Nutrition by Lex
Nutrition by Lex
Alexis Roberts
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Great podcast
Great podcast! Very informative!
kid Charlemagne 1995
i love nutrition by lex she is so helpful and i can’t stop listening !! <3
taylorrr ttt
Love this!
I’ve been listening to her podcasts since the beginning and I love them every week!! Thank you for educating me about what to put into my body!! ❤️❤️
bekah mclean
So Great!
Always have time for this podcast! So informative and has the best tips, love ya Lex!
Live. Like. Liv
You’re doing amazing sweetie!!
Nutrition by Lex is amazing!! She is soooo educated, and you can tell she is so passionate about what she does! I truly enjoy listening to her podcasts and becoming more educated about my health!! Carlye Wiggins :)
Carlye Wiggins
Your biggest fan
Lex, I love your podcast so much. every week I write on my planner on Wednesdays ‘ nutrition by lex new podcast’. I’m always looking forward to it and I wish you could post more but I know how busy you are! keep up the great work we appreciate it so much😍
Love it!!
This Nutritionbylex podcast is amazing!! Very informative and I learn so much! It’s so nice to listen to Lex talking about all these interesting topics and it makes me so much more knowledgeable!! Thank you Lex for all you do for this podcast I will always stay listening!! 😊
kaylee :))
I’ve been listening to this podcast from the start and it just keeps getting better! If you are at all interested in health, fitness, or nutrition you need to check this out! Lex is very informative and gives the best information! Keep up the good work!!
Awesome podcast!!
Lex gives really great tips, I always learn a lot from listening to her. I'm glad I found her podcast. Really informative!
love it!
love sitting down and taking notes to this podcast. very informative and realistic!