A LGBTQ-focused weekly podcast that gives you news and views from a NOTSTR8 perspective. Hosted by Jason Bailey and Joe Krinock.
Irreversible Damage Day
On NOTSTR8CAST #20, Jason updates Joe on his new role at the club, a parental visit, and his plans for a weekend at that same campground he got yelled at a few weeks ago.In the news:Prosecution speaks in the trial of Ed Buck, a prominent gay donor to Democratic candidates.Apple has been accused of enabling the widespread censorship of LGBT+ apps in 152 different countries in a new report.Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters book causing furor everywhere books are sold.A Wyoming motorcycle bar stops selling a shirt that bragged about shooting members of the LGBT community and used a homophobic slur.Is Caitlyn Jenner running for governor of California or filming another reality show?A prominent Russian food market chain tries being inclusive and all non-inclusive hell breaks out.And a cheesy Moment of Conclusion!
Jul 21
58 min
Be Hungry, Do Crimes
On NOTSTR8CAST #19, Jason and Joe discuss Jason's new job, his viral TikTok, and where his announcer voice came from. In the news:A Georgian cameraman has died after he was violently beaten by a mob while covering anti-Pride protests in Tbilisi last week.Joe Jeffries, an anti-LGBT+ Republican in the West Virginia House of Delegates, has been removed from his committee posts after sharing terrible cunnilingus advice on TikTok.Anti-trans Fox News host and Donald Trump fanatic Tomi Lahren has surprisingly leapt to defend Caitlyn Jenner from “despicable” transphobia.The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has been dog-piled with death threats by QAnon conspiracy theorists over a satirical song about teaching kids tolerance.The Vatican tries to stall a controversial bill being debated in the Italian Senate that would criminalize homophobia.A Michigan artist and performer is working to bring what’s believed to be the first dry bar and nightclub for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people to Grand Rapids.And a Big-Mac-inspired Moment of Conclusion.
Jul 14
50 min
The Smokesman
On NOTSTR8CAST #18, Jason and Joe discuss Jason’s huge ice cube in his drink, Jason’s wonderful day, Joe’s awful day, and the reason they’re recording the podcast at midnight instead of noon on Tuesday.Congrats to Amir Soltani, the winner of the $50 Gift Card Giveaway!One more day to get NOTSTR8CAST nominated for the voting round of Pittsburgh City Paper’s Best of Pittsburgh.In the news: The Supreme Court rules on a case involving a gay man and a florist.New Jersey issues an apology for crushing gay bars.A protest outside a Koreatown spa.The NFL is Gay.Ghana thinks LGBT+ pandemic is worse than COVID-19.And a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired Moment of Conclusion.
Jul 7
38 min
Camping Foul
On NOTSTR8CAST #17, Jason and Joe discuss the heat wave, updates on the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, Pittsburgh City Paper Nomination, and Jason discusses his camping trip gone to hell. In the news:Followups to two stories we've covered previously: Pulse Nightclub has now been designated a National Memorial site. New details on the Trump Train skidder now possibly being charged with a hate crime.QAnon supporters criticize Trump's speech on the return to the campaign trail.Britney Spears' conservatorship.A queer valedictorian's awesome graduation speech.Peppermint Patty as a queer icon, And a Gay Republican Moment of Conclusion! 
Jun 30
49 min
Parmesan for your Spaghetti
On NOTSTR8CAST #16, Joe gives our announcer Deep Throat some bad news, and we get some new theme music. Jason and Joe discuss their sunburns, our Pittsburgh City Paper Best of 2021 nomination, Joe's weird FBI dream, Jason's unfortunate choice of Father's Day gift, and his flooded basement.In the news:Update on the Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride Parade Truck Crash.Stonewall Inn protesting Anheuser-Busch beers.LaGanja Estranja comes out as transgender.Mike Pence gets heckled during a speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition.Biden's administration now providing gender-affirming surgeries.Laurel Hubbard makes history as the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics.A Trump supporter destroys a Pride-themed rainbow crossing.And a very confusing Moment of Conclusion.
Jun 23
42 min
Get Off My Lawn!
On NOTSTR8CAST #15, Jason and Joe discuss: A quick recap of our camping trip Our $50 Gift Card giveaway update In the news this week: A Michigan teacher gets bashed on social media for wearing makeup Burger King's new Ch'King Sandwich Long Beach's Rainbow Lifeguard Tower reborn Middle School student in Ohio gets gay-bashed Gay Voices for Trump troll arrested Pride Flags in Lousiville, Colorado keep getting vandalized and a Robotic Moment of Conclusion --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Jun 16
43 min
Carole should've fed David to the Tigers
On NOTSTR8CAST #14, Jason and Joe return from their week off, and discuss Pride 2021 Craziness, their upcoming camping trip, the new web site with new blogs by Jason and Joe, and their $50 Amazon Card giveawayIn the news this week:Gay Life Television and Pittsburgh M4M Owner David Stanton charged with Child Porn Possession.Former President Trump's Facebook Ban.Jalen McKee-Rodriguez becomes the first openly gay Black man to hold elected office in Texas.Dogs no longer bark at Milo. And an explosive Moment of Conclusion.
Jun 9
42 min
The Dinosaur that Pooped a Podcast
On Episode #13 of NOTSTR8CAST, Jason and Joe discuss Jason’s Starbucks coffee that took too long to make, their upcoming camping trip, and Joe’s mom asks him about a supposed kitchen fire.In the news:The Equality Act appears to be dead.Lego releases a Pride Lego kit.An anti-trans college loses it’s first round of legal battle with the Biden administration.Grindr Horror Stories.Lil Nas X’s wardrobe malfunction.Two gay dads create a new children’s picture book.And a celebration of pansexuality in our Moment of Conclusion.
May 26
51 min
Jason's Hookup Dungeon and Bar
On the 12th episode of NOTSTR8CAST, Jason and Joe discuss the CDC's lifting of masking requirements, Jason's date in his basement bar, Joe's mad dash to get his college schoolwork done, and a teaser about what we're planning for next month. In the news:Ellen finally quits her talk show.Christina Aguilera's new Pride Collection supporting trans rights.Pulse Nightclub possibly becoming a national memorial.No more police at NYC pride.A heartwarming adoption.A house full of rainbows.And a very animated Moment of Conclusion.
May 19
49 min
When did Hillary Clinton die???
On the 11th episode of NOTSTR8CAST, Jason gets a new microphone, a discussion on new laws about shipping vaping-related products, a menthol cigarette ban proposal, Joe's dinner with Leather Guy, a bathroom cleaning mishap, and Jason found out that Joe's never watched the X-Men movies. In the news:The White House comes to the defense of transgender Americans.A father arrested for testifying against an Arkansas trans healthcare ban.A gay Croatian couple's 5-year battle to adopt.Grindr being used to target queer victims.A report that Hillary Clinton expired from Kuru.Trans men denied entry into Egypt.And a not well-thought-out cryptocurrency in our Moment of Conclusion.
May 12
47 min
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