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Created by Nurses, #NurseNationPodcast— Holistic conversation covering a variety of #Wellness and #Health topics. If it affects the body in any way, shape, or form, we’ll talk about it! #NurseLife #Nursing #Healthcare #Medicine Support this podcast:
#10-Nurse Nation Podcast: VUEW Media Inc.
*REPOST* from Upstate VUEW: “Second episode of Upstate Vuew featuring Nurse Nation Media's very own Pat Fraccola.” --- Support this podcast:
Jun 12, 2020
1 hr 3 min
#9- Nurse Nation Podcast: Nurse Spotlight : K. Reep, RN
New Nurse Nation Segment bringing the spotlight to Nurses who don’t have the blue check mark, but contribute to the profession immensely. If you follow any part of #NurseTwitter, you may know our first Spotlightee. @ReepRN (Twitter) is here to tell you that it is never too late to find your passion! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 18, 2019
23 min
#8- Nurse Nation Podcast: #NoJournalsNoEBP
We sit down with Melanie, Public Health RN from Colorado. Melanie spearheads the movement titled #NoJournalsNoEBP. --- Support this podcast:
May 30, 2019
35 min
#7-Nurse Nation Podcast: FNP- Been there, am there, will be there.
I sit down with three great friends of mine: Sarah, Shelby, and Emily. We get to hear three very interesting perspectives on Family Nurse Practitioners; Sarah is a practicing FNP, Shelby just graduated from FNP school, and Emily starts FNP school in the fall. Let’s have a conversation, it’s Nurse Nation. --- Support this podcast:
May 9, 2019
35 min
#6- Nurse Nation: PT_Journeys
Travel Physical Therapist couple, Julie and Sean, join this weeks conversation on Nurse Nation. Julie and Sean discuss their love for travel, their love for food, and their love of helping people through Physical Therapy. --- Support this podcast:
May 1, 2019
35 min
#5- Nurse Nation: Shift Report Recap
We follow up on our previous topics to discuss news breaks in the stories, expand on our thoughts, and catch everyone up on what’s happening with #NurseNationPodcast --- Support this podcast:
Apr 19, 2019
22 min
#4- Nurse Nation: Mandatory Vax Infringement of Rights?
With the NYC measles outbreak, some areas of NYC are being given an ultimatum: get vaccinated against measles, or suffer a consequence. How dangerous of a precedent does it set? --- Support this podcast:
Apr 10, 2019
17 min
#3- Nurse Nation: Dr. Dave Kingwater and John Spina
Dr. Dave Kingwater is a Chiropractor and World Ranked Bench Press Champion. John Spina is a Cyber Security Specialist and Fitness enthusiast. Together, we discuss Chiropractic medicine, flexibility, mobility, general health, and how to think to be successful. Let's have a conversation, it's Nurse Nation!  --- Support this podcast:
Mar 18, 2019
1 hr 35 min
#2- Nurse Nation: The Chicken, The Egg, or the..... First Impression?
Let’s discuss the vicious cycle of #BurnOut. What causes burnout? Is it low staffing ratios? Wait, is it the low staffing ratios causing the burnout? How can it be solved with an impression? Let’s have a conversation, it’s #NurseNation --- Support this podcast:
Mar 1, 2019
33 min
#1-Nurse Nation Podcast: Intro
Introduction to Nurse Nation podcast idea. We will be attempting to sit down and discuss multiple aspects of healthcare from the the points of view of the people working in it. Let me know your thoughts and any potential topics you’d like to discuss by emailing me at Looking forward to conversing with you all! --- Support this podcast:
Feb 27, 2019
16 min