Now What? with Arian Foster
Now What? with Arian Foster
Arian Foster
Follow Arian as he explores himself through conversation with a wide variety of people and topics ranging from current events to unexplored regions of our universe. We're all walking through life guessing the best way we know how, he's decided to guess in front of an audience. This show is moving to Luminary! For more, go to
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New content
You chummed to water and hooked us. Now reel it in. All the listeners are ready for that new new!!
Indiana boy10
We want more uploads Arian
Upload 😫
Best podcast
It the best podcast out here especially if you want to know more about the black community. Great guests and nothing ever feel rushed.
New leaders
This young man is what is needed in American politics. He was extremely professional and prolific in his delivery. I now downloaded his podcast because of his handling of the interview with Tomi. He did smash!!!! Stay forward young man. He is the “ought” of our nation those like him on the so-called left or right need. Those antiquated persons in Congress need to be removed and make way for young people like this young man.
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I saw a clip of Mr. Foster having a civil discussion with Tomi Lahren regarding the NFL protests where some players kneeled during the National Anthem and their allies stood by them. I can only say Mr. Foster outclassed the quite witless Ms. Laren and that propelled me to download his podcast. I am always pleased when we see and hear and feel the reasonaable and dignified responses to social issues and Mr. Foster is a purveyor of good sense. Please have Ms. Lahren on a full podcast. It's nice when reason meets smack and reason wins.
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Just beginning the Journey...
I just recently became aware of the personal side of Arian Foster. What makes him tick, his intelligence, social stance, moral compass..etc. I could go on and on. One of the coolest cats I’ve had the pleasure to listen to and I believe his voice is an important one. I’m all in..just wish I knew this side of him when he played. I would have rocked a Foster jersey..EVEN being a Hawks fan.
Where you at Arian?
Is this podcast done?
Dean Emerson
What now
Awesome podcast.
Love it!
I’m new to the world of Arian Foster. But I’m lovin what I’m hearing up until now. He brings a unique point of view and exposes me to things I never knew about and didn’t know I’d love. Thanks Arian! Matt Wisconsin
Matt Dougherty
Foster’s take on MJ laughable
You sound like trump. You keep talking about all this research you’ve done like you’re some kind of gumshoe. Your barely cursory take/evaluation is laughable. Fail. Stick to talking about what you can actually offer credible insight on.
Screw football but I’ll listen to Arian Foster all day.
I feel smarter after listening. Lucky for us this man’s brain survived his early career.
Sid Rak
Michael Jackson Allegations Episode
Impressive research and thoughtful organization of the evidence in these cases. I find Foster's approach to be fair-minded and not agenda driven-rather, he seems driven by an honest desire to seek evidence for the abuse claims. I appreciate his reflections on what he learned from this deep-dive experience. I'd love to see any follow-ups to this story.
Leaving neverland
Really enjoyed the detail you put into this podcast best I’ve heard ... please do one on Janet I would love to hear your thoughts of her blacklisting in Hollywood for so long ...
MJ episode
I love that you dug deep. Would really like to hear a myriad of topics discussed or interviewed this way. You are so right about the click bait news. Keep on!
Engaging, Insightful and Honest
which is rare to find these days.
Pod God fits
Very good podcast. Arian is a great interviewer, has all sorts of different guests and real good conversations. Also loved this last one, his breakdown of the Michael Jackson trial was very well thought out, researched and explained. One of my favorite podcasts
I like your interviews. Just think that when you ask a guest a question, you allow them to answer. You can't always interject with a story of your own when they start to answer. It's annoying to not hear their answers after they are asked something. Don't try to be the star of the interview when you have a guest. Let them shine. It makes the interview that much better.
Great perspective
Heard you on the Ross Bolen Podcast and I’m a huge fan. Love the Album on Spotify and can’t wait for more podcasts and hopefully more music from you. Keep on keepin on my friend.
Great Podcast
great podcast - great guest - great info - #RBP
Oelke Family
Great to see you expanding the conversation bro! I’ve been following David for a year or two and everything you guys said was spot on, especially about the “right” being more organized than the “left”....
Foster legend, beast, goat.
Adrian is the best interviewer
He is genuinely interested and a good listener. He asks great questions that not only impress and make the guests eager to answer, but the audience actually wants to know as well. Listen to this podcast!!!!!!
why not more than 5 stars?
binge listening and cannot stop! admire these geniuses as they are the best in the biz.
annoyed 87
Wow!!!! Sibling podcast was 🔥🔥🔥
Podcast 45 is by far my favorite episode! Have your sister on more often...or just more historians and activists. I listened to this episode twice...
Keep doing your thing. Your open mind should be applauded!!
K Chaney
I have a lot of respect for Adrian Foster. Best podcast I heard so far. Keep up the great work and Jim Carrey come have a conversation with Adrian. Can’t wait until that conversation happen.
Excellent and elucidating
Arian asks questions, listens, and offers perspective without pontificating. What better way to learn?
all who wander are not lost
Great Show
Arian is a truly compassionate man who is able to bring on guests of all types, and have conversations that spark much needed reflection on our the works around us, and our views. He is an endlessly curious person, and is able to challenge his own beliefs when exposed to other ideas. Would love to see Colin Kaepernick on this show. Keep it going!
Naught a fan
5 Stars— Highly Recommened
Arian is a truly intriguing individual with many interesting thoughts and opinions. From sports, politics, to life and more! Check it out for yourself. Keep on rockin’, Arian.
Debate Gods.
So dope man...
Refreshingly Invigorating
Seeing and hearing this side of Arian Foster has made me forget that he played in the NFL. His ability to allow the guest to open up and give information so freely is what makes it refreshing. Even when the guest and Arian are not on the same page, it doesn’t become a disagreement because Arian has an ability to still allow the guest to express their perspective even though he doesn’t agree. I hope that Arian himself knows that there is room for improvement and it really isn’t much. Enjoy more success in this and other endeavors. I’m already excited when he interviews Jim Carrey.
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Mahvelous Dahling!
After hearing his appearance on the Joe Rogen podcast, I could tell this would be the perfect lane for Arian. Splendid show, and splendid person
Now what
Real, dope
Tim waltz
A down to earth guy who played in my favorite sport who sits with interesting people and talk about logical topics maturely. Facts>Opinions
Interesting Conversation
Great show. Foster has great way of talking/interviewing all guests and seems to get really interesting convo from everybody. Nick Wright episode is a great listen.
On par with Rogan
This man has real, human conversations with entertaining and legendary (Snoop/Deion Sanders) guests. Dude is open to hearing and discussing all ideas and never leaves me bored. Philosophy, religion, social issues, he’s got them all. The episode with Donte Stallworth is the conversation every skeptical white American needs to hear so they can begin to fully grasp the black Americans’ experience (coming from a 24 year old white man). Love it, keep at it Arian.
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Jim Carey
Why did episode 34 not have a shout out?!?
Arian is the man
Can’t wait for the Jim Carrey show. Keep up the awesome work!
Very enjoyable
I learn something new every time i listen to your podcast thank you.
Good podcast
The one with my shun prime time was elite
Waka bive18
Great podcast! One suggestion!
In the details section of each episode, you should add more to the descriptions. Things that will pique a potential listeners interest. I’m not a sports fan, but I enjoy this podcast because it’s about so much more than sports. On other podcast, when an athlete was the guest, I still listened because there were things about the conversation that were appealing to people like me. Things that were touched upon in the details section. Other than that, I have nothing but positive things to say! Keep up the great work, Arian! And, Jim Carrey! Show our boy Arian some love! And, show us, the listeners, some love by expounding your unique views on life!
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Always look forward to this enlightening and genuine podcast. This is always the first podcast I recommend to anyone.
Favorite podcast
Every week I’m reminded why this is my favorite podcast. Arian asks all the questions I hope I would ask. Fantastic content
Little bit of everything
All good. I respect Foster. Bars.
Hershey Squirts33
Fire Pod
Arian is a great interviewer. Football fan or not you will enjoy this podcast.
Good thoughts
My main critique is that there are very few women on the podcast. The perspectives provided are very important, however it says something that for every 3-5 men interviewed, there’s only 1 woman. Other than that I appreciate the variety of voices you can hear from.
Love it!!
Texans Fan for life!! I enjoy your show!! Keep up the great work.
Dope Show
The Joe Budden Episode was dope so I’m subscribing... 💯💪🏾
Challenge your beliefs
Love the conversations, this podcast is for people who want to learn and educated themselves on other people’s world views and how our experience shapes us as individuals. As a former college athlete with a short pro stint, i relate to a lot of the topics Arian discusses in finding yourself after sports as well. I’m a fan for life and look forward to seeing this thing grow.
Good one!!
I’m regular listener and I do believe in God!!!
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