Off Cuts
Off Cuts
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Talks about food with food people that make and eat food. Ever wonder what it really takes to be a foodie? ever wonder why you cant seem to pick the right wine? This collection of naughty words intermingled with science and long winded rants about the minutiae of noodles is for anyone that ever, even once, put food in their mouth and wondered why.
120. Judgement Day
We talk a bunch of trash.
Jun 18
1 hr 18 min
119. Everything But
We tried valiantly to talk about the legend, Anthony Bourdain.  We're back in studio!
Jun 11
1 hr 8 min
118. The Jewish episode
Amy Drew Thompson joins us for a redo of episode 55... talking all things Jewish.
Jun 4
1 hr 10 min
117. 16 Tons or Kitty Adventures
Amy brown joins us to talk about the labor crisis... and kitties.
May 28
1 hr 19 min
116. Business Ethics
Shooting straight at Crooked Targets.
May 21
1 hr 6 min
115. Head First, Safety Last
Stef enters the dark world of eliots head.
May 14
1 hr 20 min
114. Into The Wild
We talk with Brad about getting your food from the woods.
May 7
1 hr 16 min
Bonus Episode - Bigger, Softer, Slower
In this bonus episode of Off Cuts, it's another crossover event with Cinema Crespodiso, and instead of heavy metal esoterica, Eliot and Chris talk about the softer, slower, and/or poppier music they enjoy, plus talk about the tactile nature of art, The Beatles, our brains as computers, the birth of disco, waterboarding, and much more! 
May 5
1 hr 24 min
113. Island of Dr. Monroe
Shawn the bar manager of the upcoming restaurant Monroe joins us to talk shop.
Apr 30
1 hr 7 min
112. Influencers, Lies and Red Tape
We talk about international laws to restrict use of using names for food and drink.  Sit back with some champagne and big wagu burger while we tell you your meal is a lie.
Apr 23
55 min
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