Obsessed By Music
Obsessed By Music
Rob Esse
Obsessed by Music is a podcast where Rob Esse presents monologues and conversations about an obsession - the obsession is music. You will hear artist, album and song recommendations, interviews with musicians, and the inner thoughts of a music obsessive who was once personally invited by Prince for a night out on the town in New York!
Music At An Art Exhibition
What role does music play at an Art Exhibition? That's the very question I was in a position to answer following a visit to an art 'presentation' called 'Van Gough and Friends'. Suffice to say I walked out of that experience with as much to think about in relation to the things I heard, compared to the things I saw (i.e. images projected onto a wall) Hear the latest OBM episode to hear my thoughts about music (...not pictures) at an art exhibition*. *Reference to Russian composer Mussorgsky is intentional. 
Feb 16, 2022
10 min
Making Time To Listen To Music
With endless activities and responsibilties constantly competing for our attention, it's important to take the time, to make the time, to listen to music.
Feb 4, 2022
20 min
A Gust Of Wind with Pharrell, Hans And The Daft Punks
A song to uplift, a collaboration that gels so well, a track to get us back on the right track. This one deserves a spotlight, so here's a short monologue about 'Gust Of Wind' by Pharrell Williams featuring Daft Punk and Hans Zimmer!   
Oct 24, 2021
7 min
An Eye Mask For Music?
Have you ever worn an eye mask? OK, how about putting on an eye mask before listening to an album? In this episode I share an experience I had doing exactly that - when I sat down and wore an eye mask while listening to music. Total darkness, no lights, no visual distractions, nothing but sound, obsessed by music. 
Mar 10, 2021
6 min
A Conversation About Music With Michael O'Neal
In this episode I speak with Michael O'Neal, during which we have a wide-ranging conversation about the different facets of music. Michael is a drummer, audiophile, and fellow music-lover. He hosts the 'Beginner Audiophile' Podcast, dedicated to bridging the gap between niche hi-fi and mass audio brands. He also runs an award-winning podcast called 'The Solopreneur Hour'. 
Feb 26, 2021
1 hr 23 min
Tips For Enjoying Music With A Listening Buddy
Although I often listen to music alone (and usually late in the evening), that isn't always the case! Sometimes a buddy comes around and we enjoy listening to records together, so this OBM episode is about exactly that. Tune in as I run through my tips for sharing the experience of listening to music with a friend. 
Jan 23, 2021
14 min
Listening To Music Like Nothing Else Matters
In this OBM episode I talk about listening to music as the only activity - exploring the idea of listening without distractions, focusing on the music itself rather than anything else, and the difference between hearing something and actually listening to it!  
Oct 4, 2020
13 min
An Invitation For Bob Dylan
An invitation for Bob to join me for an episode of the OBM Podcast. The answer my friends, is currently blowing in the wind ;)  In celebration of the release of Bob Dylan's latest album 'Rough And Rowdy Ways' - I recorded this little thing, as I was thinking about his last studio album of original material ('Tempest'). 
Jul 3, 2020
4 min
5 Songs To Play During Isolation
An episode to help with getting through isolation. Here are 5 songs chosen to put some good vibes and positivity into everyone's day :) 
May 25, 2020
12 min
Remember Instrumental Music?
Do you remember instrumental music? Do you need to? These are a couple of questions I pose when it comes to listening to music that doesn't have vocals and words. Can you 'remember the time' that you heard a piece of instrumental music that you couldn't forget? 
Dec 4, 2019
11 min
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