Oliver Heldens presents Heldeep Radio
Oliver Heldens presents Heldeep Radio
Oliver Heldens
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So happy I finally found you
Absolutely the best. I bump the shows in the car and at work. I’ve turned so many people on to Oliver. He plays the best mix, everything is amazing. I absolutely love him.
Helen Lucy
Hottest Bangers on the Set
This is my go to show no matter what time of the day. OH has a unique format where he really engages with the listeners.
Raging fart
Love - love - love
This is one of the podcasts I have constantly listened to for years. Every week OH plays new and engaging tracks. He interacts with his fans and genuinely has a passion for music!
One of the most innovative new talents
Oliver is on top of his game and keeps pushing boundaries as to what sound can be created next. The songs he puts together for his podcasts are top shelf. Really smart perfectionist here, you can hear it!
All episodes
Everyday must
Jong 49
Thank You For The Journey
Thank you for the great escape. Your music is perfect for my morning workouts💓
Great mixes
Oliver is always playing the best tunes with vibes off the chart.
Been listening to you since you started, if you read this can you repost radio # 17 that was my favorite mix. Was awesome to listen to in the mornings. Can’t seem to find it anymore.
You rock my world
Haven’t stopped listening since I found it. I’m always having a one person party by myself. Oliver helps me remember epic dance night!
Oli is the best
Been listening for 3+ years now, easily the biggest taste-maker for me. Keep it up brother and I’ll keep tuning in each week!
F*%# Yes!!!
My #1 current podcast. And most Shazammed.. Oliver Helden’s always been money! He’s one of the only artists who have never fizzled out their entire career.. if he were an NBA Jams character, he’d be on fire the whole time ⛹🏻☄️🔥
Track list chapters
Great tunes always. Oli always throwing down the best vibes. Just wish the track list was available in the episode notes. Or listed out in “chapters” like on Martin garrix and Alison wonderlands shows.
🖤 house music
I’ve listened to every show so far & can’t express enough how much joy I’ve had out of the selection of music he plays. His repertoire is endless
Top of my list
Of all the DJs, Helldeep is the first show I listen to each week.. Always in my top 3. His energy, music selection and maturity never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Oliver, you are the Bomb!
Avid Listener, Highly Recommended
So long as Heldeep radio consistently brings it, so will I in being an avid listener!
The Best!
The beats on this make it my favorite music podcast out there!
julian kimm
Hands on and old school
Oliver obviously records and introduces songs personally and doesn’t just have pre-recorded intros and outros. Old school vibe and new bass infused ideas make for an addictive combination. Check out his official remix of Chic - Le Freak!
Chrome Thunder
Heyyyy! Been a bit fan listened non stop since you first launched Heldeep Radio on SoundCloud. I love your groove! Come visit your ocean of fans in Portland Oregon soon!!
Keep it up
It's your boyyyyyy Oliver Heldens, bringing you a new mix every week!
Never gets boring!
I’ve been listening to these 16 hours straight in a car ride and still haven’t gotten bored! I love listening to these!
Oliver Helden is awesome
He always plays the fire! 🔥🔥🔥
Baroness von viant
Oliver heldens the 🐐
His music is always fire and I love him so much
THE best house music podcast
Heldens always keeps it fresh and upbeat. Every episode is truly a unique & unbelievable creation. He is the best dj in allll the land...much love dude 🕺🤸‍♂️💃
Awesome choices by Oliver
It always fresh to me
Consistently good
This is a go-to podcast for consistently good music for getting things done, from writing at work to cleaning house. Yeah, I’m that kind of fun.
Five stars!!
Nothing like a good episode of Heldeep to pump you up
I dig it
What he said
Oliver is always ahead of the game!
New music, oldies and groovy vibes. Never disappoints.
Julio Caezar
It's good.
Always good music.
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