students in red states outperform their blue compatriots. In blue states and communities, where Trumpers and conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers were not busy denying the devastating consequences of the infection, preserving life and health were the primary considerations. Did closing schools have a huge negative effect on children’s education? Yes. Was this decision wrong? Based on the calculations cautious people made, with the information they had at the time, I don’t think so.
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Incredible host
This show is extremely informative with an incredible host who asks delving questions that make the discussions so much more interesting. On top of that, a very broad array of topics are scheduled. My favorite podcast - don’t change a thing!
No way to fix electoral college—get rid of it!
Good topic, but since day one the electoral college has been a disaster. It prevents us from being a true democracy with one person one vote. It also magnifies our differences with its winner take all strategy. In reality, all states are shades of purple. A fix which throws problems into the courts will have to deal with the large quantities of federal judges appointed by Trump based mostly on their loyalty to him. Ditto for the rogue hyper-partisan Supreme Court now in existence. The partisan Court of 2000 with Bush Sr appointees gave as Bush Jr. and an unending war in the Middle East, not to mention promotion of fossil fuel interests over dealing with climate change. A number of states have passed motions that would in practice eradicate the electoral college. If enough states join them this could work. But if it takes an amendment to the constitution so be it. Without it our fragile democracy will probably fall apart. Thanks for talking about this vital topic.
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What happened?
This show went from being one of my favorite podcasts to a biased and one sided show that is unlistenable.
My assessment of the premise of your review: whatever Biden & Democrats say & want is True & Good, and whatever Republicans say & want is Wrong & Bad…no attempt at even handedness & fact-checking as you would have done with Trump. No mention of Biden’s inability to even read the teleprompter, pronounce the words and complete sentences. Sarah Insghur was interrogated as if she had to agree with Democrat policies to prove January 6 was bad & Trump is culpable… Before you write me off as a right-wing racist zealot I’m an African-American retired Marine Corps Colonel that attended an Ivy League University. I get my news from NPR, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, NYT, The Economist, & Foreign Affairs. What I’m looking for is critical analysis, not cheerleading & excuses for Biden & the Democrats & continued Trump is bad so Republican Policies must be bad…
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I miss Tom
This show just isn’t the same. I’ve come back several time but just can’t get into it. I have to say that NPR is really letting me down. Bob and Tom were awesome hosts and On The Media and On Point have gone down hill since they were removed.
Good Content, Gross Mouth Sounds
This is a podcast not ASMR, the mic settings need to be adjusted, those squishy wet mouth sounds are very off putting.
Rye P.
Unenumerated rights
Thank you for speaking on the ninth amendment. It’s rarely mentioned in discussions on our constitutional rights.
Awful trash.
Since they got rid of the real host, the show has steadily got worse. I have no problem with left-leaning politics I am a left-wing constituent. This is not that. She can be a bully, pure one-sided information. which far as I know is called propaganda. When they stay out of the political realm it’s somewhat tolerable, but the marching orders have come down to run the political playbook down our throats.. without vetted information. The show is nothing compared to what it used to be with Mr. Ashcroft.
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Sloppy journalism
In the episode regarding Florida‘s property insurance crisis the guests consisted of a (1) spokesperson for an organization which the host took pains to repeatedly mention is non-partisan and independent yet even the most cursory background check of the organizations website reveals that it is backed by 60 insurance companies, and (2) a state legislator also aligned with the insurance industry. Take a wild guess whether the tone of the convo was pro homeowners making the property claims or pro big business. Would’ve been nice to hear from literally anyone on the other side of this issue
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Where’s Meghna?
I miss her! And the current host does not say she is there for Meghna. Is Meghna coming back? I don’t want to keep listening to the podcast if Meghna is not coming back. She has amazing energy and is so smart and knows how to ask difficult questions! The stars I choose are for Meghna and her podcast!
Interesting, variety, & intelligent
This program is well researched, invites an array of guest experts, and covers many timely issues. I’m a happy new listener.
Thank you, I hope something can be done.
Thank you for this article. I am in Morris, Alabama the street behind me has Spectrum internet. The house behind me is 200 feet away. Spectrum says that can’t run through a background. It is about 1,000 feet to my house if they run it around the corner. But Spectrum refuses to run it to my house. I have a hotspot for 100.00 a month. But my cell service is very sketchy. I am not in the middle of nowhere. I just don’t understand. Can you help in any way?
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Pam Bantner
Meghna is the most soulful podcaster around. Thank you for your preparation, thoughtfulness, excellent questions, and the intelligence to go after so many different topics with a savvy delivery. You’re the best!
Garbage that is displayed as news
They still think that the Wuhan flu came from a bat in the wet market. The Chinese coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab. Bunch of WokeHoles
Greg Potter
The episode on the threat of nuclear war
Love Meghna Chakrabarti’s reporting, however I felt this most recent episode was far too alarmist. People are already scared (including myself) and I did not appreciate Chakrabarti seemingly trying to push one of the guests to admit nuclear war was eminent, even as he was insisting it was not. I also thought the sound bite of the nuclear weapon going off was completely unnecessary and was being used simply for dramatic effect, which I did not think was appropriate given the anxiety inducing circumstance we’re all in right now. Would have really appreciated if this episode had been solely listing the facts about what is known rather than it being driven by fear of catastrophe.
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The Friendship Gap 2/23/22
Powerful discussion of an important issue that lies at the heart of our shared and deeply troubling experience of heartbreak - ranging from the national pandemic with all of its social and political devastations, to the most personal grief of lost friends and extreme isolation mediated only by disembodied Zoom images. Profoundly relevant to this moment, illuminated by articulate, informed guests, and artfully moderated by Kimberly Atkins Storr. Bravo all around for a truly inspiring, well wrought conversation!
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On point WBUR with Meghan Chakraborti
I love this show. Meghan is an excellent host and does extensive research to bring in depth analysis if the issues at hand. Her reporting has interviews with relevant people and asks provocative and thought provoking questions. I am interested in subject matter that has a vast effect on us globally and where we need to pay attention and come up with long lasting solutions. Solutions that come from different experts and audiences rather then reporters. Thank you for doing such a great job. Wish yiu much success. Nrapendra Prasad
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Great Show
I think Meghna is a first rate host who never stumbles and keeps the conversation moving.
Wish this show had the format of 1A
I like Meghna BUT the show has little to no input from the audience. I get it. Some callers are just annoying and mumble and I don’t miss the actual call-ins. Jen White and team from the “1A” do an excellent job weaving in audience questions/ comments without the annoyance of call-ins. IMO, engaging the audience more would make the show less cold. Listening to the host talk to “experts” who have the same view point is bleh.
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Nordi W
Very progressive
Anti American propaganda. If you want to know what the progressive woke are thinking it’s a good listen. I imagine it could be run by the DNC. It’s produced well, just not what makes America or the world great in my opinion.
Poor interviewer
Meghna could use some help becoming a better interviewer. She stumbles a lot and doesn’t ask questions that drive the conversation in an interesting direction. It feels like it’s all left up to the guests.
When it’s good it’s very good, but . . .
With 10 different topic segments every week, OnPoint always offers one or two that interest me. That said, there is a clear bias in favor of leftish viewpoints, and having Jack Beatty onboard only makes that bias more apparent and predictable. A more centrist commentator would add needed balance and make discussions more interesting and thought-provoking. Megnah, with her education in business and engineering/science, brings much to guest interviews. Really good! And she is usually even-keeled when interviewing guests with axes to grind. One notable and disappointing lapse was the late December 2021 show featuring John McWorter’s critique of “woke racism.” Kudos to OnPoint for having such a politically incorrect scholar on the show. But Megnah lost her control and objectivity on this one. I never expect objectivity on NPR programs that involve race or gender, but this was over the top! Very disappointing. As to topics, please take a break from victim groups and “coping with Covid.” That’s getting old. What’s next?—“Today’s program will explore how left-handed transgender albino Tahitians are coping with the pandemic.” Richard in Gloucester, MA
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Love Meghna- fantastic journalist. One of my very favorites.
It used to be better
I like Meghan a lot but I feel like the topics are very political over the past couple years. When I listened to the show during Ashcroft, the topics were usually about some niche of the world I never knew about. I’m tired of hearing about Covid, the economy, etc.
Implicitly Biased
The program would be better if it did not lean so hard left. The program cannot even discuss economics without overt partisan bias.
Wonderful in-depth conversations
Highly recommend. Although Meghan needs to reign in her point of view bias a bit.
Quick Hitting Information
Thought provoking topics with reliable information
Thomas O71
Host Problems
Topics are interesting, guests are well-informed & thoughtful. But the host talks way, way too much. Her questions are little more than an attempt to direct the answer. The questions are more lengthy expository about an opinion than a real search for nuanced truth.
Phyllis Robbins
Finally Unsubscribing. So rude to guests.
I’ve long thought Meghna lacked empathy and active listening skills when talking to guests, but I am floored at how rude and adversial she was to union leaders in the last episode. She clearly lacks an understanding of the values, policies, and vision of teachers unions. I don’t know if she’s anti union, anti teacher, simply anti public school or all of the above. This is a well researched show and I appreciate the people working and researching behind the scenes, but I am done listening to Meghna rudely and awkwardly stumble through interviews without hearing what her guests are saying.
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The Sad Decline of Public Radio
There are other topics than "race", but if you're going to overwhelmingly cover the topic, you really should, at a bare minimum, invite competent counterpoint commentators. As a life time listener of all things NPR and local public broadcast (50 years now, literally sharing a birthday with PBS), going up on the inspiring aspirations instilled by public media, in rural Mississippi no less, it's patently clear a much less aspirational agenda is at work, one which I don't believe history will judge kindly. Not kindly at all.
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High quality podcast
I enjoy that this podcast features scientists, academicians, and others noted for their expertise. Information provided here is mostly based on fact and evidence, instead of opinion and melodrama. Meghna continues to provide an engaging, high quality, listening and learning experience. As an aside, I would be willing to pay for a subscription to On Point so as not to listen to increasingly annoying ads. Advertisements on NPR shows now are beginning to emulate those found on mainstream radio - “Do you own your own home?” Geico ads - and use many of the same types of hooks - rapid speech, and voice modulations.
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Have you done any shows highlighting the cover up by the US government on effective and inexpensive treatments for COVID-19? If so could you please share with me the dates of those shows. Thank you.
Electric Toltec
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