Numb Bills Fan Podcast | Fireballs of Raw Thought on the Buffalo Bills
Numb Bills Fan Podcast | Fireballs of Raw Thought on the Buffalo Bills
David Palermo
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Best bills podcast
There’s a lot of bills podcasts but this is the best one. for the fans by a true fan. Thank you
Real and relevant
This podcast just keeps it real and relevant and great guests.
It feels like I'm listening to myself complain about the Bills in the mirror. Great podcast, look forward to it every week. See you guys at the playoff game.
Required listening if you’re a bills fan!
Are you sick of the letter networks never giving our Bills respect? well then look no further than this podcast. Dave is brutally honest and highly entertaining. Want to know where to park when you go to a game? He’s got you covered. Wanna hear about the Bills tailgating experience? He’s got you covered. Wanna hear Jason thibeault pee in the sink? You guessed it. Do yourself a favor and inject this into your ears.
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Cameron Tiller
Top notch fan podcast
I came across this podcast about a year ago and have been a big fan ever since. The host and guests provide entertaining banter, commentary as well as some solid analysis of the team and players. Highly recommend for any diehard Bills fans with a sense of humor who love the team, love being a fan and are sick of the usual negative media coverage of the Bills. Let's go Buffalo!
R. Schuyler
Great #BillsMafia Show!
I've been listening to bills podcasts almost 7yrs & These two have the best takes of any show. They're news informed Fans! You can come here for the positive analytics & Be proud to be a fan instead of ashamed like wgr550. My only recommendation is to talk Faster. I put it on 1.25 speed in stitcher baby. Love me some Stitcher podcast!!
These guys are hilarious yet informative
While I'm not the biggest bills fan, they know how to draw an audience with their witty entertainment. Wasn't let down once I gave it a shot.
Funny pod for Bills fans
We all feel the pain, these guys help to process.