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My favorite podcast!
I’m not really a movie fan, but so love this podcast! The hosts strike the perfect balance between humor and content. I love learning about the background of various film they cover. Whether I’ve seen the movie or not (and usually not), Ilea h episode is entertaining and informative. The more ‘substantial’ series, like the Nolan, Scorsese, and Kubrick episodes, are my favorite, but I also love the superhero and bad horror movie coverage. Thank you for offering so much quality entertainment!
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Consistently Great Movie Podcast
Love these folks. Been listening for years and I happily support them through their seasonal funding drives. Great banter and insightful commentary on movies that has really expanded my own viewing experience. Keep it up, y’all!
John from SLC
The best around
The best movie review podcast you can get IMO. All the host are awesome hilarious and have great takes on films.
Cool pod
I love this podcast. I wish the group of guys could add a little diversity by watching more African American movies and add a African American host just to give a different perspective. Thanks
L. S. King
Great podcast!
I’m too busy to watch the movies, but I still get to enjoy them through these reviews while I multi-task. Love it!
Adam in New Jersey
Great Podcast, Great Reviews
I’ve been listening for 7 years and have enjoyed hundreds of hours of content.
Chris Rosa
My Favorite Podcast
This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts! I’ve been listening to them since nearly day 1, over a decade ago. Not a week goes by that I don't clamor for the next episode. I avidly listen even to episodes of movies I don’t know. I’ve donated to nearly all of their donation series and can’t wait for the future episodes. Keep up the awesome works guys! Thank you for the days weeks and month of phenomenal content!
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Appointment Podcast
I look forward to the release of this podcast every week. I love the retrospective aspect and appreciate the triangulated perspective of the three-person review format. Very cool.
Pretty Limited
These guys have a unique schtick in being such completionists in whatever series they are covering. That being said, unless they are covering a standard 80’s action movie, they are really clueless and often times offensive. I chaff at the excesses of PC culture as well but when you listen to these guys cover anything involving women or involving minorities, they are incredibly dismissive and you can hear them rolling their eyes the entire podcast. They should stick with movies from their time, because otherwise they are just crochety old men completely incapable of empathizing with people unlike themselves.
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Long time listener
I’ve been listening to them since about 2010 or so. Great show that always has multiple opinions and observations. You rarely hear these three hosts all universally praise or universally despise a film and I really appreciate that. Keep it up Now Playing!
Hinsley Family
I love this podcast, I love hearing the different opinions from each host. Before this podcast I didn’t watch many movies but listening to these guys dissecting and discussing movies makes me want to watch more and more
The last film review pod you’ll ever need
Funny, interesting, always entertaining, this is the last movie review podcast you’ll ever need.
3 strikes, yer out!
**UPDATE 12/15/2011*** Some time ago I wrote a review for this podcast series and gave it 5 stars and stated that this was great podcast series and that the hosts gave informative, humorous and entertaining takes on the films in a manner that the listener will enjoy even if they disagree with the hosts' opinions. Recently, much of that has changed (For me, at least). For this reason, I'm dropping the review from 5 stars to 3 (and the 3 is based upon accumulated good-will). In recent months, the tone of the show has gotten darker, more political- Less fun. If I wanted to hear social commentary about the problems of racism in America, I would tune in to Rev. Al Sharpton's show on MSNBC. (INSTEAD OF A REVIEW FOR ROCKY 3) If I wanted to hear about women having to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace I would seek out information on that topic ( as opposed to listening to a review of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS). Had I felt inspired to listen to people afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome I would watch MSNBC or read the editorial columns at the New York Times (Or I can listen to the host explain that the entire subtext of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE:THE BEGINNING was a editorial speaking out against GWB, the traditional nuclear family and the Iraq war.). I find this new trend utterly disappointing due to the fact that this used to be my favorite podcast series. In the past I have even donated money to help the hosts out (and to get the bonus retrospectives). It getting to the point that it's getting difficult to listen to an entire episode, let alone fathom clicking on the donate tab again. In conclusion, the earlier shows are great. (As they sometimes say) "Highly Recommended". Now, not so much. If you like a bit of ideology sprinkled in with your movie reviews (or are part of the choir they preach to) then I'd definitely recommend this podcast, because, even though I loathe what they say at times, they are all well-spoken and articulate and take pride in putting out a quality show. If you want a straight up movie review podcast devoid of political/social commentary, you might want to look elsewhere. Furthermore, the affiant sayeth naught. 1/6/13 For the most part, the show has reverted to its initial entertaining ways. There is, it seems, a concerted effort NOT to read political subtext into films where, if it exists, it is subject to interpretation and if it doesn't, nobody strains to create one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 10/3/2020 For the most part, I’ve stopped listening. If there is a show or a series where I can be fairly confident that there won’t be virtue-signaling I’ll give it a shot. Those releases have become fewer, and further between. The podcast has become a joyless exercise in “woke-ness”. This will be my final update as, after 12 years…yes 12 years…I’m going to unsubscribe. If anyone reads this review, you will notice an ongoing theme. I’m very political. That said, but I’m not interested in a “Reeses Peanut Butter Cup” movie podcasts. I like my entertainment and politics separated. If I wanted “TDS” or “Social Justice Warrioring” in my entertainment, there is a plethora of places to go. I raised these issue early on in my listenership pertaining to “Bush Derangement Syndrome” finding its way into their reviews. Oddly enough, politics all but disappears during the 8 years we endured the Obama administration. That must be due to the fact that his biggest scandal involved him wearing a tan suit. (Insert emoji of choice related to sarcasm.) I’m all for the 1st Amendment and the hosts are free to opine on whatever they want and to incorporate politics however they choose and I can choose not to listen. What bothers me most is the hypocrisy. Most of the hosts have a long track record of saying very—shall we say un-PC things—about the finer sex. One could say that objectifying said gender was a trademark of the earlier episodes. Hosts that feign outrage about alleged comments of political leaders have espoused, in graphic detail, a description of a young A-lister’s hacked icloud photos. If he was so concerned about the objectification/ mistreatment of women, then he should have realized that it’s imprudent to reference, let alone, delve into the graphic details of said starlet’s leaked photos. In conclusion, this is a sad occasion. I literally began listening before they completed their first retrospective. (Friday the 13th) I’ve donated hundreds-strike that—probably in excess of a thousand dollars to support NPP. I may return when Brock returns to revisit the old series. BTW- Brock seems like a great guy and stays above the fray. As it relates to week to week (and donation series) the show is just not enjoyable—for me—anymore. STRONG NOT RECOMMEND. To be fair, if you are like minded politically and don’t mind them seeking out the “boogeyman” in any movie of any genre, give the podcast a shot. The hosts are very well prepared and the show has top notch production values.
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Like movies for your ears!
Been listening for years. As someone who did a lot of driving, it was nice to hear this group discuss my favorite films! They go through the whole plot, discuss their takes, and even provide some insight into the themes! This podcast will have you watching films you never have, just so you can listen to the Now Playing Crew review them!
Mike Booch
Interesting conversations
Good podcast, too negative at times. Not every movie has to be a masterpiece some can just be fun and entertaining
The gold standard
Best review option since At The Movies! I love how they thoroughly discuss the movie BEFORE giving their rating. Always a great listen. I even listen to reviews of movies I don’t care about just to hear their discussion.
The venganza media incorporated fan club
I want you guys to come to my 19th birthday party
I enjoy some of your reviews but...
Normally I wouldn’t nitpick something like this but since you guys make such a big deal out of it... Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, meaning that right now people between the ages of 24 and 39 are millennials. The characters in The New Mutants (and in the MCU Spider-Man movies) are NOT millennials. They would be classified as “Gen Z” if you feel the need to use these types of terms. Millennial is not a blanket term for “teenager” or “young person.” Again, people in their 30s are millennials! If detail matters, let detail matter!
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MJ 20202
Runny Brown Arrow
I’ve been listening to these guys since the beginning. Ten years. I’ve donated to several of their “donation drives”. I’ve even donated to their kickstarter for their “book”, which apparently cost them thousands to hire a 2nd grader to do the art. It’s embarrassingly bad. So what happened? Well, the 2016 Election happened, and these Gen Xers caught a bad case of TDS, rendering them hilariously out of touch with the normie crowd. Suddenly, after a DECADE, they can only see films through their newfound puritan identity politics. Every discussion is now racist, sexist, homophobic, white privilege, etc. These three middle aged white men have devolved into cringey college student social activists. Like a boomer buying a corvette during a midlife crisis, these Gen Xers are desperately trying to keep up with the “hip” twitter kids. The best and funniest example, is when Arnie and Jakob have to explain to Stuart what “Incel” means during their review of Joker. The show had already been going downhill by that point, but I continued to listen purely out of habit (like I said, 10 years i’ve been a fan). But that was the moment I realized I could no longer take them seriously. It was almost poetic, because I wasn’t angry or sad...I was LAUGHING! In their desperation to say the “right” things, it’s only a matter of time before they’re inevitably “canceled” by those more “woke” then them. Good luck guys! STRONG NOT RECOMMEND.
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These guys are great
I’m not going to pretend like I know whose voice is whose, and I’m not going to pretend like I’ve been listening since the beginning. But I have been listening for about 2 years, and listened to about a years worth of back episodes. I can honestly say this is my favorite movie podcast. I listen to a few dozen movie podcasts, but I find myself listening to these guys first. They don’t like everything, which is fine. They aren’t here to tell you every movie is perfect. They also don’t nitpick tiny unimportant details. They offer fair criticism. And the podcast is produced very well and the audio is always perfect. I hope they do this podcast for another 1,000 episodes. I’ll listen to every single one.
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Intelligent Criticism
I have great respect for this podcast. The trio complement each other and each cast flows with energy and intelligence. Their reviews of David Lynch’s films and tv Twin Peaks are really sharp. I went to their Now Peaking and admired the effort they put into explicating each episode of the three seasons of Twin Peaks. I smiled at their frustrations and flashes of anger as their patience was tested by Lynch’ loopy “art” I personally think that Lynch lost it after Lost Highway and became a poseur and charlatan- the guys were a bit nicer. And they had problems with the plot and pacing of Blade Runner!??! Go figure.
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B in Scarsdale
These guys hate everything
It seems like these guys get more and more miserable as the years go on. They hate EVERYTHING. Maybe take some time off to help remember why you originally liked movies.
Strong green arrow recommend
Of all the movie review podcasts, this one, in my opinion, is the best and most entertaining. I especially love the blooper reel at the end of each podcast. I’m always amazed and impressed how these people maintain day jobs and still manage the time to produce these. There are so many episodes and even if I’m not particularly interested in the movie that they are reviewing, I’m still interested in the conversation surrounding it. Keep up the great work!
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Kryptonian Orphan
awesome content!!
i’ve been listening to now playing since i was in 5th grade!! i’m now in my second year of college and i still listen/relisten to so many of these podcasts. i love the background knowledge everyone is able to provide based on their own experiences and it helps that they’re all very like-able and funny people. i’ve accidentally busted out laughing multiple times in public while listening haha! what’s so strange is i almost feel the same way about this podcast as many of the hosts feel about star wars/a nightmare on elm street/alien; it has become a defining trait of my childhood and has always been an almost light that i utilized even in the darkest moments of childhood. sorry to get dramatic, i’m just such a fan of the podcast and will continue to listen as long as you guys are producing more episodes!!
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The best to ever do it!
Arnie and the crew bring simply the widest and most diverse body of knowledge on pop culture. The hosts are in-depth, well-spoken and funny. Arnie and Stuart in particular are a good yin-yang to each other. They clearly prefer different films (Stuart seems to prefer dramas and artsier stuff while Arnie likes action and comic book movies, although interestingly they both love horror) but respect the other’s views. My only complaint is I wish we saw Brock and Marjorie on the show more often! But anyways these guys are the only movie podcast you need. They cover many genres and if they start a series they will cover everything in that series. Great work ethic and a polished production honed from experience.
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Best movie podcast
I have been listening for a long time. I relisten to podcasts on road trips and find them enlightening. But most important, in today’s pandemic, it is like watching a movie with a few good friends and discussing what you got out of it. They are great bringing different perspectives. Very entertaining. Not enough stars I don’t always agree with them, but I am always entertained.
wwechamps say no
Two of these guys have the whiniest voices I have ever heard. Listening to them forced me to write a review. Guys collect yourselves and speak a little more calmly. However if their voices weren’t so bad the content of their speech is still brutally annoying. I’ve heard their reviews of Philip k dick movies and of doctor sleep. They focus on inane details for the entire podcast. Could you guys spend any more time on the problem with Henry Thomas as jack Nicholson. I actually agreed with them but they beat the point to death and it’s a short scene. Please stop podcasting.
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Love the show.
Started with the Friday series. Love all the shows.
Best Movie Review Podcast Available
I have been a Now Playing listener for 7 or 8 years and this continuously tops my playlist. I was originally searching for in-depth reviews, good critical analysis, commentary, and some fun. If that’s the type of review you want - this is it. The research, facts and detail are second to none. Arne and team are true professionals and prepare themselves as such for every podcast. Over the years, I have tried quite a few other review podcasts and they seem like jr high school attempts compared to Now Playing. Do they have quirks, biases, opinions that I don’t share? Of course they do and that is the whole point of reviewing and discussing art...I appreciate the broad spectrum they provide...even if Stuart does look a little too deep sometimes :) I’ve done the donation drives for years also and when you look at all the hours of content plus the weekly release, it is really inexpensive but high quality entertainment Worth every dollar.... I just listened to the 1000th episode and loved that the whole crew of 7 was in for the review. I’m looking forward to the next 1000! Thank You Now Playing! -Chris
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Take a drink…
every time Arnie ends a sentence with “…and things” or “…and everything”. You’ll be hammered in no time.
Phenomenal Movie Podcast
Really terrific. Been listening for 10+ years, definitely in my podcast hall of fame.
What the hell
One of these guys always tries to put symbolism that is putting down white men and men in general. No, I don’t think Toy Story 4, had a hidden deeper meaning about castrating men in order to give women power. 🙄
The Original and the Best
I’ve been listening to Now Playing since 2009, and I’ve yet to find a movie podcast that I like as much. The concept of reviewing entire series is simply irresistible, and they never disappoint. The unique combination of film school cred, fan enthusiasm, and the occasional ability to love something for being “so bad it’s good” is an unmatched delight that I hope never goes away.
Wealthy Industrialist
Reviews are great, but can sometime be hard to listen to.
Overall I find the show to be pretty entertaining, especially with Stuart and Brock, but WOW does Arnie bring it all down if he isn’t in love with whatever movie they’re discussing. Many of the episodes just end up being taken over by Arnie’s nitpicking and whining. It gets to the point at times where he’s just too bitter to listen to and I have to turn the episode off. Why make a podcast about movies when you don’t seem to enjoy them? Bummer, man.
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The 1-star reviews are idiotic. This show is superb.
Those who are rating the show with one star because you have to “jump through hoops” to acquire the donation series, are clearly either new to podcasts or hopelessly ignorant. The quality material that is put out on a weekly basis (FOR FREE) has served as a massive influence to my growing career as a screenwriter. And as a show of gratitude, the donation series are available for a reasonable price, particularly considering the amount of info and critique that is brought to the table.
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A 10 year listener never giving anther cent
This podcast will never make anther Cent off of me again the fact that you have to jump through hoops just to listen to the donation series now I’m done this this bs never again. Update the show has gotten worst
Listener since 2013
I was 12 when I started listening to the James Bond podcast series and it got me hooked into the world of now playing and I’ve donated for several drives and have listened to you guys when doing long drives with my mother! Incredible podcast and I adore it when you guys review trashy movies to rip apart it’s funny!
My favorite movie podcast
Been listening to this show since 2011. I was looking for a Friday the 13th podcast and this show came up. Been a HUGE fan ever since. The production quality is one of the best. Only thing I like other than the hosts and movies they review is their intro!
Nefarious Knight
Covid-19 Relief
Looking for a podcast to take your mind off all the uncertainty. This podcast is it, I’ve really grown to love this podcast. The cast of reviewers bring their history and expertise to each episode. The banter is as entertaining as the review itself. Highly recommended.
Stuart’s the Best
Well-produced show. I appreciate the in-depth discussions. As long as Stuart, with his articulate and reasoned criticism and praise, is on the show, I’ll be listening.
First Podcast I ever listened to!
9 years ago I was in college, away from home for the first time and hours away from home. This podcast gave me something to do instead of wallowing in self pity. When I finally did make friends, I was able to share this podcast with them and see them spend hours listening to these reviews as well, to this day it is a frequent topic of conversation. Thank you Now Playing, I will always be supportive of you as you were with me. Do yourself a favor, listen to this hilarious and enlightening podcast!
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A great long running film podcast. Made by a bunch of middle aged guys who love film. So if you grew up in the 80s you’ll prolly like it.
Along with insightful in-depth reviews, superb editing & production, and tireless dedication to delivering the goods EVERY week and donation series, the magic element for me is the chemistry between the hosts. Among the many podcasts I listen to, NP has been my absolute favorite for over 10 years. Simply the best!
What happened to this podcast
I’m not sure what happened to this podcast ? But it’s gone downhill for a while now . Unsubscribing and looking elsewhere for my film /movie reviews retrospect’s.
My fav podcast.
Been listening to these guys since I was 11 or 12. Whether you’re a movie buff or not, they’re fun to listen to. Thank you guys for everything.
Best review team around
This team has the best knowledge of movies and film analysis. My only issue is that I have paid for several donation podcasts that I can I longer access. I did have some on Podbean that are no longer there and I had a special website that I could access all my old donation podcasts . I would like access to sequels of donation podcasts that I already paid for. This is the only factor keeping this from a 5 star review.
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I listen to a few different movie review podcasts but Now Playing is BY FAR my favorite. You guys make a long drive fun.
Something for Everyone
I found you all when you did Back to the Future Trilogy series in 2010. I love that there are many different types of movies that you cover. You don't cover movies for everybody. There are many reviews, like your video game retrospective, that I'll listen to and have never seen the movie. I have even downloaded and listened to a review a couple of years after a new movie comes out because I don't want to be spoiled.It's hard sometimes because I love hearing Stewart (sp) poopoo superhero movies. These guys, and gals, love movies and they love talking about movies. The super fan, casual fan, and newb roundtble they do is great. It gets the movies from different perspectives and not just from 3 people that have nothing bad to say about movies.
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my fav podcast
Been listening to these guys since 2014. They quickly became my favorite. Listened to all of the podcasts multiple times. The hosts are always entertaining and provide great insight and information on the films. Love the childhood stories Arnie and Stuart share from when they were kids. I am not only a listener, but a supporter. I've been a donator for six years.
Excellent pod
Really smart, and insightful, cinephiles.
Edson Rafael
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