Nursing Podcast by (NRSNG) (NCLEX® Prep for Nurses and Nursing Students)
Nursing Podcast by (NRSNG) (NCLEX® Prep for Nurses and Nursing Students)
Jon Haws RN: Nursing Podcast Host, Critical Care Nurse, Nursing School Mentor, & NCLEX Educator
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Relentlessly trying to sell you own membership options
This guy’s podcast is really good at teaching you how awesome his website is and how desperately you need to be throwing your money at him. Do you want to know how to improve your grades in nursing school? Well, let me share 15 reviews from people who did exactly that by purchasing a membership to my website, all while deliberately withholding any specific information/methods for you to benefit from.
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no i can fault the nursing not fully download yet
she needs her man back. each time to play divorce, they cry for sex, those ones not fully on fault a fact published those two.
Lovvveeee the podcasts! They have significantly reduced my nursing school test anxiety . My first exam is in less than two weeks . Again, Thank you !
Jehr Dotson
I was lost but this podcast is amazing
Thank you
Literally might cry!! These podcasts are so very helpful! Thank you!!
This is so helpful! Thank you so much!
Wow, all of the episodes are all useful. Thank you for making my nursing school easy.
Luqman Gunt
The tools that NRSNG provides should be under each and every nursing students’ belts. They have constantly and consistently dedicated there work to nursing student success and that is evident! I LOVE NRSNG and everything that they do for the nursing community!
Thanks!! (:
I’m starting my nursing prerequisites in August to become a registered nurse. These study tips were very helpful!!
Motivational, informative and exciting!
I have been listening to this podcast for 2 years now! These podcasts have kept me going through pre-nursing. They have kept me motivated and excited! I even listened to them after I had my daughter and couldn’t go back to school or work yet and they motivated me to get better so I could get my butt back in school! Now that I am a semester away from nursing school, I am still using the podcasts for motivation as well as information! This podcast is so uplifting and makes me feel like I can get through nursing school! I will certainly be enrolling in the NRSNG Academy as I am confident that NRSNG will be the key to my academic success. Thank you Jon and the NRSNG team for everything! Please never stop your podcasts!!! Seeing a new one out is like seeing gifts under the tree on Christmas!
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Stand-out for novice/student nurses
There are a several podcasts now for nurses but this one stands out for having a good percentage of episodes geared towards the student and novice nurses out there. And as other reviewers mention, Jon has an effective and concise communication style.
You need this
In nursing school. If you are and do not have this, you need to get on it TODAY
Thankful for this Podcast
I’m in Nursing school and I truly feel like this podcast is like my biggest advocate in my pocket. Thanks so much for this. Really helps.
Keeps me going!!!
I will be going into nursing school next semester and this podcast reminds me of why I keep going. This dream of mine seems almost unattainable at times even though I’m on the right path and am working my hardest but you remind me of the end goal like you said in your 4 truths show, standing in scrubs with that RN badge!
First podcast ever:new nurse
Hello! I decided to look into podcasts because I find myself struggling mentally with being a new nurse. I decided to find an outlet that uplifts me and helps me strengthen my decision & accomplishment of actually being a nurse now! Nursing school and the "real world" is a whole new ball game & it has broke me down mentally. I knew it would be hard but I wasn't aware of how hard it would be. I work in a long term acute care hospital where patients are very very sick. The staff is awesome & very helping but it's the actual acute care setting that has made me doubt my decision of being a nurse. Is being a nurse really for me? I ask myself that day in and day out at work and at home when I think of work. Believe me in just a short time of a month & a half I am light years ahead of where I was coming right out of school. However, I still struggle with confidence, asking for help, patient interaction, critically thinking of how I can best help my patient? Is their something I should be noticing about my patient to potentially save their life's? I know I'm still "new" I just hate the feeling that I don't know it all yet. That I'm still struggling with the most basic stuff. I'm hard on myself because I know I can do better and I want to be a good nurse not just someone who clocks in & clocks out without making a difference in a patients day. The first podcast I heard was "your not the only one struggling" & it literally brought me to tears. It spoke about nursing school but I put in a perspective of being a new nurse on the job and the struggles you go through. I appreciated most the part where he says "your struggles/challenges are going to get bigger but it's bc you can handle them" & I thought to myself... my struggle a couple months back was finishing nursing school which I did. Now I have a new struggle of actually being the nurse and not knowing how to be a good nurse. However in a couple months I plan to say "Im actually doing it, I am a good nurse". My next struggle after that will be getting my masters in nursing!! & one day I'll be able to check that off my list as well! This podcast really uplifted me & got me motivated and able to say it's ok to struggle because it's only temporary at this moment! I already downloaded 6 podcasts to listen to when I have time! THANKS SO MUCH!!! Look forward to hearing more from you!!! Thanks for helping me believe in myself!
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Great podcast!
Rocky Mountain Nurse
Great supplement for nursing school
I love listening to these podcasts. I’m in my 3:7 quarter in my BSN program and have gotten a lot out of them. The material is not just helpful for lectures, but for clinical and for what I need to change at home to better things for school.
Simply grateful!
Thank you for all you do! I'm a new grad finishing up my residency. One day I was so down on myself. I felt like I was behind my fellow residents. I actually considered quitting. I received one of your notifications for a new episode on YouTube. I decided to listen. It was just what I needed. It was so encouraging and right on time. Thank you so much!!!
Great information great podcast!!!
Great information
Thank you so much. I just start nursing school and I'm already using the things you show us about taking a nursing test. Thank you and I would recommend this to anyone who is going through or thinking about going to nursing school
Very informative!
As an aspiring second degree nurse, I found comfort in John's story!
Great information, lazy voice.
I love these podcasts because they have a lot of valuable information. But the woman host of this podcast has the laziest voice I have ever heard in my life. I feel like I'm listening to a child being forced to read their paper in front of a class. So lazy sounding. Really doesn't make me motivated. So I just take down notes and take tips from that. I wish someone else would be the host and that they were more engaging and motivating. Too many ums, likes, uhs. I'm surprised this is a nurse with a BSN. Oh well.
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Imposter Syndrome
I didn't know this was a real thing and that others felt like this. Thank you so much as I struggle with this a lot.
Worth Listening
I've only listened to a couple at the very beginning and I would definitely recommend. I already have recommended this podcast to my nursing students in fact. This guy does a superb job.
Nursing education needs a major transformation podcast is Spot ON!!
Awesome for nursing students!
This is truely the best nursing podcast for pre-nursing and nursing students. I don't have many people in my life who understand the nursing process, so NRSNG has become my go-to for all my nursing questions. Thank you guys so much!
You have no idea what you're missing.
As I started listening to the podcast, I became not only inspired by NRSNG but curious about the website and what it had to offer. I became a member of the NRSNG academy and Oh. Wow. Throughout these courses AND THIS PODCAST, I am constantly met with more mind-blowing, valuable material. It rocks. NRSNG truly cares about nursing students and nurses. Don't wait. You truly need to listen to this podcast. It rocks!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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I walk away feeling so much better every time
Every time I listen to the NRSNG podcasts, I walk away feeling better about myself, my career choice, and feel renewed for the challenges ahead. Thank you NRSNG for your time and effort to deliver such a quality product!
Thanks for the encouragement
I'm glad I found this site. It breaks down to the key points, for school as well as the nclex. I can use this site while I drive back and forth to school and work.
Where has NRSNG been all of my life?
I love that I can listen and learn on the go and without falling asleep reading boring books!
A grateful nurse
Thank you so much for creating these podcasts, your hard work is appreciated! The NRSNG program is a tremendous gift for all future nurses, it's exactly what the "doctor" ordered! I can't wait to see you on the other side and call you my colleague. ~ FUTURE RN
Perfect commuting resource
I commute to nursing school and this is the BEST resource to be listening to while I'm driving. Really great overall review, interesting, and easy to understand. Would highly recommend!!!
It's to the point! Helps with the hard stuff and all the information is 100% useful. Definitely would recommend!
Best podcast ever
Thank you NRSNG for once again going above and beyond! I learn so much better when I listen to your podcast rather than just reading out of my books! Keep up the amazing work.
Utah nurse
Thank you!
Thank you for creating this podcast. Very informative.
Easy to fit in
Nice refresher, keeps my mind up to date and every little bit of info helps. Thanks !
Jon Haw's catalyst nexus combines Life coaching, inspiration, and education on nursing all in one.
GREAT for long commutes to school
I have a 2 hour round trip commute to class every day. That's WAY to much potential studying time to be wasting. I also bought a few of the books Jon has made for nursing students. Really helpful to hear the information presented in a concise, relevant manner.
Love this podcast! I enjoy listening to it while working out or driving. It gives lots of great insight. Can't wait for more
Not doing nursing but CNA training
I had been looking for a podcast. That touched on training for certified nursing assistant work, and was not really coming up with very much at all. Even though your podcast doesn't go into the spectrum of certified nursing assistant's I have found that the information that you guys give helps even at that level. I startedworking in the healthcare industry as a on certified home health aide . And I have decided as of August this year that I'm pursuing certification and nursing assistant work, I also go to school as a trainee for a veterinary technician work. And I amconsidering furthering my education.Through the tree or Center that I'm working through because they just started to have a home health aide program that you can do to get certifications added to your work. The only prerequisite for course is that you are a certified nursing assistant first. For me personally I have found that your program even though it isn't touch, specifically on the fields that I'm going into. I find it very helpful and encouraging for what I want to do with my educational persists . It's even made me consider the idea of looking into pursuing getting an LPN,at some point in time. I'm fortunate enough that I can do a lot of the stuff close to home the LPN program that I might be going into later I fit all the prerequisites for already :-). As well as told me about a 30 minute drive from where I live which is not horrible. I think no matter how big or small of a position you have in the nursing field we are all a family unit even the people that you work with I believe especially the nursing homes and in-home health you start them as a secondary family. And for togetherness that you guys encourage but the podcast is very great in such a high stress world.
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topic: nursing in the US territories, or overseas
Hello, Thanks so much for your great podcast - it especaily helped me ace Level One of nursing school! As I look forward to graduating and getting a job, I was wondering if you would consider doing a podcast of nursing outside of the US, and particularly in the US territories (like Puerto Rico, where I have family!). From what I understand, some testing and licensing stuff is different, even though it's under the umbrella of the US. I'd also like to learn more about how to get nursing jobs in other countries. Most websites just say things like "it all depends on where," but that is not helpful. Thanks for considering! Jackie
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jacquelyn martin
I am so happy that I found you guys! I am having such trouble with getting accepted into a nursing program. But, listen to your show is providing me with the confidence to never give up.
Rob "Ley" Terri
Future nurse 💉
I love it
wye ?
Thank you for everything you do John!
Great podcast for Nursing! Thank you for making this! Keep up the good work. I appreciate what you do here! 😄
Such a great tool for nursing students!
I started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago because I got sick of sitting at my desk studying pharmacology and med/surg. While I still have to spend some time at the desk, this podcast lets me study while I’m driving, walking my dog, running, etc. because all of the information is SO relevant to what we need to know for exams. I love the MED episodes because Jon goes over everything nurses need to know about particular drugs and/or drug classes. I did really well on my last pharm exam because of this podcast. I have recommended it to all of my classmates. Thank you Jon!!
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What a great show! I have been an LPN for over a year and am currently in the second semester of my ASN bridge program; I discovered the NRSNG show about 3 weeks ago and the content has motivated me to be a better nurse, nursing student and all around person. It has been so inspiring to hear from others that nursing school and the career of nursing can be exactly what one makes of it. Keep em coming Mr Haws, I am a believer! Thanks so much!
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Words would cheapen how I really feel about these podcasts
Where do I start? Okay, at the beginning! My first semester of nursing school was the "culture shock" and "life as I knew it would never be the same" semester. No honeymoon. No easing into the rest of my life; just full on, crazy, information packed lectures. What's a straight-A prenursing student to do? Are A's impossible in nursing school? Are the rumors true? Not with Jon Haws and his team of podcast stars! I listen to the podcasts EVERYWHERE I go! My first semester was a breeze and stress-free, for the most part, thanks to the efforts of Jon and his amazing crew! I would have paid for these words of wisdom but knowing they were free made them invaluable! I passed along the secret that is NRSNG to my fellow classmates who are strugging in pharmacology. Just about everyday, a new classmate in my cohort comes up to me and raves about the podcast and how much help Jon has been for them! I always reply with the same response, "I know! He's awesome, right?" I used to think this whole nursing thing was intimidating and nerve-racking, but now I am confident in my skills and unafraid to ask ANY questions! Thanks, again!
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Very helpful
Great review of meds and nursing all around! Helping me so much with my pharmacology exams! Thanks
Liz jave
Valuable study tool!
I especially value the med podcasts, as I'm reviewing for the NCLEX
Really love the show really helps with my studies and it's free!!!! The best show please keep it up!!!
Kuechi pilipino
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