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Nutrition by Lex
Alexis Roberts
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The main force behind Nutrition by Lex is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term fitness and nutrition goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, sports nutrition, or fitness performance, each person is individually different. I am here to help and provided well-researched and comprehensive information you can follow for the rest of your life. Support this podcast:
11. Mental Health Awareness with Madi!
Madi and I are breaking the silence and talking about the hard stuff! Tune in to hear all about mental health and some really good tips on how to help yourself and or a friend that is struggling!!  Mental Health Recourses Follow us! @mmadfit @nutritionbylex --- Support this podcast:
May 5
50 min
10. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything with David Pereira.
Today David and I are talking about you ambition and attitude towards doing the things you do in your daily life! As well as letting go of your ego in order to help you learn and live life fully! Follow Us: @nutritionbylex Work with me! IG: @d__pereira Twitter: @d__pereira IG: @FENIX.Englewood --- Support this podcast:
Apr 14
55 min
9. IT'S MATCH DAY with Caroline Biddle!
Yalll today is the day it is match day (well Monday was) and today Caroline and I spent out morning talking all things dietetic internship, DICAS, and what it takes to become a registered dietitian!! If you have any interest in this career path you do not want to miss this episode!  Follow Us!! @carolinebiddlefit @nutritonbylex.podcast Apply for my 1:1 coaching! --- Support this podcast:
Apr 7
51 min
8. From Abuse & Poverty to CEO One Goal at A Time with Nelson Tressler.
Nelson tells us his inspiring story from murder, rape & poverty to how he became a successful CEO. He tells us the key to his success and how to tackle your goals the right way! Get Nelson's Book: The Unlucky Sperm Club: You are Not a Victim of Your Circumstances but a Product of Your Choices Download Nelsons App IGotSmarter Follow @nutritionbylex.podcast Apply to work with me! --- Support this podcast:
Mar 24
52 min
7. Canceling Diet Culture with Reagan Knightstep.
Come at y'all with a whole lot of insight today!! This long conversation with Reagan was so raw and authentic and I cant wait for y'all to listen to it!!  Follow us! @nutritionbylex Shop MadiSun Swimwear Shop Syrgent --- Support this podcast:
Mar 17
1 hr 50 min
6. Finding Balance with Olivia!
Olivia and I go deep into how to balance all aspect of your life! Work, social life, nutrition, fitness and more! Make sure to follow us! @nutritionbylex SHOP SYRGENT Use code SYRGENTFAM for 10% off! --- Support this podcast:
Mar 10
1 hr 12 min
5. Become a Personal Trainer with Grace
Wanna be a personal trainer?! Grace tells us step by step how to start your journey to becoming a personal trainer!  Make sure to follow us! @nutritionbylex @gracepfit_ Work with grace --> Grace's Youtube @syrgentwear SHOP SYRGENT --- Support this podcast:
Mar 3
50 min
4. Home Fitness Made Easy with Cortney
This ER nurse and mother of 5 tell us all of her secrets about home fitness and how she gets shredded by never going to the gym!  Make sure to follow us! @nutritionbylex @fit.with.chick @syrgentwear SHOP SYRGENT --- Support this podcast:
Feb 24
52 min
3. Healthy Eating on a Budget with Serena
Sorry about the audio yall!! My internet connection during this recording was not the best! Anyways!!! Listen to hear Serena's motivational story about her weight loss journey and get our best tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank!! Healthy Eating on a Budget Course Serena's Instagram @nutritionbylex --- Support this podcast:
Feb 17
1 hr 3 min
2. SWERK it out with Dawn Rapp!
What is SWERK?! Sweat work twerk babyyyy! This is such an amazing conversation with Dawn about how she has overcome lives adversities and life-threatening experience as well as her passion for SWERK!  FREE SWERK CLASSES! @dawndancefit Shop Syrgent - SYRGENTFAM for 10% off --- Support this podcast:
Feb 10
55 min
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