Old Time Radio Mystery Theater
Old Time Radio Mystery Theater
Old Time Radio Mystery Theater
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brings back many wonderful memories of when i was a youngster! nice to kno still available to hear! thank you!
This show led to my old radio show addiction , which is less dangerous than my other addictions ! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!
monique schulz
One of the best of OTR! If you don’t like a particular episode keep listening. This should appeal to a wide variety of tastes. LOVE “The Quiet Man” with Ann Sothern. Give this podcast a chance.
Mildre's Marie
Mystery Theater EG Marshall
When I was a kid, I used to listen to this in the 1970s on my radio when I was going to sleep. Awesome!
Awesome. Radio drama is the best medium. Your imagination and great storytelling
done with heart
Excellent programs and narration.
Great memories
I used to listen to this on CBS with my dad. I loved this program. Brings back great memories.
Reminds me of when I was a kid listening to my radio next to my bed at night! The shows were already 40 years old then!!! They scared me then and they are VERY ENTERTAINING now. Sure they’re dated but that’s some of the fun of listening. They’re where Podcasts came from...My VERY FAVE are the CBS Radio Mysteries.
Good but not as good as Dragnet.
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Mystery Science Theatre
Love these podcasts. I can remember driving to grandmas on Friday nights and dad listening. I was scared then but now love the memories while listening. Thank you
Memories with Dad
As a child my dad would put us to bed and play Radio Mystery Theater. He has since passed but now I can listen once again and be with him in spirit #happyheart!
Just found these!
Love it! I used to listen to the creaking doors and EG Marshall’s radio voice back when I was in 6th grade in the 70’s on my little transistor radio. The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre would play at 10pm and end around 11 pm once a week. I’d fall asleep with it playing in my ear. Every so often I’d force myself to stay up and listen to the endings. The next day be so tired in class by the afternoon. Now I am retired and can listen to them on my iPhone before I go to bed with no worries about time. 🙂
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Listen to them every night!
Love love love these, every single one. So glad there’s a podcast that makes them available!
CBS radio theater
I Can’t believe I found it I use to listen as A youth ever night at 10:30 on local radio in Chicago and STILL love listening now.... That background music though love it....
Love of the past radio stories
I absolutely love this show and this type of intertainment anytime. I so wish that these radio shows where kept up to date with new stories. Thanks for the wonderful stories that take you to a better time. They sure don't make radio intertainment like these anymore, a real shame and our lost.
I can't believe I just found this. Great old radio shows. So much fun. Definitely my new favorite podcast.
Top 10 best listening - Masterclass
Writing - storytelling - talent - production The theatre of the mind has been a place I've gone my entire life - these recordings are a world in sound - consistently compelling - I've listened for decades through the night. This is one of the best radio/podcast shows ever! Listen & learn
My favorite podcast
I've explored most of the old-time mystery radio podcasts and there is none better. I look forward to this nightly.
Great Episodes
Great collection of radio classics.
Glad to see my old favorites.
I have been listening to cbs mystery theater for several years. I listened to it at night to help with my racing thoughts that made falling asleep very difficult. The shows are for the most part really good and interesting. They are like an old friend when I can't sleep.
Great way to catch up on a bygone era!
Love to hear these old shows, just proves how great art can truly stand the test of time!
Love old time radio
The best looking foreword to more shows
Hawk here
Turn off the TV
Absolutely great. I can remember lying on the floor listening to the Philco radio. Your imagination takes over, you are transported into another time and place. Thank you for saving these programs, for we who have our sight and those who do not.
Most of these are amazing. I love having these on my iPod. However, some are too dark/stupid/ridiculous/full of commercials. But i take it with a grain of salt. It's goo, clean, fun. For the most part...ha ha ha....
Sooo happy to have found these!
Free, fabulous, fun. Great variety. Thank you for this amazing selection!!
Excellent Old-time Radio Theater
I absolutely LOVE this radio drama! Thank you so much for providing it! I had been writing a tenured radio station to allow their old dramas to return! They haven't! So, I was glad when I discovered this!
Excellent Podcast
This is an excellent podcast. My only sorrow is that it hasn’t been updated in 4 months and I’ve run out of episodes to listen to.
Really entertaining. I love to listen before bed-- I hope I don't get too spooked to sleep =D
First time & I'm hooked
Listened to "Dead For A Dollar" & I got soooo hooked! I'm subscribed to a lot more Podcasts, I love them all. Luv iTunes Audio Podcast, thanks :-)
Glad I found this podcast. I love radio theatre, mysteries and horror especially, and I have listened to other radio mystery/horror theatre podcasts that just did not have such high quality, well written stories. While many other podcasts of this nature feature stories that have me either rolling my eyes or rolling with laughter at the beyond ludicrous farce of a plot ( not that I'm blaming the people compiling them for the writing). Yet still it is advertised as a horror/mystery and not a comedy. I can can honestly say though, that the stories featured here are so engaging and well executed that I have more than once found myself gripped in suspense, or fear and checking over my shoulders in a dimly lit room. I am more than delighted in never having to fear when select an episode, because they are all pretty excellent...so far. :) P.S. more Inner Sanctum please those are great, especially the host.
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Hey I just reviewed And this is crazy But here's an awesome podcast So try it maybe? KWUR Theater of the Air Awesome radio theater you will fall in love with!
Get your kids to listen!!
Imagine a couple of teenagers happily listening to these radio shows while doing chores.... IT HAPPENED! The shows proved so interesting that they were absolutely riveted to them and now pick out the evening "ole timer". Try this with your kids. AWESOME! Hawkay
Thank You for the Old Time Radio
It's wonderful, I enjoy it very much.
Great radio ...period
No filler, no nonsense, just cool old radio mysteries. Love it.
Good intro, good content and good sound quality
Well done pod-cast
Can't get enough
I could not get enough of these old school radio shows till i loged on to this web sight. Grab all the shows u can, u wont regret it. Scouts honer.
Ozmo T. Gogo
I can't believe all the free shows this place gives out
Over 3,000 totally free mystery shows in .mp3 format. No download limit. All free. This place is is a mystery lovers dream come true. An additional 17,000 shows of all different types are also offered for a small donation of ten dollars to help pay for bandwidth fees. No donation is required for blind users. There's an active old time radio forum to discuss the shows too. 5 Stars, all the way!
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