Jeffrey Milburn's Omni Art Salon
Jeffrey Milburn's Omni Art Salon
Jeffrey Milburn
Begun in 2005 as the worlds first cyber art salon, the Omni Art Salon features the most penetrating, cutting-edge dialogues in art, science and culture in the world today hosted by artist/visionary Jeffrey Milburn, founder of the Omni Art Movement.
What is Omni Art?
The Launch of The Omni Art Television Network! Jeffrey describes how Omni Art replaced the Pop Art movement in the late 1980's after the death of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. He also describes how Kandinsky and Yoko Ono were progenitors of the Omni Art movement.
Mar 1, 2022
8 min
The Solace of Tigre and Anastazia
Jeffrey's inspirational conversation with Tigre Bailando and Anastazia Aranaga about The Solacii, their interactive performance sculpture from The Burning Man Festival now at The Form and Concept Gallery in Santa Fe.  A fascinating exploration of contemporary Omni Art today through artistic collaboration and expression in motion.
Jul 29, 2021
1 hr 4 min
Transcending Fear with Jeffrey Milburn
Jeffrey's thoughts on Transcending Fear today.
Jan 29, 2021
12 min
Transcending Oppression with Jeffrey Milburn
Jeffrey's thoughts on transcending oppression both within and without.
Jun 9, 2020
25 min
Transcending Pandemonium with Jeffrey Milburn
Jeffrey's thoughts on how to transcend pandemonium
Apr 25, 2020
15 min
From Pop Art to Omni Art - The True Story
Jeffrey’s personal memoir of meeting Andy Warhol in 1986 at the Interview magazine New Year’s Eve party, their cookie jar exchange in January 1987 and Warhol’s untimely death on February 22, 1987. This last 53 days of the Pope of Pop’s life culminated in his spectacular memorial service at St Patricks Cathedral on April 1, 1987, and signified not only the end of the Pop Art movement but opened the doors for the creation of the Omni Art movement in the fall of 1988. The episode artwork is of Jeffrey Milburn and Andy Warhol, New Years Eve, 1986.
Sep 16, 2017
40 min
Stairways To Heaven with Jeffrey Milburn
  Jeffrey reviews Stairways To Heaven - The Practical Magic Of Sacred Space by filmmaker and best-selling author Freddy Silva. Freddy's book, Secrets In The Fields, is perhaps the most thorough and authoritative explanation of the sacred geometry and hard science within the magnificent crop circles which have appeared in more than 11,000 places in the last 15 years.    
Sep 27, 2006
24 min
Spirit Riders with James Kleinert
  Jeffrey dialogues with James Kleinert, filmmaker and US Freestyle athlete about his life before film, getting involved with the Lakota Nation,  growing up in Wisconsin, his awakened spirituality inspired from his work with Native American Cultures and his monumental work on his beautiful documentary, SPIRIT RIDERS.   SPIRIT RIDERS is an international award-winning documentary film about the birth of an American Indian peace movement, begun in 1990 by the Lakota Nation and its growth over the subsequent years.    
Sep 22, 2006
1 hr 4 min
Beyond Winning or Losing to Freedom with Mike Hall
  Jeffrey dialogues with Mike Hall about his spiritual awakening and the adventures it has brought, his spiritual journey, and the insights, challenges and expansion of consciousness he has experienced in the midst of the difficulties in the worlds of power and position.    
Jul 22, 2006
52 min
BLISS: The Quiet Teacher with Jeffrey Milburn
Jeffrey's talk on how bliss teaches one how to live life.
Jul 8, 2006
6 min
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