Ohtani Comes To America
Ohtani Comes To America
We follow the path of new baseball phenom Shohei Ohtani, a two-way player who came to the MLB from Japan as both a pitcher and hitter. Now coming up on Season 3, baseball is currently on hiatus due to coronavirus. Episodes for this year will be once baseball comes back again (or if they even do). Podcast hosted by Jack Sommer and Kevin De Los Santos.
60 Games of Sadness (2020 Finale)
It was a slow and torturous rest of the season to be a fan of Ohtani, even though he was finally able to just focus only on hitting after stopping pitching for his forearm strain. It turned out not to be a good year for him on either side of the baseball. Plus, the Angels once again didn’t make the playoffs (goodbye Billy Eppler), even though they almost snuck in over the Astros at the end.  It’s going to be a long offseason. In the meantime, if you want to hear more of Kev and Jack, you can listen to Pros and Cons: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pros-and-cons/id1450368529
Oct 1, 2020
39 min
And Just Like That, Back To One-Way Again
Two weeks into the covid season, we have injury news. Ohtani is off the pitching mound for the season, although luckily he will still be able to keep hitting in games. Deja vu is real because it feels just like 2018. Jack and Kev discuss what this news means, how Ohtani’s season had been going before this happened, and what it means for the rest of the year. Plus, the biggest question of all: how does this impact the idea of Ohtani continuing to pursue being a two-way player in the future?  Also, as usual, an Angels update with their chances of making the playoffs at the moment.  Shoutout to Trout Daddy on the new baby! For anyone interested, here's also a link to our other podcast 'Pros and Cons' where we talk about a mix of topics - (Apple) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pros-and-cons/id1450368529 (Spotify) https://open.spotify.com/show/4jRPV5hB2WpajBq1reEU1c?si=gZRVQZ6XTHGMP_75aHAe1g
Aug 7, 2020
38 min
S3 Intro: Going Into The Covid Season, Return of Two-Way Shohei, Angels Get Maddon and Rendon
After the longest offseason of all time, baseball is finally back! With the global pandemic of coronavirus, it’s going to be a strange limited season of 60 games. Ohtani is coming off left knee surgery from last September, and has also been finishing rehabbing from Tommy John surgery from Fall 2018. So while last year he didn’t pitch because of the TJ, he will be back to his two-way player status this year. In this return episode to kick off Ohtani’s third season playing in America, hosts Kev and Jack look at what’s to come. What might this season be like for him? And how will the Angels do after hiring a new legendary manager (Joe Maddon) or signing a superstar third baseman (Anthony Rendon)? Do they have a chance in this limited season?
Jul 22, 2020
35 min
Sophomore Year Recap (2019 Finale)
Ohtani's season ended a couple weeks ago, but the Angels just wrapped up their regular season (with no playoffs ahead of them). We talk about some minor updates about the knee surgery Ohtani had a couple weeks ago and then take a step back to look at how his sophomore season went overall in 2019 as a one-way player. Then we do a speed round of the Angels overall season, the freshly announced firing of manager Brad Ausmus after only one year (and rumors of Joe Maddon being hired in his place), as well as our suggestions for upcoming free agents that Billy Eppler should pursue in the offseason to fill spots they need. We'll be back in Spring Training 2020! You can also click below for Pros and Cons, our other (non-baseball) podcast, which we'll still be doing in the offseason: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pros-and-cons/id1450368529
Oct 3, 2019
33 min
The Unexpected Knee Surgery
There was breaking news on Thursday, out of nowhere, that Ohtani was going to have season-ending knee surgery the next day on Friday (we were as shocked to hear as you are). With no indication of this throughout the year, this was an unfortunate way to end the year. But we look at why it actually may not be the worst situation and the positive side of his recovery to come leading up to next season. Additionally, we give an update on the Angels season (officially out of wild card race, other injuries, Mike Trout to likely be MVP, and Tyler Skaggs further aftermath). We'll have one more episode after the baseball regular season finishes at the end of the month to recap Ohtani's 2019 overall, so stay tuned for that.
Sep 13, 2019
30 min
Midseason Update + R.I.P. Tyler Skaggs
The All-Star break happened this week. After a few days off, today marks the 2nd half of the season beginning. We talk about how Ohtani's done so far since coming back in early May, hitting for the cycle, getting a dinger on his 25th birthday, MLB not even offering him an invite to participate in the Home Run Derby this year, and more. Also, we talk about the latest updates with the Angels and look at the tragic passing of Angels pitcher, Tyler Skaggs, who died on July 1st at 27 years young and was a key part of their team and helped Ohtani with his transition to the U.S.
Jul 12, 2019
40 min
The Kikuchi Matchup: 1st Round Goes To Shohei
In a historic first MLB matchup in America between Yusei Kikuchi and Shohei Ohtani, two young baseball stars from Japan from the same region and high school, the two faced off for the first time in an MLB game. Being that Ohtani is only hitting this year, it was strictly a pitcher (Kikuchi) vs. hitter (Ohtani) matchup. The bats won the battle by a landslide, as did the Angels overall. They destroyed Kikuchi. We talk about the details of the game, as well as Ohtani's first month back after returning to playing following getting Tommy John surgery in the offseason. Plus, how the Angels have been doing so far in their first couple months.
Jun 10, 2019
29 min
Ohtani's Return! Sophomore Season Begins
THE BOY IS BACK! Finally, Ohtani was activated to play again this week. We talk about what that means, how he did in his first series back, predictions for this season from here on, how the Angels are doing, and other Shohei related news.
May 10, 2019
26 min
S2 Intro: Recap for Offseason, Winning Rookie Of The Year Award, and Current Status of Injury
We're back for a special offseason recap as Spring Training ends and Opening Day is here with the baseball season officially at its start for 2019. This episode breaks down Ohtani winning Rookie Of The Year, the current status of his arm following his Tommy John surgery and his workouts, Angels news with pickups and the big Mike Trout contract, and the retirement of Ohtani's idol Ichiro Suzuki. (To note: Ohtani is scheduled to come back in May, so we will plan to return when he does)
Mar 27, 2019
25 min
Babe Ruth (2018 Finale)
Exactly 100 years ago in 1918, Babe Ruth gave his case for a two-way player. Now, a century later, Shohei Ohtani challenged that. We discuss comparisons between the two players and the two periods of baseball, including their close stat lines and random overall connections. (This is our finale for Season 1, Ohtani's Rookie Year, and we will return in March 2019 for Spring Training of next season)
Oct 22, 2018
20 min
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