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ONRS - EP 606 2PT0 - Vortex of Titties
1 hour 57 minutes Posted Oct 3, 2023 at 2:20 pm.
PM EST @ Twitch.tv/onrslive
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Show notes
What jobs can a one armed person do?
Mini golf for Mikes birthday. Is it cool for teenagers to just scream now? The group behind us was just screaming the whole time.
Whats the draw for taylor swift? Her music is pretty mid, and I just cant understand the draw.
Writers strike, cena and the rock return to wwe…
Dog shit drama
TIL that some of the characters on the TV series Doug are unusual colours like green and purple because creator Jim Jinkins solidified the characters' early designs with friend David Campbell at a small Mexican restaurant, and Jim was in a "margarita stupor".
End bit: tier list - beers
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