Office Hours with College Fashionista
Office Hours with College Fashionista
Amy Levin Klein
The only Office Hours you will actually want to attend. In each episode, College Fashionista's Founder, Amy Levin Klein, chats with inspiring fashion and beauty insiders about the industry, career paths and what they have learned along the way. Listeners can expect to gain invaluable insight and inspiration on furthering their own careers while getting access to conversations you won't hear anywhere else. Get ready to get schooled in style (and learn a thing or two in the process)!To contact us with comments, questions, or speaker ideas please e-mail
Chelsea Neman Nassib on the Best Four Years of Her Life and Democratizing Art Through Tappan Collective
College Fashionista's Founder sits down with the entrepreneur who is democratizing the art world to discuss her career path and advice.
Dec 10, 2018
18 min
Lauren Gores Ireland on Transitioning from Broadcaster to Influencer to Beauty Entrepreneur
Ever wonder how the Insta-famous face masks from Summer Fridays came to be so double tap worthy? You can thank influencer and brand co-founder, Lauren Gores Ireland, for that (and your glowy skin). But before she was creating one of the most enviable skincare lines in the market, Gores was working her way up through the broadcast journalism world. So why the pivot? And more importantly, how? In this week's episode, College Fashionista's Founder, Amy Levin Klein, sits down with Gores as she discusses her career path and the skill sets she credits to her success so far. Be sure to follow College Fashionista on Instagram for more career advice: @CFashionista. And check out @summerfridays and @laurengores for more beauty and fashion inspiration.
Nov 12, 2018
19 min
Melissa Wood Tepperberg on The Importance of Health and Wellness During Your College Days
This month on CF Office Hours, Amy Levin Klein, chats with Melissa Wood Tepperberg, founder of the Melissa Wood Health Method. They chat about Melissa's unconventional college experience, her journey to a healthier lifestyle and why she launched her own method to inspire others. For questions on CF Office Hours, DM us @CFashionista @Amy.Levin To follow this month's guest, Melissa Wood Tepperberg, go to @MelissaWoodHealth
Oct 22, 2018
32 min
Jamie Mizrahi on The Role Of A Stylist and Revamping Juicy Couture
This month on CF Office Hours, Amy Levin Klein, chats with Jamie Mizrahi, Stylist at The Wall Group, and Creative Director at Juicy Couture. They have a discussion about the realities of breaking into the fashion industry as a stylist and Jamie's predictions on the future of Juicy Couture. For questions on CF Office Hours, DM us @CFashionista @Amy.Levin To follow this month's guest, Jamie Mizrahi, go to @SweetBabyJamie
Sep 17, 2018
19 min
Rachel Zoe on Going After Your Career Aspirations While Still in College
This month’s CF Office Hours is with Rachel Zoe, Co-CEO Rachel Zoe, Inc. and Founder/Editor-at-Large of The Zoe Report. We talked about the challenges and rewards that come with being career-driven at a young age and how she ended up in such a successful career in the fashion industry. Listen up and enjoy!
May 15, 2018
27 min
Alyssa Coscarelli of Refinery29 on How to Advance in the Fashion Industry
Our latest episode of CF Office Hours features social media star and Refinery29 senior fashion market editor Alyssa Coscarelli. We talked about how she got her job at Refinery, what working in the fashion industry entails, and the importance of having samples of your work when applying for a job. Plus, listen up for some amazing advice for budding writers, editors, and fashion enthusiasts.
Mar 19, 2018
22 min
Nudestix Co-founder Taylor Frankel on Why You Should Always Surround Yourself With Fellow “Babe Bosses”
For the latest episode of our CF Office Hours podcast, we caught up with Nudestix co-founder Taylor Frankel to learn how she made the difficult decision to take a sabbatical from college to launch her own brand and put those Marketing 101 lessons into action IRL.
Feb 19, 2018
18 min
Chriselle Lim on Finding Work-Life Balance
We’re back with our first #CFOfficeHours podcast of 2018, featuring stylist-turned–social media star Chriselle Lim. How exactly does the YouTuber juggle running her own brand while staying inspired and beating burnout? CF’s founder Amy Levin Klein sat down with Lim to find out in our latest episode.
Jan 17, 2018
20 min
Joanne Wilson on Kick-Starting a Career as a Female Entrepreneur
We chatted with Joanne Wilson, an angel investor and advocate for women-led companies, who founded her own VC firm, Gotham Gal Ventures. Joanne told us all about what it takes to be an entrepreneur today and how to build your own business with female empowerment at the forefront.
Dec 11, 2017
12 min
Amanda de Cadenet, Founder of Girlgaze, on Following Your Passion and Empowering Fellow Women Along the Way
We sat down with Amanda de Cadenet, the founder and the CEO of the Girlgaze Project. Amanda, who is a talented fashion and portrait photographer in her own right, chatted with us about how young creatives can get their foot in the door to the fashion industry, the importance of accurately representing women in media, and what's next for her thriving community.
Nov 28, 2017
21 min
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