Now You're Engaged - A Wedding Show
Now You're Engaged - A Wedding Show
Kenny Hopkins & Julie Occhino you're engaged and ready to plan your wedding. What next? Here we explore curated questions for inquiring couples from a variety of the wedding industries top professionals.
Get Wedding Fit for the Dress and Beyond with International Lifestyle and Wedding Fitness Coach Laila Alieh
Are you ready to get in shape for your special day? In this episode, Kenny and Julie were joined by International Lifestyle and Wedding Fitness Coach, Laila Aleih to talk about getting fit for your wedding day. Laila gives advice on creating a sustainable, healthy way to “slim down for the gown”. She explores the areas you should focus on for health and the services she offers for brides (and non-brides).   LINKS WE LOVE: Sweating for the Wedding Podcast Wedding Fit Forever Academy  Laila’s Website (Get a free strategy session by mentioning our podcast!) Wedding Wellness Retreat video   EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 1:52 How Laila got into the fitness industry 8:22 Wearing her wedding dress every anniversary 10:02 Pressures of the wedding industry to look “perfect” 10:45 Three areas to focus on for health 15:04 Her clients’ favorite services  23:01 What sets her apart from other health professionals 26:06 Wedding wellness retreats 28:24 How she helps non-brides 36:51 How to get help from Laila 43:18 Her process for the wedding week 45:52 The key services she offers 49:26 Recap 
Oct 26
59 min
What to Splurge On For Your Wedding Day
Wedding expenses can add up quickly. When you’re deciding on what things you want to splurge on for your big day, you’ll want to keep in mind your top priorities! Take a listen as Kenny and Julie dig into their top 13 items to splurge on for your wedding. You’ll hear their insights on WOWing your guests and keeping the memories of your wedding day for years to come.    LINKS WE LOVE: Let's Talk Wedding Trends 2020 & 2021  The Sablewood Guilded Group Decor Divina Strings   EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 3:16 A throwback to our trends episode 4:59 Choosing your venue 8:54 Venues with decorations already included 13:02 Working with a styling and decor company 15:42 How catering brings people together  20:09 Why photography is important 23:13 Investing in videography 29:58 Hiring a personal glam squad 34:03 Wardrobe and wedding day attire 39:39 Cakes and dessert 45:03 Invitations and stationery 47:42 DJs and bands 54:19 Floral arrangements 58:57 Fun transportation ideas 01:01:15 Event planners and day of coordinators    QUOTES: “To pay a wedding planner or day of coordinator to take the stress off of you is huge when you’re planning an event of this size” - Julie “Your food tells your guests how much you appreciate them.” - Kenny “Splurge on hair and makeup! Everyone should feel like a celebrity on their own wedding day.” - Julie
Oct 5
1 hr 6 min
Top 5 Favorite IG Follows
Searching for some wedding day inspiration? Kenny and Julie chat about their favorite wedding industry professionals to follow on Instagram and discuss some of the fun, exciting projects they’ve worked on. You’ll get a ton of great wedding day ideas jam-packed in this episode!   LINKS WE LOVE: Jennifer Matteo Instagram Jose Graterol Instagram Tailored Twig Instagram Visionary Events and Designs Instagram Amanda Savory Events Instagram The Temple House Instagram United Projection Instagram Eric Jon Instagram Lé Lauriér Instagram Kikimora Studio Instagram Kikimora Fashion Instagram Bridal Styles Boutique Instagram Bridal Styles Boutique  EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 3:13 Event planner: Jennifer Matteo 8:21 Wedding florist: Jose Graterol 11:02 Wedding florist: Tailored Twig 13:35 Event designer: Visionary Events and Designs 18:14 Event planner: Amanda Savory 21:58 Event venue: The Temple House in Miami 24:54 Projection mapping: United Projection 29:42 Photographer: Eric Jon 34:40 Couture custom bridal robes: Lé Lauriér 39:53 Costume designs and fashion: Kikimora Studio and Kikimora Fashion 46:30 Bridal headpiece, veils and jewelry: Bridal Styles Boutique   QUOTES: “It looks like every wedding they do at @thetemplehouse they have these amazing lighting setups, dance floor designs and decor.”  - Kenny “@unitedprojection uses unique projectors & screens to create geometric tunnels on the walls and it looks absolutely incredible.” - Kenny “Let’s get IG handles from this episode together on a plane and go have a party!” - Kenny “Not a lot of photographers can balance black and white in the classy way that @ericjonphotography does, it looks really amazing.” - Julie
Sep 21
52 min
Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Online Course with Spotlight Guest: Wedding Planner and Course Creator Bettina Benizri
Kenny and Julie explore the ins and outs of using a course to plan your wedding day with Bettina Benizri of Busy Bee Events. She shares a few things you must keep in mind for your wedding day including the 3 things you must do first when planning your wedding (plus one of the easiest ways to save money on the big day).    LINKS WE LOVE: Bettina's Website Bettina’s Instagram Wedding Planning Course Bettina’s Facebook   EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 1:59 How Bettina got her business where it is today 3:54 Why she started her online course 7:42 Services that Busy Bee Events offers 11:33 Pricing disparities within the wedding industry 18:37 Course overview 20:30 The first 3 steps couples should take when planning their wedding 25:50 Why everyone needs a planner for their wedding 28:54 Destination weddings 32:35 Weddings during hurricanes and tropical storms 37:14 How her course differs from virtual planning 46:18 Wedding planning during the pandemic 48:24 What it looks like to work with Busy Bee Events 55:28 Conclusion of her services and course 01:05:27 Recap   QUOTES: “You hired us to take care of everything so you can enjoy your day and not have to think about a thing.” “Sometimes people start wedding planning the wrong way and that’s why I created the online course.” “My intent was to help more brides and grooms plan their weddings correctly.” “You can save so much money simply by having less people at your wedding.” 
Sep 14
1 hr 12 min
The $99 Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Make Your Bridesquad Love You with Spotlight Guest Grace Lee of Birdy Grey
You. Need. This. With 15 core colors in 18 styles Birdy Grey offers the widest variety of bridesmaids dresses in every shape & size all at $99. Oh, and the color palettes are AMAZING. Plus they have an online Bridal Studio where you can create your look and your bridesquad can check in and get everything they need from there! Seriously it's a game changer. LINKS WE LOVE: 3 Free Swatches with Coupon Code: BIRDYLOVESNYEPOD (valid thru 9/30/20) IG @birdygrey Pinterest @birdygrey TikTok @birdygrey EPISODE BREAKDOWN 2:00 - How did Birdy Grey begin? 9:30 - Mix N Matching between styles 11:18 - What about menswear 13:30 - How do the swatches work? 14:40 - Alterations? Sizing? 17:35 - Virtual fitting parties with champagne! 18:08 - Bachelorette party accessories, shirts, masks 22:00 - Congrats bitch, Birdy’s engaged! 23:20 - Grace’s wedding plans 29:20 - How is Birdy Grey handling COVID-19? 36:30 - Recap FIND US ON SOCIAL: @NOWYOUREENGAGED @KENNETHCOOPERFILMS @JULIEOCCHINOLUXURY
Aug 25
44 min
"OMG I Never Thought of That!" - Wedding Venue Questions with Stephanie Meiser, Virtual Planner
Kenny & Julie sit down again with Stephanie Meiser of Along Came Stephanie to chat about EVERYTHING you need to ask your venue (well, as much as we could possibly fit into this episode). So many great tips & ideas come up in this episode that will help you have the BEST venue experience you possibly can on your wedding day. Also, Stephanie provides a 2020 BONUS to all our listeners: a FREE 30 minute wedding consultation with her. No questions asked, no need to book her services, totally FREE. Just mention the show when you message her! LINKS WE LOVE: Contact Stephanie for the FREE 30 minute consultationStephanie's Wedding Planning IG The Sablewood (Northeast US venue) IG for Inspo @thesablewood The Powel Crosley Estate (Southern Florida venue) IG for Inspo @powelcrosleyestate EPISODE BREAKDOWN 2:52 - Destination vs local to you? 8:26 - Should you pay for guests to travel? 13:40 - Venue space considerations and out of town guests. 20:30 - Venue space, a videographers perspective. 34:26 - Hidden costs? 38:34 - Chair covers? Yes or no? 51:00 - What if your venue has multiple weddings in one day? 57:00 - Wedding venue timeline. 1:05:00 - Quick tips. 1:06:35 - What if your venue restricts your wedding pro use? 1:12:00 - 2020 Listener BONUS details!! FIND US ON SOCIAL: @NOWYOUREENGAGED @KENNETHCOOPERFILMS @JULIEOCCHINOLUXURY
Aug 16
1 hr 18 min
Part 3 - The Enneagram: Become Your Best Most Beautiful Self in Your Relationship
30% OFF with code ENGAGED30 at: Brindleworld - Curated Vacation Wear for the Traveling Woman. Handmade goods. Organic products. This weeks episode is Part 3 of our Enneagram series. Now that we've all had the chance to find out our types, let's get into MATCH MAKING. Ok not really match making, but we dive into everything your type needs and wants in a relationship to make you feel supported, cared for, and free to become your best most beautiful self! All Enneagram information for this series is used from: Truity LINKS WE LOVE: Enneagram Relationship Match Brindleworld IGIan Cron's In Depth Test Free Enneagram Test Now You're Engaged Website EPISODE BREAKDOWN 10:00 - The Perfectionist: Relationship Needs 14:08 - The Helper: Relationship Needs 16:55 - The Performer: Relationship Needs 22:05 - The Individualist: Relationship Needs 26:33 - The Investigator: Relationship Needs 30:40 - The Skeptic: Relationship Needs 33:45 - The Enthusiast 38:00 - The Challenger 41:15 - The Peace Maker 44:34 - How does Kenny match up with his darling wife? How does Julie match up with her S/O? FIND US ON SOCIAL: @NOWYOUREENGAGED @KENNETHCOOPERFILMS @JULIEOCCHINOLUXURY
Aug 9
1 hr 2 min
Part 2 - The Enneagram, Your Relationships, and Your Wedding
30% OFF with code ENGAGED30 at: Brindleworld - Curated Vacation Wear for the Traveling Woman. Handmade goods. Organic products. This weeks episode is Part 2 of our Enneagram series. We dissect Types 5-9 and have one of our top listeners on the show to tell us about her type and what she does! Thanks Sam :) All Enneagram information for this series is used from: Truity LINKS WE LOVE: Brindleworld IGBrindleworld Online Shop - Code: ENGAGED30 for 30% offOur top listener's IG: @the_sassiest_samIan Cron's Enneagram PodcastIan Cron's In Depth Test Free Enneagram TestYour Enneagram Coach - PodcastJen Hatmaker - Podcast Now You're Engaged Website EPISODE BREAKDOWN 02:22 - Special Guest @the_sassiest_sam 12:50 - Type 5, The Investigators 26:16 - Type 6, The Skeptic 36:19 - Type 7, The Enthusiast 48:21 - Type 8, The Challenger 57:00 - Type 9, The Peacemaker FIND US ON SOCIAL: @NOWYOUREENGAGED @KENNETHCOOPERFILMS @JULIEOCCHINOLUXURY
Jul 27
1 hr 9 min
Part 1 - The Enneagram, Your Relationships, and Your Wedding
Ever heard of the Enneagram? It’s like a personality test, except wayyyy more fun & a little more deep. Join us as we go over what makes it unique and find out what your type might be and how it could even effect your wedding style. FYI fashion icon Gianni Versace was probably a 4. All Enneagram information for this series is used from: Truity LINKS WE LOVE: Ian Cron's Enneagram Podcast Ian Cron's In Depth Test Free Enneagram Test EPISODE BREAKDOWN 3:33 - What is the Enneagram? 19:46 - Type 1 - The Perfectionist 28:50 - Type 2 - The Giver 38:17 - The Achiever 51:02 - The Individualist FIND US ON SOCIAL: @NOWYOUREENGAGED @KENNETHCOOPERFILMS @JULIEOCCHINOLUXURY
Jul 20
1 hr 7 min
Bringing Love & Light Into The World with Spotlight Guest: Marty Keary, Old Daley Inn & Words From A Friend
WOW. Mid-interview we literally changed the direction of this episode. In a Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic world, Marty shows us how to live a healthier & more peaceful life with less drama and more authenticity. Not only did he go over the unique history of his AMAZING wedding venue (the reason we initially invited him onto the show!), but he brought everything down to earth and really laid out the foundations for living a good life of love and happiness toward yourself and others. Did we mention he owns an historic wedding venue? Links We Love: Dr. Wayne Dyer Eckhart Tolle Marty's Podcast - Words From A Friend Marty's Book - A Daily Guide To A Purposeful Life Wedding Venue - Old Daley Inn   Episode Breakdown: 0:44 - About Marty Keary 07:49 - The FIRST bride at Old Daley Inn in 1940 11:07 - EVERYTHING Old Daley Inn offers to couples 16:06 - Favorite parts about Old Daley Inn 17:45 - Day Of Coordinator & wedding pros at Old Daley 20:03 - When to book your venue? 22:05 - Marty’s book & podcast 24:35 - How Marty began his passion project 29:03 - Favorite inspirational authors? 30:18 - How to grow into who you truly are 34:04 - What is the core message of love? 35:25 - Overcoming negative patterns that weigh us down 37:01 - It’s all LOVE baby! 38:21 - How to stay in love with your partner 40:11 - Where to get Marty’s book 41:04 - Get a tour of Old Daley 43:29 - Truth bomb recap Now You're Engaged Website Find us on social: @nowyoureengaged @kennethcooperfilms @julieocchinoluxury
Jul 13
47 min
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